Why Holi is the most AWESOME Festival EVER

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Holi may be an Indian and Nepalese festival but it is now popular all over the world. Why? Because it’s AWESOME! Some call it the festival of colours and others call it the festival of sharing love – I call it the festival of FUN. In my opinion, it is the most amazing and fun festival ever – let me tell you why:

01 | Perfect Weather

Holi Spring Gif
Holi is a spring festival and it’s perhaps the best time to be outdoors! It is that time of the year when we say a happy BYE to winters and gear up for the warmth.

02 | Colour here, colour there, colour everywhere!

Holi Colors Gif

If you think India is super colourful, wait till you celebrate Holi here. Everything gets painted in different super bright colours that will make your eyes pop out.

03 | Everyone Turns Into A Kid

Holi games gif
Well, who wouldn’t turn into a kid when they get to colour each other? It’s completely OKAY to get super messy and enjoy the messiness for many hours!

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04 | Watergun fights!

Holi Watergun Fights

Forget paintball – a watergun fight on Holi is so much more fun! Oh and usually the liquid colour used in these guns takes ages to come off.

05 | Water balloon wars

Holi Water Balloons
Warning: these balloons really hurt. However, nothing beats the fun of dodging them when they are thrown at you. In most cities, kids’ mafia starts these water balloon fights weeks before the actual festival in their revenge against grownups for making them study!

06 | Marijuana Drinks – Bhang Lassi or Bhang Thandai!

holi bhang gif

Oh you thought it couldn’t get better? On Holi, drinks made with marijuana leaves (Bhang) are available almost EVERYWHERE! But be careful, they are POTENT as hell.

07 | So Much Psychedelia!

Holi Color Splash
Well, why not? Everyone gets painted in many different colors. It is the MOST psychedelic party in the world where everything and everyone is in technicolour.

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08 | Everyone is a Friend

It’s because you cannot recognize your real friends because they are painted in colours so it’s completely ok to corner a stranger and pretend they are your friends just to shower them with  some colours.

08 | Parties EVERYWHERE

Holi Street Party
As soon as you get out of your house, it’s a big fat party on the streets. And if this is not enough, there are MANY parties everywhere on Holi. Some are free and some are not. We love Rang Festival party in New Delhi or Hilltop Party in Goa.

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09 | Everyone Wants to Get Drunk

Because, WHY NOT!! Bring on the beer! Give me that whiskey! Let’s all get drunk!

10 | Gujiya Time!

Holi Gujia
Do you like dumplings? Imagine a dumpling with sweet stuffing with a few nuts! Even those who don’t have a sweet tooth relish this dessert on Holi.


11 | That Satisfying Long Shower After Playing Holi for Many Hours

Holi Shower

This is perhaps the best shower of the year for many! Honestly, it may not remove all the colours but the feeling is awesome!


What are YOUR favorite things about Holi? I would LOVE to know!

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Why Holi is the MOST AMAZING festival EVER

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