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Hey there,

I love hearing from my readers so please feel free to write to me if you have any questions regarding any of my posts. 

If you’re a new blogger and you want to contribute a “guest post”, I’d be happy to publish it if it is well written and informative. I do not allow content syndication so your post needs to be original and needs to be well written. Please send two pictures along with the post too. I only allow “real” bloggers to guest post, not advertisers who pose to be bloggers. 🙂

If you’re launching a new business, I wish you the best but please don’t send ask me to write “free content” for your website. All good things have a price tag, just like my content.

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Spammers have found a way to abuse our contact form. Please contact us at drifterplanet at gmail dot com and we will reply. If you send us spam or add us in your mailing list without asking us, we will definitely mark it as spam.

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