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This page has a list of travel destinations that I have written about. Click on a country where you’d like to go to find travel articles for destinations within it. Expect to find informative destination guides and detailed route plans.

Here’s Why My Travel Destination Itineraries Are Popular:

If you are a regular visitor to my website, then you know by now that I love publishing highly researched itineraries.

My itinerary posts are always popular because not only do they include detailed walking maps but also local food recommendations, viewpoints, and sunset spots. Because that’s exactly how I travel.

I hunt for pretty viewpoints, affordable restaurants with high-rated local food, and the best way to reach top landmarks while avoiding crowds. I do this research so that my readers don’t need to and they can just it all in one place – my website.

My way of traveling is not to just visit a place to check it off our list, but also to understand and feel the culture of that place, even if it means traveling to the same place multiple times.  I’m not so focused on the destination, but more so on the journey and the experiences that come with it.

Below are the destinations that I have written about. Do check out all our travel blog posts that are not destination-specific and our blog posts about music festivals.

Travel Destinations in Europe

Most of the travel posts on my website are from several countries in Europe. This is because I’ve been living in Europe since 2017.

Below is a list of European countries that I have written about.

Bosnia and Herzegovina blog posts
Czech Republic - Travel Blog posts
Germany - Travel Blog posts
Ireland - Blog posts
Italy - Blog posts
Netherlands Travel Blog Posts
Romania Travel Blog posts
Serbia Travel Blog Posts
Turkey Travel Blog posts
Croatia travel blog posts
Finland Travel Blog Posts
Greece Travel Blog Posts
Iceland - Travel Blog posts
Montenegro Travel Blog posts
Portugal Travel Blog posts
Scotland Travel Blog Posts
Spain Travel Blog Posts

Travel Destinations in Asia

I was born in India and lived in New Delhi for several years before I moved to Europe. This is why I have loads of travel blog posts from India and South East Asia.

Below is a list of the Asian countries that I have written about.

India Travel Blog posts
Laos Travel Blog posts
Malaysia Travel Blog Posts
Sri Lanka Travel Blog Posts
Indonesia Travel Blog Posts
Malaysia Travel Blog Posts
Philippines Travel Blog posts
Thailand Travel Blog Posts

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