National Parks, Nature Park & Nature Reserves

by | Jul 15, 2021

In my search for the most scenic lakes, waterfalls, rock formations or any kind of landscape, I ended up visiting a lot of National Parks, Nature Parks and Nature Reserves.

I love the whole concept of a National Park where steps are taken for conservation of “wild nature”.

The world definitely needs more national parks to protect our forests, wildlife, marine life, and natural wonders of this world.

Read on to see some of the national parks, nature reserves and nature parks that we have visited over the years.

Nature reserves and Nature Parks aren’t exactly the same as National Parks.

Not all nature reserves are open for people and you shouldn’t try to enter a protected area ever that is closed for public.

On the other hand, a nature park is a place where the area is not as strictly protected as a Nature Reserve or a national park.

Anyway, to know more differences between the two, check this.

Waterfalls of Krka National Park, Croatia: Complete Guide

What’s the first image that comes to your mind when someone mentions Croatia? Perhaps Dubrovnik-like beaches with turquoise water and medieval buildings along the coast. Nature lovers would think of Croatia's natural landscapes, after all the country has many of them...

Visiting Plitvice Lakes, Croatia (Avoiding Crowds + Tips)

Plitvice Lakes Croatia - the most beautiful national park in the Balkans Just imagine - 16 lakes, all arranged in cascades between two rivers where the water goes from one river to another. While on the way, the water forms a series of waterfalls.  To make things...

Tara National Park, Serbia: Travel Guide for a Secret Paradise

Mountains, deep gorges, clear lakes, and spectacular viewpoints - this is Tara National Park in Serbia. An unexpected natural paradise, Tara National Park was the highlight of our Balkans Road Trip. It was our second stop in Serbia after the nearby village, Mokra...

Tiger Safari in Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India

If you have traveled extensively in India, then most likely you have already heard of Kanha National Park. Also known as Kanha Tiger Reserve, it is one of the many National Parks in India where one can hope to see a tiger in the wild. It is in Madhya Pradesh, the...

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