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by | Mar 28, 2017

If you love to travel why not watch our travel videos? We may not have the best equipment but we love creating travel videos to document our journey. These videos are the perfect solution if you’re too lazy to read some of our travel blog posts. You can join us on a visual trip by watching them. So sit back, relax, grab a beer (or tea), turn your volume up and enjoy our sweet travel videos. They’re made with a lot of love and are sure to make you smile.

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Atman Festival, Sri Lanka – 2017 (High BPM Music)

Atman Festival is a very high BMP music festival with Dark Psychedelic, Forest and Hi-Tech music only. It is organized towards the beginning of the year in Arugam BaySri Lanka‘s Top surfing spot.

Westport – the cutest town in Ireland (Mayo County)

This is Westport – the cutest Irish town as per me. It kind of reminded me of Amsterdam but instead of canals, there is a river in the middle of the town. There are flowers and bicycles everywhere and it is a lot of fun to explore Westport on foot or bicycle or an old fashioned Westport Train. The highlight of this town is Westport House – a majestic Georgian mansion where we saw a birds of prey demonstration.

Deirbhle’s Twist – Irish Stonehenge in Mayo County’s Sculpture Trail

Turns out Ireland has it’s own version of Stonehenge and it’s called Deirbhle’s Twist. It is in Mayo County near the Blacksod pier. Deirbhle’s Twist is a part of North Mayo’s sculpture trail, an amazing stop on the Wild Atlantic Way. Watch this funny video that I made of this spot for Halloween.

Achill Island, Mayo County, Ireland

Achill Island is on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way and it is one of the coolest places on the planet. This island has extremely high cliffs and as a result the views are breathtaking. There is a white sand beach here too – Keem Beach and it is surrounded by green hills. This island is an adventure destination because you can do stand up paddleboarding, kitesurfing and more! The best place to stay here is Pure Magic. I visited Achill Island in October 2017 on a FAM trip with Failte Ireland, Ireland Tourism board and TBEX Ireland.

Kayaking Around Ross Castle in Killarney National Park, Ireland

This is my last vlog about Ireland and it’s about Killarney. As a pre TBEX tour (PreBex), I kayaked in Killarney National Park around the historical Ross Castle. Ireland already is very cold and it became even colder because it started raining while we were on our kayaks.


Extreme Swing in Amsterdam – A’Dam Tower / Toren Lookout

Ever wondered what’s the best way to look at Amsterdam? Well, we think we have found the answer. There is an extreme swing on top of Amsterdam’s iconic building – A’dam Tower (a.k.a. A’dam Toren). You can enjoy a panoramic view of Amsterdam while enjoying the ride. Insane, no?


The Externsteine, Teutoburg Forest

Imagine a UNESCO world heritage site in the middle of the forest! There are caves, weird formations, lakes, walking trails and what not. This is the Externsteine in Teutoburger Wald (Teutoburg Forest).


Driving in Germany

Germany is one of the best countries for road trips. Did you know that there are a few routes that are theme based? There is a romantic road, a fairy tale road, a wine road and more! Check out this little video


Raja Ampat Video Blog

Raja Ampat in Indonesia is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen. I was invited here by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia and instantly fell in love. The beaches here are spectacular and so is the marine life. I won’t say much but please watch it. Spoiler: there is a cute Nemo family in this video.

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Arambol Drum Circle, Goa – Video Blog

Do you know that San and I spent a few months living and volunteering in Goa? Well, you can get a glimpse of our hippie life in Goa if you watch this video. This video is about Arambol drum circle and sunset market, which is one of my favorite flea markets of Goa. As the sun sets, many hippies, artists, musicians and slow travelers gather on Goa’s Arambol beach to celebrate life. Some of them jam, play drums, didgeridoo, djembe and what not, while others dance.. and of course the artists set up their little shops where you can find unique handmade things. This was my most popular video on Facebook and was watched 10,000 times within a few days of uploading it. Watch it now!

Hampi, Karnataka, India – video blog

Hampi in India has a strange geology and it felt as if we were in a Flinstones movie. In fact, it can even be compared to Star Wars’ Planet Tatooine! There is also a “hippie island” in Hampi and it is cut off from the main town because there is a river in between. There is also a place for sunset jam session on Hampi’s Hippie Island. We also found a place to cliff jump, which you can see at the end of this travel video. Watch it with music please!

Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines

What images comes to your mind when you think of Philippines? I’m sure you’re thinking Pristine beaches, colorful marine life, chocolate hills, green forests, and little palm sized animals named Tarsiers. Well, this video has them all and many more things that we discovered in Bohol. I won’t tell you anything, just watch it.

Bungee Jump in Nepal with The Last Resort

Do you know that Asia’s highest bungee jump spot is in Nepal? Here’s a video of San doing it. Height is 160 meters and the location is mindblowing! The jump spot is a suspension bridge, which is built over a steep gorge, over Bhote Kosi River. This is 3 hours away from Kathmandu. The best part is that The Last Resort contributes a specific amount per jump towards the development of local infrastructure. They have renovated and built schools and support several projects related to health, education, women empowerment and microfinance of the nearby village. Yes, sometimes adventure can also make a difference.

Bungee Jump with the Dangal Girls

Guess what, I was lucky that I got to meet India’s famous Dangal girls – Fatima Sana Shaikh (“Geeta Phogat” in Dangal movie) and Sanya Malhotra (“Babita Phogat” in Dangal movie). More than just meeting, I got to bungee jump with them. Watch the three of us as we experience India’s highest bungee jump, which is in Rishikesh. We celebrate women empowerment as Sanya finishes Jumpin Heights’ 50,000th jump.

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