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Having lived in India for many years, I consider myself to be travel expert for my country. (Hehe).

I have visited some offbeat islands that only a few people have heard about, traveled often on India’s hippie trail, have visited India’s most famous destination Goa more than 10 times (trust me, I know many secret spots here) and most of my years have been spent living in New Delhi. Did I ever tell you that life in India is too much fun? 😉 India travel? WHY NOT!

Oh and if you’re looking applying for a visa to visit India, we recommend you check iVisa. We used their service once when we were in the Philippines and had to apply for an eVisa for San (my husband). We actually wasted a lot of hours on Indian embassy’s website which is a pain in the butt. They did charge a little fee for the visa process, but took care of EVERYTHING else. The amount of fee that they charged is not much and is definitely worth it if you don’t want to bother yourself with a lengthy and painful visa process.

Why I love Visiting Old Manali

Old Manali may have the prefix “old”, but it is way more awesome as compared to main Manali. While latter is one of the busiest summer destinations of India, the former is like a breath of fresh air. Geographically, the only thing that separates them is Beas River but...

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