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by | Mar 29, 2016

Do you want to read all my travel blog posts? Yes, this is the right page. On this page you will all my travel blog posts, from the oldest one to the newest. If you don’t know already, I not just write about music festivals and different destinations, I also love writing about the nuances of traveling, tips, inspiration, how it shapes up relationships (life partner or friend) and how it made me meet my soul mate!

Best treks in Leh Ladakh

This is a guest post by Eva Green The magnetism of Leh and Ladakh lies in its beautiful hilly terrains and the deserted flat landscape that are dotted with a tint of blue because of the streams and lakes. Popularly known as the “Little Tibet,” the lofty peaks and...

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Why I love Visiting Old Manali

Old Manali may have the prefix “old”, but it is way more awesome as compared to main Manali. While latter is one of the busiest summer destinations of India, the former is like a breath of fresh air. Geographically, the only thing that separates them is Beas River but...

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