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Do you want to read some of our most popular travel blog posts? Well, I will make it easy for you and let you find them on this page.

Over the years, my writing style has evolved just the way my travel style has evolved too. A few years back I posted backpacking tips because that was my travel style but now I usually fly to my destination and rent a car when I’m traveling with my family of three.

Half of the trips that I have written about were solo travel experiences, so you will notice a lot of tips for using trains and other public transport within destinations.

I love Writing Detailed Travel Blogs and Itineraries

I often write highly researched tried and tested itineraries because I don’t like to waste my travel time. I have a thing for “views”, so expect to get insider tips for rooms with views, bars with views, coffee shops with views, and so on.

Moreover, I want to make the most of every single day to experience a nice sunset spot – I don’t mind repeating but I don’t want to waste the golden sunset hour in my room or stuck somewhere indoors.

Do you like trying local food when you travel? I absolutely do and that’s why I try to find authentic places to eat and local restaurants that aren’t mostly for tourists. Also, I like to experience the drinking culture too.

So does your travel style match mine? If yes, then let’s be friends, and let me guide you to enjoy your next travel destination to the fullest.

This page has a list of Drifter Planet’s most popular travel blog posts based on the number of views and shares. You may want to get a little comfortable and prepare to sit in front of the computer (or a smartphone or a tablet) for a while because I’ve been told that these posts are addictive. Happy reading!


Most popular travel blog posts:

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