Wait, What?

Back in 2015, Drifter Planet started as a travel blog with a purpose of sharing our travel experiences with everyone but over time it has transformed into a full fledged travel website.

Back then, we mostly wrote about travel buddies, cutting costs, travel planning, scuba diving, sky diving, eating out, music festivals, psy-trance parties, and so much more. However today, Drifter Planet website includes information about travel destinations all over Europe and Asia.

Everyone evolves over time and so did our travel style. We were party backpackers in 2015 but we are now into finding the most beautiful natural paradises, islands or just exploring Europe on our camper van.

Our way of traveling is not to just visit a place to check it off our list, but also to understand and feel the culture of that place, even if it means traveling to the same place multiple times.  We’re not so focused on the destination, but more so in the journey and the experiences that come with it.

Want to know about the person behind Drifter Planet? Read the next section – “so who are the Drifters?



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