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Living in Germany since 2017 close to the Netherlands border, I have visited this lovely country pretty often. In fact, in 2023 I visited the Netherlands three times.

So you can trust my opinion when it comes to exploring the Netherlands because I’m sharing my first-hand experience after multiple visits. So, this page has a collection of all my travel blog posts for the Netherlands. If you’d like to see them and skip this entire page, then click on the below button.

The Netherlands shares its borders with Germany, Belgium, and France. It also shares a maritime border with the UK, Germany and Belgium. It is a flat country in the sense of its topography as compared to the nearby countries.

What’s the Capital City of the Netherlands?

Amsterdam's Narrow Buildings by the water
Amsterdam’s Narrow Buildings by the Water

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands. It is a city that I have visited over and over again and thus written about the most on my blog as compared to the other travel destinations.

Which Language is spoken in the Netherlands?

The most widely spoken language in the Netherlands is Dutch, but English a majority of the locals speak English too so travelers usually don’t face any language barriers. Unlike France, the Dutch people have no problem speaking in English.

Apart from Dutch and English, West Frisian is also one of the languages spoken in the Netherlands.

What’s the difference between Holland and the Netherlands?

Holland and the Netherlands are not the same and can’t be used interchangeably, in just the same way England and the UK aren’t the same.

Holland is a part of the Netherlands and can be further divided into North and South Holland. Amsterdam is a part of North Holland and so are some of the most visited destinations in the Netherlands.

Top Airports in the Netherlands

Cycling behind Schiphol Airport from Haarlem
Cycling behind Schiphol Airport from Haarlem

The Netherlands is a small country and the most used airport is the Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, which is actually between Haarlem and Amsterdam.

If you are flying to the Netherlands from another country, most likely you will land in Schiphol but some low-cost carriers within the EU also fly to the other airports mentioned in my list.

  1. Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, AMS
  2. Eindhoven Airport, EIN
  3. Rotterdam The Hague Airport, RTM
  4. Maastricht Aachen Airport, MST

Fun fact: There is a cycling trail in the Netherlands that goes behind the Schiphol Amsterdam Airport so there is a spot from where you can see the airplanes taking off. I was there in 2023.

What is the Netherlands famous for?

The Netherlands is famous for many things and it is usually my favourite thing to talk about when I discuss this country. Let me mention a few of them here:


Tulips in Keukenhof, Netherlands
Tulips in Keukenhof, Netherlands

Dutch farmers are known for their stunning tulips and these flower fields play a big part in the Netherlands tourism. Every spring and early summer, people arrive in the Netherlands from all over the world to see the beauty of Tulips.

The most famous place in the Netherlands for seeing the beauty of Tulips is Keukenhof, but there are many other places around that you can discover when you discover the Dutch countryside on a bicycle. Which brings me to the next point.

You can also buy these tulip bulbs and take them on an airplane with a certificate and grow them in your own garden.


Amsterdam Seagull, Bicycles, canal and buildings
Amsterdam Seagull, Bicycles, canal and buildings

The Netherlands is perhaps the most bicycle-friendly country in the whole world and the locals are pretty proud of this. Not only is this good for the overall physical fitness of the residents but it is amazing for the environment.

Dutch cities are super easy to explore on a bicycle and they are nicely connected to each other. You can move from one city to another using amazing bike lanes. I rode a bicycle from Haarlem to Zandvoort and it was a lovely experience.

I love how Dutch cities are built to be more bicycle-friendly than car-friendly. It makes things


Windmill De Adriaan in Haarlem
Windmill De Adriaan in Haarlem

Not just the bicycles but the Dutch have more cards in their pockets for being environmentally conscious. The Dutch windmills aren’t just super beautiful to look at but they are applauded for their engineering and the fact that they help water management and prevent flooding.

Many of the windmills in the Netherlands are a UNESCO World Heritage site. Moreover, they add to an already nice landscape!


Amsterdam Looks Stunning at Night - the BEST 2 day itinerary for Amsterdam
Amsterdam Looks Stunning at Night – the BEST 2-day itinerary for Amsterdam

The Canals in the Netherlands were built in the Dutch Golden Age as a result of the boom in trade, science, and art. The canals were designed to manage the growing urban population and helped in the transportation of both goods and people.

Whatever the history is, I must admit that the canal ring makes Amsterdam super romantic and prettier than it already is.

Super Liberal Culture

Red Light District in Amsterdam - Travel Tips for Amsterdam
Red Light District in Amsterdam – Travel Tips for Amsterdam

The Netherlands is one of the most tolerant countries in the world with a liberal culture. Prostitution is legal, marijuana is available in coffee shops and locals are just very openminded.

If you walk through the Red Light District, there are sex workers on the windows and some of the bars run sex shows. And if you visit a coffeeshop expecting it to just be a cafe, you are in for a shock because that’s usually a place for buying and consuming weed or hashish.

So wether you are a smoker or not, remember to pass no judgements, live and let live and accept the liberal culture with a smile.

Gouda Cheese, Old Amsterdam Cheese, Maasdam cheese

Gouda Cheese and a bicycle - typical sight in the Netherlands
Gouda Cheese and a bicycle – typical sight in the Netherlands (CC0) via Pixabay

Dutch cheeses are famous but I’d like to mention three of the most famous ones – Gouda, Old Amsterdam and Maasam cheeses.

When you’re in the Netherlands, be sure to try out these cheeses. I love all of them but my favourite are the Old Amsterdam and Maasdam. Old Amsterdam is hard and yellow cheese with a nice flavour. Maasdam has a nutty flavor and has holes in it. They both taste amazing with beer and wine.

Netherlands Travel Blog Posts

Below are all the Netherlands blog posts and destination guides that I have published on my website. I hope you enjoy them and find the information that you need. If not, just write to me and I will be happy to help.

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