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Sonal in Sri Lanka Hi, I’m Sonal – the founder of Drifter Planet Travel blog. Almost the entire content on this website has been written by me. I’m from India but live in Germany.

The travel bug bit me in 2004 when I first visited Goa. That’s where it all started for me and from that moment on I did everything possible to travel even more.

Sonal - Drifter Planet

Sonal – Drifter Planet

I love doing things that scare me, in fact, I even jumped off an airplane back in 2013 to skydive! I often get lost in a fictional world while I read books. If I love my book too much, I don’t sleep while I am in the middle of the story.

I am in love with eating (who isn’t?) and I thoroughly enjoy eating local delicacies as I travel. I’m a sucker for good viewpoints and don’t mind hiking for hours (or even days) to get to a good one. I love practicing Yoga and playing with my hula hoop as I travel.

I got my first taste of backpacking when I visited Thailand in 2013. It was then I decided that week-long or month-long trips were just not good enough and I needed more.

I often travel alone but I love traveling with my husband and my little girl. My husband is German and our kid is very mixed. We often travel around Europe in our camper van with her. (Read how to travel with a baby)

I met my husband a few years back in Thailand while attending the Experience music festival (Koh Tao). We fell in love and eventually got married in India.

Sonal and Sandro's Big Fat Indian Wedding

Our Big Fat Indian Wedding in New Delhi

After our marriage, we lived in New Delhi for a year, but then we decided to take an indefinite break from our jobs to travel around the world. My main goal at this point was to do my Yoga teacher’s training, but it took a few more years.

Drifter Planet is a travel blog that I set up in August 2015 to document our travel photos to share with our family. Like most travelers in 2015, I had just bought a GoPro, and I loved using it on our journeys.

Back then, my travel style included a lot of adventure and also PsyTrance music festivals.

I traveled for one year with my husband and then we decided to set up a temporary base in Goa, where we spent a few months being lazy by the beach.

Me doing Yoga in the reading room Faro, Portugal

As of mid-2017, I am living in Germany. It is an excellent location for traveling around Europe, especially during the summer months. The best part is that we’re living very close to Amsterdam – my favorite European city.

I became a parent to a lovely girl in 2018. No, it didn’t slow down traveling for me, or my goal to become a Yoga teacher but it just made me realize that I no longer wanted a nomad lifestyle. That’s when my husband bought a camper van and we traveled within Europe in our van with our baby.

If there’s one thing that I’m equally passionate about as much as traveling, it is Yoga. I’m addicted to Yoga and it is my daily ritual even when I’m traveling.

Yes, I eventually did my Yoga Teacher’s training from India in 2020, and I now work as a Yoga teacher along with running this website (Yay)


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