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Merhaba! Yep, that’s how you say Hello in Turkish.

Turkey is the most beautiful country in the world. There, I have finally said it!

We all know that Turkey is beautiful but I wasn’t prepared for the magnitude of it all. It has everything and even more than what you can imagine.

Of course, there are mountains, beaches, old towns, culture, and all the stuff that makes any country gorgeous – but Turkey is MORE than that. Turkey’s beauty is otherworldly and will make you fall hopelessly in love. 

Sunrise view - Sultan Cave Suites, Cappadocia, Turkey
Sunrise view – Sultan Cave Suites, Cappadocia, Turkey

I’m sure you must have heard the phrase “East meets West” because it has been used for MANY places. But hey, Turkey fits this description more than every other place because it is geographically part Asia and part Europe.  

Is it Safe to Travel to Turkey as a Solo Woman Traveler?

I traveled to Turkey as a solo female traveler in July 2016. Many people warned me about my safety before I arrived in Turkey. People also said I might get unwanted attention from Turkish men. They were so wrong.

Honestly, I didn’t face any issues and didn’t receive uncomfortable vibes or unwanted attention from any men. On the other hand, I met many helpful men and women in Turkey almost every day.

Inside the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (the Blue Mosque) in Istanbul
Inside the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (the Blue Mosque) in Istanbul

I can’t forget the 20-something man who was concerned about my safety in Denzili airport because the flight was late. He made sure I sat in the right coach for Pamukkale and spoke to the driver.

I will never forget a sweet-natured shopkeeper in his mid-40s whom I met in Istanbul who asked me to relax and take a break and gave me two bottles of chilled water from his shop when I was searching for my hostel in the peak of a mid-day hotel. This same man helped me the next day when I was stranded in Istanbul during the military coup in 2016.

Yes, I was stuck in Turkey during that horrible time in July 2016 but it was just for 1-2 days. I will never forget the amount of help that I received from the locals – my hostel guy, the locals around us, my ex-colleagues who lived in Istanbul, the overworked staff of Turkish Airlines, and more.

Even after all this, I’d still say Turkey isn’t unsafe even for solo women travelers. But hey, you should check the situation before visiting and read the travel advisory posted by your embassy.

Visa for Turkey

I applied for an eVisa for Turkey, which is available for citizens of many countries. You can check the below link for more details about the visa process for your nationality.

What’s the Capital City of Turkey?

Istanbul the capital city of Turkey, is an insanely beautiful multicultural city which is partially in Europe and partially in Asia. Yes, it is the only city in the world that’s a part of two continents and because of this is one of a kind.

When I make country-specific itineraries, I skip big cities but in this case, I’d say Istanbul deserves at least 3 days.

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