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Hello, I’m Sonal, a travel addict, a mama, and a Yoga teacher from India. As an Asian living in Germany, I present to you my unique perspective on traveling in Europe.

I started my travel blog in 2015 as a hobby, but it has evolved drastically over the years because my travel style has changed. I started my travel journey with South East Asia but now it is mostly within Europe.

Based on the how often I travel, I enjoy writing ridiculously helpful guides & itineraries about Europe’s most iconic cities – Amsterdam, Prague, Istanbul, Hamburg, Porto, Lisbon, etc, with a focus on fun, adventure, viewpoints, epic food, and unique things to do.

So What’s my Travel Style?

I like to be comfortable when I travel, find places with good views (rooms, cafes, bars – you name it), never miss a good sunset spot, enjoy local food to the fullest, and include a bit of adventure in my travels. Does your travel style match mine? Stay on!

I usually travel solo a few times a year using public transportation. But, I also often travel with family on a camper van, so expect to read interesting itineraries, tips, and road trip routes with information about natural wonders. 

Yes, I enjoy city breaks but also camping in nature near clear water lakes, waterfalls, beaches, and National Parks. I also enjoy trips with friends – they are so different than family travel or solo travel. 

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NEW on Drifter Planet Travel Blog:

Here are three of my newest travel posts that I have recently published on my website. To see more from this list, click on the “All Blog Posts” button that’s right under those three posts.

Destination Highlight – Germany

Each month, I highlight a new destination on my blog and showcase travel blog posts for just that specific region.

The highlight for this month is Germany. I have been living in Germany since 2017 and I feel that it is a perfect autumn and winter destination. Germany’s Christmas Markets are world famous and they seriously live up to the hype. See my Germany travel blog posts below.

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