9 Reasons Why Cochichos Resort is the Best Place to Stay in Goa

by | Jun 17, 2016 | Goa, India

After visiting Goa at least ten times, I have come to realize that Vagator is my favorite place to stay. While it’s far from North Goa’s most crowded beaches, it’s sufficiently close to good beaches, forts and some of the best beach bars and parties.

Oh and the best part is that its inner lanes are adequately far from the noisy areas. Tucked in one of those inner lanes is a little paradise which you can call “home away from home” – it’s Cochichos Resort, Vagator.  (Click HERE to book) In my experience, this place is the best place to stay in Goa. Here’s why:

01| Location

Vagator is in North part of Goa. Although North Goa is infamous for its crowded beaches, Vagator is one of the emptier beaches. Vagator and beyond has some of the best beaches of North Goa.

Cochichos Resort is in one of the quieter areas of Vagator and is just a two minutes’ walk away from the beach. Places such as 9 Bar, Chronicle, Thalassa, etc., are all walking distance from this resort. Also, you will find a few grocery shops, massage salons, family run restaurants, handmade apparel shops as you walk from Cochichos to the beach.

Moreover, if you want to explore further, this resort is close to the famous Chapora fort, which offers stunning sunset views of the nearby Siolem river and Vagator beach. Yup, Vagator is one of my favorite backpacker beaches of Goa.


2| The garden area

Cochichos Resort Garden

Cochichos Resort Garden

We fell in love at the first sight with this place because there is a well-kept garden at the entry area. This garden is spacious and has many flowers. This garden stretches on till outside of the rooms. There is ample parking space next to the garden.

3| The Room and the toilet

Cochichos Resort Room and Toilet

Cochichos Resort Room and Toilet

All the rooms looked exactly the same from outside but we saw the inside of only our own. Each room has a little area outside the main door which is perfect for sitting. Our room was spacious, airy and had a high ceiling. The toilet was spotless with white tiles and modern bath fittings.

4| Sleep Quality

According to us, the BEST thing about Cochichos Resort is the sleep quality that it offers. The mattress, blankets and the pillows were so soft that we literally felt we were sleeping on a cloud. San asked me to ask the owner where they get their pillows from, so that we can order the same!  Haha. Moreover, the inside area of this resort is silent and peaceful. Also, the fact it’s away from Vagator’s noisy area helps.

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5| Amenities

At Cochichos Resort, we did not need to unpack our toiletries because they provided everything. I was very happy to see a hair dryer in the room. Our room also had an ironing board and a little fridge. Our fridge was a blessing in Goa’s heat because we always had cold water! Oh and we also had a TV in our room which we never used. The WiFi was free and the speed was good enough for me to do a little bit of blogging.

6| Pool Bar and Area

Pool Bar at Cochichos Resort, Vagator, Goa

Pool Bar at Cochichos Resort, Vagator, Goa

Normally we NEVER spend time in a pool when we’re near a beach but we couldn’t resist when we noticed their pool bar. The bar stools were inside the pool! Just look at this – I’m chilling like a boss.

7| Restaurant

Cochichos Resort has a small restaurant near the entry area which is in a hut or a shack style. The food here is simple and delicious. You will love eating your breakfasts here.

8| Service

The service here was exceptional and quick. We never had to wait for anything here, even at odd hours. Our rooms were meticulously cleaned every day and the staff members were usually smiling – starting from the guard at the entrance to the pretty lady at the reception desk.

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9| Price

By now you must be thinking that this place costs a bomb? WRONG! Their cost for a double bedroom with breakfast is between INR 2000 – 3000 (USD 32 – 39) when the season is low and INR 3000 to 4000 (USD 47 – 66) when the season is high. Oh and their peak season pricing is INR 6000 – 7000 (around USD 100 – 110)  because their rooms sell out VERY FAST. Seriously, this cost is a steal considering the comfort, location and the amenities. Click HERE to see the latest price list.

Disclaimer: a big thanks to the staff of Cochichos Resort for a complimentary stay. As usual, all views in this article are mine.


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Pool Bar at Cochichos Resort, Vagator, Goa (India)

Pool Bar at Cochichos Resort, Vagator, Goa (India)

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