About Sonal & Sandro – Our story

Hello there, welcome to Drifter Planet – a travel blog that’s written by me (my name is Sonal) traveling alone or with my husband, Sandro (he’s very German btw). We have a baby too. We often travel around Europe in our vamper van with her. (Read how to travel with a baby)

I met Sandro a few years back in Thailand while attending the Experience music festival (Koh Tao). We fell in love and eventually got married in New Delhi. Here is a blog post I wrote about how we met each other.

Sonal and Sandro's Big Fat Indian Wedding

Our Big Fat Indian Wedding in New Delhi

After our marriage, we lived in New Delhi for a year, but then we decided to take an indefinite break from our jobs to travel around the world. Drifter Planet is a travel blog which we set up in August 2015 to document our crazy journey as we travel around the world with our beloved GoPro and tent.

We love adventure and attending PsyTrance music festivals and sometimes decide our next journey based on skydiving or bungee jump spots… or which festival is up next and where.

In the year 2016, we traveled to 10 countries and attended 7 music festivals in many different countries. We had a crazy start to this year in Myanmar and Thailand. We then traveled to the Philippines and Malaysia, after which San went to Nepal and Germany for visa work. In this time, I (Sonal) went on an adventure in the Himalayas where I camped in a different location every night and eventually crossed the Hampta pass. I then traveled to Turkey where I got stranded in Istanbul during the attempted military coup.  I was lucky that I got out in time to reunite with Sandro in Germany. After this, we traveled all over Europe and attended many music festivals. After 100 days in Europe, we decided to come back to Asia got invited by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia for a press trip to their beautiful country. Right after this, we sat on a plane to Goa.

We spent a few months volunteering in Goa and spending time being lazy in our hammocks by the beach. We love Goa because it has a unique culture, amazing beaches, a happy vibe, unbelievably good food, a lot of adventure sports and a lot of good PsyTrance parties.

We started our 2017 in Goa and then traveled to Kerala. From there, we spent a month in Sri Lanka where we started our journey from West and gradually made our way to the East, North and then back. While there, we attended the Atman music festival in Arugam Bay.

After Sri Lanka, we headed over to Chennai, Pondicherry and Auroville where we spent a few days before returning home to New Delhi. While in New Delhi, we visited Rishikesh where we bungee jumped with the famous Dangal girls. We also visited Rajasthan to experience the Maharaja life in Bikaner.

As of mid 2017, we’ve set up our temporary base and residence in Germany, near Holland border. It is an excellent location for traveling around Europe, especially during summer months. The best part is that we’re living very close to Amsterdam.

As of late 2018 – we have been blessed with a baby girl. We’re no longer leading a nomad lifestyle, but are traveling on our campervan in Europe with our little baby. Want a peek at how we travel with our baby? See this post.


About Sonal – the Author & Yoga Addict

Hi, I’m Sonal – the founder of Drifter Planet Travel blog. Almost the entire content on this website has been written by me.

The travel bug bit me in 2004 when I first visited Goa. That’s where it all started from me and from that moment on I did everything possible to travel even more.

I got my first taste of backpacking when I visited Thailand in 2013. It was then I decided that week long or month long trips were just not good enough and I needed more.

In early 2016, I finally decided to take an indefinite break from my job to travel around the world with my husband, San. 

I love doing things that scare me, in fact, I even jumped off an airplane back in 2013 to skydive! I often get lost in a fictional world while I reading books. If I love my book too much, I don’t sleep while I am in the middle of the story! I am in love with eating (who isn’t?) and I thoroughly enjoy eating local delicacies as I travel. I’m a sucker for good viewpoints and don’t mind hiking for hours (or even days) to get to a good one. I love practicing Yoga and playing with my hula hoop as I travel, however I mostly spend my days being lazy on a hammock.

Over the years, my travel style has gone through many changes. A few years back, I would research a lot before visiting every destination to make sure I got the most out of it. However, traveling with San has taught me to take things slow and to experience the awesomeness of “slow travel”. In November 2016, a place called Yogyakarta in Indonesia transformed me into a cultural traveler.

If there’s one thing that I’m equally passionate about as much as traveling, it is Yoga. I’m addicted to Yoga and it is my daily ritual even when I’m traveling. 

About Sandro – a traveling Chef & a the other half of Drifter Planet

Sandro of Drifter Planet

Sandro (or San) is from Germany. For most of his life, he has worked as a chef in Germany. A few years back, he has also worked as a techno DJ in Germany. He love motorbikes, Star Wars and beer. If given a choice, he would never cut his beard and hair.

In 2013, San left on an epic journey to South East Asia where he met Sonal (me) and fell in love. He went back to Germany for a few months but couldn’t stay away from Asia.

He got married to Sonal and lived for one year in New Delhi, where he worked as a German translator. It was then he began his love and hate relationship with his life India because he hates crowded places but loves India’s diversity in every way. He loves garlic naan but can’t handle too many Indian spices.

Sandro has introduced Sonal (me) to the joys of traveling slow without a firm plan. He prefers forests over beaches and can survive for days on a a shoestring budget. His dream destination is Norway where he wants to live for a few months.

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