How to Idiot-proof your phone before traveling

How to Idiot-proof your phone before traveling

How to Idiot-proof your phone before traveling is a guest post by Andrey Golub and is about how you can keep your phone safe with an iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 case.

About to set off on an new adventure? Congrats! There’s nothing more exciting than setting your sights on the horizon, knowing you’re going to take in more of the world. Seeing new places, meeting new people, exploring new cultures, and breaking out of familiarity. Who wouldn’t want that?

So you’ve bought your tickets, you’ve packed your bags, you’re all set to go and adventure. But are you? One thing people often overlook is protection for their phone. And, when you think about it, your phone is one of the most crucial things you’re going to take with you. You’ll want to take pictures of that gorgeous sunset scene at the beach. You’ll feel like shooting a video as you watch a dolphin dive out of the ocean. You’ll want to Skype your friends back home, check up on your email, check your flight times… the list goes on.

Imagine this – you’re in the middle of a lush rainforest, with birdsong and bright flowers and the sound of a running river. When you get to the river, you decide to take a video of the scenery. So you whip out your phone, but then your traveling partner bumps into you, and whoosh! Your phone drops in the shallows of the river, submerged as the clear water runs over it. You rush over to it and scoop it up as quickly as you can… but it’s too late. The screen has gone black and now your phone is dead.

Or maybe you dropped your iPhone on the rocks, and the screen smashed. Now it won’t turn back on. Where on earth are you going to get it fixed, when you’re in the middle of nature? You might even have to head to the nearest town or city to get a repair, or worse, a replacement. Think of all that traveling time you’d have wasted. How much money you’d have spent. 

Wouldn’t it just be easier to get an iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 case case before you leave? We certainly think so. Considering the fact that an iPhone is one of the most expensive phones and can also break, this is the least you can do to protect and idiot-proof your phone!

Check out these 3 cases, and see which one would be best for you when you next go on your travels:

01 | Punkcase Studstar (cost is around INR 2666 or $39)

Punkcase Studstar - how to protect your phone

Punkcase Studstar – how to protect your phone

What this case does best: Color. The Studstar comes in a huge range of color options, with black, white, blue, green, pink, purple, red and teal to choose from. They’re all bold and vibrant, and will make your phone stand out. The bright colors are great for keeping your phone visible in dark places, depending on where your travels take you.

In terms of protection, the Studstar has you and your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus covered. You’ll get waterproofing up to 6.6ft, and dropproofing up to 6.6ft. Pretty impressive. The waterproofing is achieved with advanced sealing protection. This is a special kind of protection that blocks out a whole lot more than just water. Snow, ice, sand, dust, dirt and mud are kept out, too. So wherever your adventures lead, you know your phone will be there by your side every step of the way.


02 | Ghostek Atomic 3 (cost is around INR 4000 or $59)

Ghostek Atomic - how to protect your phone

Ghostek Atomic – how to protect your phone

What this case does best: Drop proofing. The hefty bumper crafted from aluminum alloy sees to that. It’s thick, mean, heavy and resilient. You can chuck your phone from long distances onto hard surfaces, and it’ll probably still stay intact – not that we recommend it! The transparent back cover shows your Apple logo, and is made from TPU, so helps absorb harmful shock and keep it away from your phone.

When it comes to other types of protection, the Atomic 3 is awesome, too. It’s waterproof to 4ft, and it can keep out snow, ice, dirt, dust, mud and sand, too. In fact, we’d say it’s one of the best options if you’re looking for a clear iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone case.


03 | Punkcase Crystal (cost is around INR 2666 or $39)

Punkcase Crystal - how to protect your phone

Punkcase Crystal – how to protect your phone

The last but not least on our list is the Punkcase Crystal.

What this case does best: Being the best of both worlds! With the Crystal, you get the transparent good looks of the Atomic 3, along with the waterproofing depth of the Studstar at 6.6ft. You’ll also get sand, mud, dirt, dust, ice and snowproofing, so you can be confident about adventuring to even the most exotic of locations.

The Crystal also has a massive color range, so you can look through and pick the case that best suits your taste.

So, that brings us to the end of our list. We think having an iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone case is an absolute essential when you’re out exploring the world – what do you think?

Andre is a freelance marketing specialist. Reader by night and phone case tester by day. He likes innovation in everything. Loathe to discuss himself in the third person but persuaded from time to time.

Andrey Golub

8 Useful Gadgets for Traveling

8 Useful Gadgets for Traveling

Going on your most-awaited trip soon? You’ve probably made a list of all the travel essentials that you’re going to pack for your trip. Whether you’re traveling for leisure or for business, you’d better be prepared to keep yourself entertained and your sanity intact for when you need to wait for crazy long hours.

Here are eight gadgets that will be definitely useful for your upcoming trips, whether you’re a tech-savvy traveler or not:

01 | Travel-friendly camera

Camera - 8 Useful Gadgets for Traveling

Camera – 8 Useful Gadgets for Traveling – Image Source

First and foremost, you need to bring the most important gadget of them all: a travel-friendly camera.

The best camera for travel, apart from being portable and delivering high image quality, is one that suits your personality and documents well the kinds of activities that you often go for.

If you want a handy gear that can produce high-quality snaps, go for mirrorless cameras. If you want professional-quality photos or you want to start making a living out of travel photography, get a DSLR. But if you’re into outdoor adventures and extreme sports, an action camera is perfect for you.

I’ve always wanted to be a travel blogger, and to be able to do that, I need stunning photos. Since I’m more of a landscape and portrait photographer, I got myself a Canon EOS 5D Mark III digital SLR camera because its quality and features are impressive.

02 | Portable and lightweight laptop

Laptop - 8 Useful Gadgets for Traveling

Laptop – 8 Useful Gadgets for Traveling

If you take a lot of travel photos, it’s scary to keep everything in one memory card because files might get corrupted or you might not have enough space left for additional photos. Bringing a laptop when you travel saves you from storage problems like these. With a laptop, you can easily transfer files during downtimes, such as long train or bus rides.

If you need to be connected on the go, bringing a laptop is a must such as when you need to check your work emails or social media accounts or to update your travel blog.

Worried about safety when carrying a laptop? You might want to consider bringing lighter and smaller devices such as a tablet or netbook.

03 | Ebook reader

Ebook Reader - 8 Useful Gadgets for Traveling

Ebook Reader – 8 Useful Gadgets for Traveling

For an avid book lover, reading is a great way to kill time during idle moments of the trip. An e-book reader makes a great travel companion because it helps you keep entertained without weighing you down. Sync in great fictional books that will keep your passion for traveling alive.

04 | Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-Cancelling Headphones - Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-Cancelling Headphones – 8 Useful Gadgets for Traveling

Noise-cancelling headphones are every traveler’s best friend, as they cancel out unwanted noise and help you find peace whenever you need it. If you’re unfortunately mixed with noisy and snoring guests in a hostel, just wear your headphones and you won’t have to stress over and stay awake all night.

05 | Power bank

Power Bank - 8 Useful Gadgets for Traveling

Power Bank – 8 Useful Gadgets for Traveling

Power banks are a lifesaver when your mobile device is running on an almost empty battery and you need to power it up on the go.

06 | Waterproof phone case

Waterproof phone case - 8 Useful Gadgets for Traveling

Waterproof phone case – 8 Useful Gadgets for Traveling

Got no budget for an action camera? You don’t have to worry! In this day and age, smartphones are already catching up with professional cameras in terms of image quality. All you need is a waterproof case for your phone and you’re good to go. With this smartphone accessory, not only can you save hundreds of bucks, but you can also document your beach adventures without causing damage to your phone.

07 | Universal travel adapter

Universal travel adapter - 8 Useful Gadgets for Traveling

Universal travel adapter – 8 Useful Gadgets for Traveling

Your chargers may not be compatible with other country’s wall sockets, so make sure that you bring a universal travel adapter. Don’t rely on the hotel you’re staying in to lend you one because hotels rarely do. Bringing a universal adaptor will definitely save you from the hassle of looking for alternatives.

08 | Padlocks

Padlocks - 8 Useful Gadgets for Traveling

Padlocks – 8 Useful Gadgets for Traveling

Padlocks are essential for traveling to keep your valuable safe whenever you sleep or go out. This can be attached to your designated locker in your room or your bag whenever you go out for a stroll. Bring at least two padlocks so that you have a spare for emergencies.

Travel gadgets may add a little more weight to your luggage, but there’s no denying that they can make your trips a lot easier and less of a hassle. Choose wisely the ones you’re going to pack, and you’re going to have a great and worry-free trip ahead of you.

What’s your favorite travel gadget? Let me know in the comments.

I am a travel photographer with several years of experience in the field. Being a freelance blogger enables me to help photography beginners and enthusiasts to tell wonderful stories of their travels as seen through their lenses. It also allows me to share my thoughts about another advocacy of mine: social equality and change.

Liz Pekler

How To Maximise Your Holiday Experience

How To Maximise Your Holiday Experience

This is a guest post from Seb from Aspiring backpacker dot com

Travel can be an absolute joy, but you can always make it better and that is something that we all aspire to do. Of course, this generally means that you need to spend a lot more money to have the amazing experiences that you read about in magazines or see on TV, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. There are a few different ways to really get more out of your travel experience that I have learnt on the road and I have decided to write this blog post to help you get that little bit extra out of your holiday.

Start it early

I think one of the best ways to maximise your holiday experience is to hack it a little and start it early. For example, if you are going away for a weekend, why not start your holiday directly after work on Friday? I did this recently when I used to book one of the Stansted airport hotels, which was a great experience for me. I remember waking up and being totally relaxed and I didn’t have to wait in the terminal for many hours before my flight. It was great to get something nice to eat at the hotel restaurant and then I took the shuttle bus directly to the airport, which took only a few minutes.

Research before you get there

One thing that I know about traveling is that I want to be doing just that and not wasting time on doing other unnecessary things, therefore I like to research where I am going a bit beforehand. Of course you don’t have to do extensive research, just a basic outline of a few things that you want to see and then let the rest flow. The less time you spend researching whilst you are on holiday, the more time you can actually spend getting out there and actually enjoying it!

Plan some rest

Of course maximising your holiday is about using the time that you have the best that you can, but this doesn’t mean that you should be trying to get something out of every waking second! Travel is tiring (in the best way possible), so taking some time out can actually to help you enjoy taking everything in. There are many ways to relax on holiday, but I like to plan a rest day in the middle of my shorter trips and for my longer trips I always think it is important to have a break every two weeks or so. By being properly rested you will be raring to go for your next adventure and it will give you some time to reflect on some of the amazing things that you have already done.

Get into the local culture

One of the biggest mistakes and problems that locals have with tourists is that they are generally not very receptive to the local culture and don’t usually have culturally different experiences other than those that they are used to. For example, people eating McDonalds in Thailand when there is amazing Thai street food everywhere (it’s cheap too). Why would you do this when there are so many amazing places to explore? I, personally, like to get amongst the local culture and this involves things like wandering out of the centre of a town or city, eating where the locals eat, or learning a few words of the local language. I think that you can get so much more out of your experience by doing this. Even just the joys of watching people going about their normal lives in an area without tourists is very interesting.

3 Fantastic Places in Crete

3 Fantastic Places in Crete

From ancient art and architecture to stunning scenery and the sea, Crete boasts a fascinating history and plenty of natural beauty. I first came to this Mediterranean island for a unique insight into Europe’s first civilization and its renowned Minoan palaces, but I stuck around for the sandy shorelines, magnificent weather, and superb cuisine.

During my time in Crete, I tried to see as much as possible, staying at beachside resorts as well as quaint rural villas. Of all the places I saw, the following three made a lasting impression.


Crete – ​Image by tedbassman used under Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0



Featuring a little more refinement than the rest of the island, Lasithi occupies the eastern region of Crete and is best know for its sophisticated harbour towns and pretty golden beaches. Lasithi is dominated by the charming capital of Áyios Nikólaos, but the neighboring Elounda has a more alluring appeal.

Once a small fishing town, Elounda is thought of as the “jet set” area of Crete and has attracted scores of celebs. Thankfully, it manages to avoid any egotistical undertones, allowing for traditional tavernas situated on the bay to serve up local fare such as Cretan pilaf (chicken and lamb risotto served with goat’s butter) and souvlaki (pork meat, lamb, chicken or fish on skewers).


Another former fishing village, Matala became Crete’s offbeat, bohemian destination after backpacking hippies came to settle here in the 1960s and 70s. Walk through Matala and you will see small boutiques selling their arts and crafts either side of a street painted with murals promoting peace and love.

Also known for its man-made Neolithic caves carved into the sandstone cliff, Joni Mitchell once stayed here and was inspired to write the song “Carey,” which features the lyrics “under a starry dome…beneath the Matala Moon.”

Matala, Crete

Matala, Crete – ​Image by tedbassman used under Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0

​Image by tedbassman used under Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0


This is the largest city and capital of Crete, which traces its roots back 3,000 years. Therefore, the nearby Minoan Palace of Knossos, where you can quite literally piece together a picture of what life used to be like on the island, is Heraklion’s biggest attraction.

If you want to stay near Heraklion but don’t want the hustle and bustle of a big city, consider staying in Malia, just 30 minutes away. By day, you can stroll around the old town’s secret network of cobbled streets and enjoy a drink or two by the beach. At night, make sure you take advantage of Malia’s legendary nightlife.

If I ever have the pleasure of visiting Crete again you can be sure I’ll make the time to see all three of these fantastic places.

Author Bio – Chrysty Miles is a travel addict and loves exploring the world on her own way.

Two Distinct Yet Equally Beautiful Cities in Europe and Asia for Budding Solo Travelers

Two Distinct Yet Equally Beautiful Cities in Europe and Asia for Budding Solo Travelers

Anyone can appreciate traveling, as it not only gives you a renewed perspective on life; it also opens limitless opportunities that bring out the best in you. These are just a couple of benefits of exploring the world, and a few reasons why it’s an important part of a person’s life.

To take this a step further, Fodor’s Travel suggests solo travelling and points out the factors that makes everything worth your while. Truth be told, it’ll be hard and intimidating at first. However, once you get into a groove and realize the world is just a fantastic place to live in, all the anxieties will slowly melt away.

Having said that, here are two distinct yet equally beautiful locations in Europe and Asia fit for budding solo travelers.

The United Kingdom (London)

London Tube

London Tube

The UK, or London to be specific, carries the image of richness and affluence; but little do travelers know, this city isn’t as intimidating as many might think. For one, Time Out published an article on the best free activities to undertake in London including free art galleries, museums, music festivals and national parks to visit. Additionally, you’ll have plenty of ways to see and immerse yourself in the culture, as London presents efficient transportation features starting from its airports all the way to its roads and railways.

Aside from on time double decker buses and trains, the city’s major airports offer ample parking spaces to counteract the surge of local airline passengers. Price aggregators, such as Parking4Less, also help in terms of highlighting the different options, as well as the pros and cons of each. For future reference, the basic types of airport parking are: on-airport, off-airport, meet-and-greet, and airport hotel with parking.

Thailand (Bangkok)

Bangkok, Thailand, Tuk Tuk

Bangkok, Thailand, Tuk Tuk

Pristine coastlines and cheap eats, these are just some of the reasons why Thailand remains a go-to place not just in Southeast Asia, but the world. Apart from local hospitality, the country has tons of avenues where you can go on a soul-searching trip and open your eyes to a genuine good time.

In contrast to London’s transportation sector, Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok, has roadside wonders more commonly known as tuk tuks. This basic method of transit is the primary option in the area and can also be used as a tourist guide. As a side note, be sure to get a soothing and authentic Thai Massage in Bangkok before wrapping up your trip. Or if you want to visit places on the cheap, read this definitive list of places to go by

To Wrap Things Up

London and Bangkok may be stark contrasts, but at the end of the day, both offer the same advantages of a true, eye-opening experience. The former presents you a chance to see beyond the common knowledge of grandeur, while the latter gives you a taste of traditional comfort. All in all, whether you’re traveling to the UK, Thailand, or any part of the globe, there’s no better way to enjoy yourself than visiting new places.

Disclaimer: This is a an affiliate post written by Daniel Jones.

Images credit:

In addition to being a casual backpacker and a motivational speaker, Daniel Jones is a lifelong fan of classic books and movies, as well as anything that involves modern pop culture. He always finds time every trip to meet locals, seeing it as a chance to truly embrace a city’s culture. A couple of Danny’s future plans are to visit Antarctica and overcome his fear of praying mantises.

Daniel Jones

Explore Sydney Like a Local

Explore Sydney Like a Local

This guest post about Sydney, Australia has been written by Shane as a part of “Explore Like a Local” series. Explore Like a Local is an initiative by Drifter Planet to help you get insider tips about destinations all over the world. Want to write about your hometown? Contact me!

Introducing Sydney

Ah, Sydney, Australia. It’s not all quirky accents and deadly animals! Bask in the weather, the beaches, the friendly people, and the laid-back lifestyle. With a unique diversity in people, food, and nature. You find the urban metropolis and the ocean at the same time. From lush, rain-forests to the dry, red outback. A chill cafe scene and a vibrant night life. What’s not to love?

Suggested reading: Explore Sydney in a weekend

Enjoying Sydney's sunny weather at Observatory Hill with a view of the Harbour

Enjoying Sydney’s sunny weather at Observatory Hill with a view of the Harbour

Where to stay in Sydney on a budget

Eco is a green, earth-friendly option with hip art-deco vibes and just across the street from Bondi Beach!

The hostels here are clean and well kept. I’ve had several friends stay in them with no problem. Stay right in the middle of the city, close to all the action at Sydney Central YHA Hostel for just $36 AUD/night. AirBnb is another budget-friendly option I’ve had great success with!

Things to do in Sydney

Sydney boast over 200 beaches, each offering their own unique spin. With at least nine warm months out of the year (October to May) and easy accessibility via ferry or bus from the city, you have plenty of time to explore them all and find a favourite of your own!

Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk– 2.5 hours. This six kilometer walk reveals five Sydney beaches (Coogee, Clovelly, Bronte, Tamarama, Bondi) and stunning views of cliffs, waves, bays, rock pools, and even a 19th century cemetery. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes and expect to spend 1.5-2.5 hours depending on how many pictures you stop for along the way.

Blue Mountains, Sydney - Explore like a Local

Blue Mountains, Sydney – Explore like a Local

The Blue Mountains are a gorgeous sight which you can reach by train or coach bus. Be sure to leave early and plan for an entire day as it’s 2-2.5 hours out of the city.

If you are a wine-o like myself, you will love the Hunter Valley region. Two hours from the city, it is worth the trip to see the beautiful rolling hills and try the boutique wines you won’t find at a supermarket!

One thing I really regret missing is the fireworks over Sydney Harbour for New Years Eve. If you aren’t here during that time, a beautiful firework display is put on every Saturday at 8pm over Darling Harbour.

If you visit at the end of May or beginning of June. you can’t miss Vivid, a unique festival that lights up the entire city in vivid colors for three weeks a mesmerizing free public exhibition of outdoor lighting sculptures, a cutting edge contemporary music program and the spectacular illumination of the Sydney Opera House sails.

Street art in Sydney - Explore like a local

Street art in Sydney – Explore like a local

Not a huge fan of museums, but the street art tucked into the suburbs is amazing!  Check out Newtown, Erskinville, and Sydney University Graffiti tunnel.

What to eat in Sydney and where

Looking for dinner with a view? The Boathouse offers several beach side locations with a bit of everything – fresh market flowers,, deli style food + cheeses, delicious breakfast, good coffee with quirky designs.

O Bar and Quay offer charming views of the harbour but prepare to pull out your wallet.

Looking for a taste of Australia? Visit The Australian Hotel for the Coat of Arms Pizza topped with kangaroo and emu. Australia is the only country which eats their national animals!

Looking for a sweet treat? Cow & Moon Gelato in Newtown You must try this award winning mouth-watering almond affogato gelato! It combines caramelised almonds sourced from Italy with single origin coffee on a Madagascan vanilla base. A salty sweet dream.

King Street in Newtown is filled with ethnic foods galore. Try Thai at Thai Patong, Turkish at Yenikoys, Italian at Pastizza Bar. With over 100 restaurants including Japanese, Vietnamese,  soul food and more, you’re sure to find a favorite!

What to avoid in Sydney

To blend in with the locals, I recommend strolling through the suburbs of Newtown, Surry Hills, and Darlinghurst and steer clear of Kings Cross at night (the red light district)

There are great markets in Bondi, Paddington, Glebe, and the Rocks on a weekend filled with food, clothing, and more!

Harbour Bridge Climb, Sydney - Explore like a a Local

Harbour Bridge Climb, Sydney – Explore like a a Local

The ultimate tourist activity is to Sydney from above with the Harbour Bridge Climb (warning, it runs around $250 but you can do the sample version by climbing the bottom arch to save a buck)

Best way to get around in Sydney

View from Mrs Mcquaries Point of Sydney Harbour

View from Mrs Mcquaries Point of Sydney Harbour

Sydney has an amazing public transport system. Grab an Opal card (for free!) at a local convenient store to get discounts on fares. Expect each trip to be $2-4 AUD.  Ferries are $6 each way. After 8 trips in a week, the rest are free. This can be used on trains, buses, ferries, and light rails!

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Bangkok in ONE Day

Things to do in Yangon

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Explore Sydney Like a local

Explore Sydney Like a local

Shane is an American expat who got her first full time across the globe in Sydney. Ever since then, the travel bug has hit at full force. Next stop? An 18-country Eurotrip this summer!

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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