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Having lived in India for many years, I consider myself to be travel expert for my country. I spent most of my time living in Delhi, Goa and Punjab.

I have visited some offbeat islands that only a few people have heard about, visited some really interesting national parks, traveled often on India’s hippie trail, have visited India’s most famous destination Goa more than 10 times (trust me, I know many secret spots here), have traveled literally every year to explore Rajasthan and explored many areas of New Delhi. Did I ever tell you that life in India is too much fun?

If you’re looking applying for a visa to visit India, we recommend you check iVisa. We used their service once when we were in the Philippines and had to apply for an eVisa for San (my husband). We actually wasted a lot of hours on Indian embassy’s website which is a pain in the butt. They did charge a little fee for the visa process, but took care of EVERYTHING else. The amount of fee that they charged is not much and is definitely worth it if you don’t want to bother yourself with a lengthy and painful visa process.

Places to See in India

Delhi (India’s capital), (First time visitors should read these essential travel tips for Delhi)

Ladakh (India’s little Tibet)

Hampta Pass Trek, Spiti Valley (the Himalayas),

Chandra Taal Lake, Spiti Valley (the Himalayas),

Kasol & Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh (The Himalayas),

Manali, Himachal Pradesh (The Himalayas),

Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh (The Himalayas),

Gallu, Himachal Pradesh (The Himalayas),

Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh (The Himalayas),

Triund, Himachal Pradesh (The Himalayas),

Rajasthan in General (India’s Princely State)

Bikaner, Rajasthan (The Maharaja life),

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan (Sand Dunes on Thar Desert),

Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh (Biggest tiger reserve in MP, famous for tiger sightings and is believed to be the backdrop of the Jungle Book series)

Goa (Unlike any other place in India. Beaches, Culture, Forest, Parties – everything),

Hampi, Karnataka (Looks like it’s right out of a Flintstones movie),

Kerala (It is the land of backwaters, palm trees and amazing food – God’s own country)

Havelock Island (Andaman and Nicobar Islands – Remote Island group in the Indian Ocean),

Neil Island (Andaman and Nicobar Islands)

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