To other countries, I may go as a tourist, but to India, I come as a pilgrim.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Life in India can be joyous, tough, colorful, stressful, chaotic but never boring. You must have heard numerous times that India is one of those countries that you can love and hate at the same time. While I am an occasional victim of “i-hate-india” syndrome, for most of the days I absolutely LOVE living here (and you will too if you’re planning on moving here). 

Here’s why Life in India is Awesome

01) India is a food lover’s paradise – nothing beats Indian food – curries, pakodas, momos, samosas, dosas, naans, sorpotel, kebabs, paneer and so much more! For a change, the vegetarians will not miss out on the delicious fun. The best part is how the taste of the food changes from one part of the country to another. For instance, street food in Delhi is completely different as compared to Mumbai.

Indian Food - Why I love living in India by

Indian Food – there’s something for everyone here!


02) Unity in Diversity – every city is different, people are different and there are many different subcultures. It is a lot of fun discovering new things about them even after living in India for years.

03) India offers interesting sights everywhere – it is a photographer’s delight!

Elephant Bath in Hampi - Why I love living in India by

Elephant Bath in Hampi


04) It is the land of mother of all the teas – Masala Chai, which is available in every nook and corner.

Masala Chai - Why Life in India is Awesome by

Masala Chai!

05) Holi, Diwali, Onma, Eid, Lohri, Pongal, Christmas and more.. more than 40 festivals in a year that are super colorful and totally psychedelic! Depending on where you live, you will get a chance to experience as many as you want. More festivals = more holidays!

Pongal Celebrations - why life in India is awesome by

Pongal Celebrations in Mumbai (Image Source:

06) You will seldom face a language barrier here, despite the fact we have 22 official languages and 1652 unofficial languages because English unifies all of India.

07) Kaam Wali, Maali, Phool Wala, Driver – the comfort of domestic help will spoil you for life without breaking your bank balance.

Domestic Help is affordable in India - Why Life in India is Awesome

Domestic Help is affordable in India. Image Source

08) Traveling in Indian Railways is awesome – from luxury of a 1st class to affordability of a general class, there is something for everyone.

Indian Railways Ride - Why I love living in India by

Me enjoying a ride on Indian Railways

09) India is a paradise for shopaholics with endless possibilities for every budget.

Shops in Jaipur - Why I love living in India by

Shops in Jaipur – India is a paradise for Shopaholics!

10) Mangoes! They are a gift of GOD – taste one in India and you won’t like them anywhere else.

11) Haircuts, manicures, waxing – beauty salons are affordable.

12) Want an AFFORDABLE tailor made suit that fits like a dream? India is the place!

13) India is a sensory overload – your senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching get bombarded with stimulation.

14) Beauty in chaos – India demonstrates that.

Beauty in Chaos - why Life in India is awesome

Beauty in Chaos! Image Source:

15) Living in India, you will always be around architectural miracles that will make your jaws drop. (Of course I was not gonna leave our beloved Taj Mahal in Agra out of this list). Every city has some history and landmarks that have their own story to tell. By the way, check out this guide about what to do on a day trip in Agra.


Taj Mahal - Why Life in India is awesome by

Taj Mahal


16) Need your dose of mountain magic when you’re in India? There’s nothing like the majestic Himalayas!

The Himalayas - Why I love Living in India

The Himalayas


17) Or tropical paradise? The pristine white sand beaches with turquoise blue water of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world – and yet not touristy!

Havelock Island - Why I Love Living in India

Havelock Island of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands


18) Or maybe you want a change of scene? Try the hauntingly beautiful sand dunes of Rajasthan.

Khuri Sand Dunes in Rajasthan - Why I love living in India by

Khuri Sand Dunes in Rajasthan


19) Want to ski? The ski slopes of Gulmarg or Auli are kickass!

20) Or, you may want to see the beauty of living root bridges in Nongriat, Meghalaya. And many, many undiscovered offbeat destinations within India. Seriously, India is a traveler’s delight! There is so much to see that preparing the best itinerary for India is not so easy.

21) Living in India will test your limits in every way and toughen you up. After this, you can live just about anywhere.

22) You can get almost anything delivered to your doorstep for free. Save the cell phone number of your corner store owner to open the world of possibilities.

23) Sarees! They make every woman look sexy!

Sarees - Why Life in India is AWESOME!

Sarees – they make Indian women look sexy! (Image Source)

24) It is the land of spirituality. You can learn Yoga for free in a local park or a temple. (Only if you can wake up as early as 5:00 am)

Yoga - Why Life in India is AWESOME

Yoga – Image Source

25) That awesome feeling with you hear people say how traveling in India has changed them for life.

26) Bindis on the foreheads, flowers in the hair and henna on palms – it is the land of hippie fashion!

27) The amazing sight of Rangoli artwork outside houses on festivals and special occasions – very Indian and very pretty!

Beautiful Rangoli Artwork - Why Life in India is awesome by

Beautiful Rangoli Artwork

28) Sometimes when a yes or a no is not an acceptable answer, there’s a solution for that in India – the famous Indian head wobble.

Indian Head Wobble - Why Life In India is Awesome by

Mr. Bean shows how to do the The Famous Indian Head Wobble

29) Bhaang lassi – where else will you find a super potent marijuana milk shake that’s sold legally?

Bhang Lassi - why life in India is awesome by

Government Authorized Bhang Lassi Shop in Jaiselmer

30) Old Monk in winters and kingfisher beer in summers – Zindabaad!

Old Monk in Winters and Kingfisher in Summers - Why life in India is awesome by

Old Monk in Winters and Kingfisher in Summers

31) Watching the country’s obsession with cricket and how everyone turns overly patriotic when there’s a match against Pakistan – pure awesomeness. Yes, India has the best cricket team. Period.

32) Jets here, jets there, jets everywhere. In urban India, you will find jets in almost every toilet. In rural India, you will find floor toilets with “lota”.

Typical Toilet with a Jet of Urban India by Drifter Planet

Typical Toilet with a Jet of Urban India

33) The sounds of vegetable sellers on the street, vehicles moving, children playing – these background sounds of life will never make you feel lonely. 34) Indian marriages = week long festivals. All other marriages are too boring in comparison.

A Typical Indian Wedding by Drifter Planet

A Typical Indian Wedding

35) Indian traffic will make you an expert driver. I’m a living proof of that – I can now maneuver my car through ANY narrow or twisted lane that’s full of vehicles of different kinds, animals, people and what not.

36) The traffic and long queues will teach you how to be patient.

Traffic in India by

Traffic in India (Image Source:

37) Oh and the state of traffic is always a good excuse for being late. No one ever doubts it.

38) Nothing can beat a good old underground psychedelic trance party of Goa. After all, “Goa Trance” originated here.

A party at Hill top (Vagator) Goa

A party at Hill top (Vagator) Goa

39) Random sighting of animals everywhere – cows, monkeys sometimes even peacocks.

Monkey on the street in India - why life in India is awesome by

Monkey on the street in India

40) The possibility of a “jugaar” approach if things don’t work out normal way.

Definition of Jugaad by

Definition of Jugaad

41) Autorichshaws! They are everywhere and make life easy. (commonly knowns as Tuk-tuks outside India)

Autorickshaws - why life in India is awesome

Autorickshaws make life easy! (Image Source: Economictimes)

42) Indian offices are like families – everyone eats lunch together.

43) Witnessing Diwali celebrations that begin a month before the festival – dandiya dance nights, Diwali Melas (fairs), Ram leela performances (play), card parties and beautiful decorations.

Diwali in India by Drifter Planet

Diwali in India by Drifter Planet

44) Watching how the entire country comes together during Ramzam month for iftar to experience delicious treats on the streets. Try Delhi’s Jama Masjid road or Mumbai’s Minara Masjid Lane, and Mohammed Ali Road.

Jama Maszid Lane during Ramzan - Why Life in India is awesome by

Jama Maszid Lane during Ramzan

45) Celebrating Holi with powdered colors, water balloons and water guns. You can color just about anyone that you see on the street. It’s a big, fat psychedelic party!

Holi - why life in India is awesome by

Holi – it’s a big fat psychedelic party where everyone’s invited (Source:

46) Being a part of Christmas celebrations and parties with a dose of Indian-ness. Attending midnight mass and watching how the streets light up, especially in Old Goa, Shillong, Kolkata and Pondicherry.


47) Eating the langars of Gurudwaras! A full plate of delicious hygienic vegetarian meal can be enjoyed for free by anyone of any religion in these beautiful Sikh temples.


48) Are you a dog lover? There’s a lot of free love on Indian streets for dog lovers because killing of stray dogs is illegal in the country as of 2001. Most of these dogs are well fed and given rabies shot by the local residents and NGOs.

Stray Dogs in India - Why Life In India is Awesome

Stray Dogs in India

49) Indian street food has toughened up my digestive system. I can now eat street food anywhere in the world without any stress.


50) The number of people in your support system of family and friends is massive! It’s big enough to form your own political party if you want. This is kinda obvious considering the population situation of India.


51) Sab Kuch Milega! (Everything is possible) It’s true! See what Wandering Earl has to say about this.

Sab Kuch Milega - Why Life in India is awesome by

Sab Kuch Milega – India’s magical mantra

Need more proof that living in India is awesome? Ask his Holiness, the Dalai Lama, the exiled spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists who lives in Dharamshala, India. If you nodded your head to a few or all of the above statements, please share this post with everyone you know! PS: it’s a light hearted post, so please don’t take things seriously!

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