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Prague is the heart of Europe, which beats golden hues throughout the day and rocks harder at night. Strange analogy? No, it isn’t really because Prague is often called the heart of Europe because of its geographical placement.

With its otherworldly architecture, famous clock, insanely good beer and historical buildings, Prague is a popular destination for over 7 million tourists each year. No surprises there, because it is an iconic city that many claim is even prettier than Paris. Have you visited both of them? I’d love to know your preferred choice in the comments below.

Is Prague good for nightlife?

Prague - the bejeweled heart of Europe is an affordable destination - Prague Travel Tips

Prague – the bejeweled heart of Europe is an affordable destination – Prague Travel Tips

There is a lot to do in Prague, including but not limited to spectacular sightseeing opportunities, cultural events, and delicious food. You can read about what to do here in our Prague itinerary post. But after the sunset, this magical medieval city turns into one of the best drinking places in Europe.

Full of dungeon-like underground and classy wine bars, electrifying EDM clubs, and fancy cocktail lounges, Prague’s nightlife has a wide variety of options for all tastes. And I assure you, there is no other place you would rather be than the world-famous Charles Bridge to watch the sunrise after a great night out.

So, if you are interested to know all the essential nightlife tips (and if you don’t watch out how much Absinthe you drink, you will definitely need all the tips) and learn more about the cult nightlife spots of Prague, then keep reading.

Prague Nightlife Tips

Ordering Beer in Prague like a local

Ordering Beer in Prague - Prague Nightlife Guide

Ordering Beer in Prague – Prague Nightlife Guide – CCA via Pixabay

First things first, you have to know how to order a beer in Prague like locals. After getting the attention of the bartender, just say “Pivo, prosím” which means “Beer, please”. This might lead to some questions about the kind of beer that you will be getting. The main reason why is that the Czechs have a different rating system for the beers.

Usually, the beers are differentiated by their alcohol levels or the color, but Czechs have a maltiness rating system. This means that you can get to choose the level of the maltiness of your beer.

It is a great system to enjoy the best flavor for your taste, but keep in mind that the maltiness has nothing to do with the alcoholic content of the beer. So, the high maltiness doesn’t mean that you will get a high percentage of alcohol.

About Drinking Absinthe in Prague

Drinking Absinthe in Prague

Drinking Absinthe in Prague

Nicknames the Green Fairy, Absinthe is one of the strongest alcoholic drinks. It isn’t possible to get it in its real form in most of the countries because it is sold without thujone in almost every country except Switzerland, France and the Czech Republic.

Yes, you can get Absinthe with thujone in Prague – but be very careful because it is strong enough to cause a blackout. On the other hand, be informed that the Czech absinthe doesn’t have anise or the other herbs that it is famous for. You may want to also try Slivovice that has 50% alcohol content.

What time do bars close in Prague?

Prague might be known for its pubs and exquisite nightclubs, but not all of them stay open till the morning. If you want to check out the touristy pubs, you are in luck because they tend to stay open till 3 to 4 am. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to dancing till the morning, you can find a bunch of nightclubs that are open till 6 am.

Getting Around After Party: Public Transport in Prague

Prague Metro - Travel Tips for Prague

Prague Metro – Party Tips for Prague

Finding the way back home might be tricky for some people after midnight. If you are one of them, don’t worry, because Prague offers trams, buses and the metro to its visitors. For detailed information about how to use the public transport in this city, check out our Prague travel tips post.

If you’re planning on using the metro, you better be partying between midnight till 04.30 am because public transportation operates usually between 04.30 in the morning till midnight. After midnight, there is a night schedule and the bus/tram/metro numbers change. You can find their schedules and further information at the waiting stops.

If you don’t want to wait in the middle of the night for a bus, you can always use Uber or Liftago. Liftago is a Czech app that’s just like Uber and is awesome. App based taxis are super, but try to avoid using a normal taxi, unless there is an emergency. The taxis in Prague are known for ripping off tourists with outrageous rates.

Prague Pub Crawl

Another thing to keep in mind that, Prague has the second-highest bar density rate in the entire World. It is the perfect place for a pub crawl, although it will take probably weeks to get to experience the unique atmosphere of every each of the pubs. Even though there are a lot of options to choose from, this does not mean that you will sit in an empty pub. So, be aware of the fact that you will most likely end up in a very crowded bar.

There is also a lot of options when it comes to the types of pubs. You can get to enjoy your drink in many cult pubs that serve over centuries or in trendy craft breweries. In either case, you will have pricey drinks.

Smoking Inside the Clubs

Prague Pubs - Nightlife in Prague

Prague Pubs – Nightlife in Prague

It’s legal to smoke inside the pubs and most of the nightclubs. So, better get a place where you can air your clothes after coming home. Personally, I’m not a fan of this aspect of Prague’s nightlife.

Prague Clubs Entry Fee

Usually the pubs and nightclubs in Prague charge an entry fee between 50 and 200 CZK. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t get free entry. Some clubs offer free entry before midnight, although most parties don’t start before 1 am. So, if you want to save some money, you have the option to wait inside the nightclub before an epic party. And always bring cash, most places don’t accept cards.

Smaženy Syr – Streetfood After a Night Out

Smaženy Syr is a delicious street food in Prague that you will love after a crazy night out. My condolences to vegans and lactose-intolerant people because Prague offers the most delicious fried cheese sandwich in the entire World.

You can get it from almost every street vendors that stay open for 24 hours. Just ask for Smaženy Syr, and enjoy the tasty sandwich. You can also get a sausage, or pick up a thick slice of pizza on your way home.

Prague nightlife for singles

Visiting Prague alone? Having no significant other? Don’t worry because Prague got you covered. As mentioned before, Prague offers a significant amount of options when it comes to nightclubs and bar options. You won’t feel alone or left out because you will most likely meet other friendly and single party people in here. And God knows, here is one of the most romantic cities to have your first date.

Prague nightlife dress code

There is no certain rule for dressing up in Prague when it comes to nightlife, however, some bars and clubs require you to dress smartly. If you don’t want to spend your entire night in one place, I would advise you to dress smart casual. This will help you to “fit in” most of the nightclubs and pubs.

What to see in Prague at night?

Sunset in Riegrovy Sady, Prague 3

Sunset in Riegrovy Sady, Prague 3

There is a lot to do in Prague after the sunset, but if you want to spend your night just like locals, you should grab a few beers and start your night by watching the epic sunset by the Vltava river or in one of the parks like Riegrovy Sady or Letna Park. But after that, the choice is yours. Prague is roughly divided into three sections; Old Town (Stare Město) & New Town (Nové Město), Vinohrady & Žižkov, and Holešovice.

In the Stare Město aka Old Town, you can get to see the incredible medieval architecture, historic buildings, and sculptures that will mesmerize you. Being the most famous stop among tourists, you can get to see famous landmarks like the old Jewish Quarter and the Astronomical Clock. Walking on the cobblestone paths, you can visit many galleries and restaurants here.

Which part of Prague has the best nightlife?

If you are looking for more fancy bars, you should definitely check out the Old Town first. But if you are looking for the city’s hottest night clubs, you have to visit the Nové Město, aka the New Town. Besides the epic nightclubs, you can also check out many theaters, restaurants, high-end retail stores, and famous Wenceslas Square.

With its Art Nouveau architecture and international restaurants, Vinohrady is the perfect place for you if you are seeking more fancy and chic vibes. Covered with posh bars, you can get to have a fancy night out without breaking the bank. It is also a very easy spot to reach due to the Jiřího z Poděbrad (JZP) metro station. But if you are looking for more alternative bars with edgy vibes, you have to visit Žižkov. In here, you can get to enjoy both traditional Czech pubs, as well as dimly lighted cocktail lounges.

And last but not least the Holešovice. Holešovice area is mainly residential, but here is also industrial heaven for hipsters, artists, and poets. Here you can check out many fascinating modern art galleries, hip cafes and a lot of cool night clubs. And if you are not sure where to visit first, here is a list of famous pubs and clubs of Prague.

Best pubs and nightclubs in Prague

Prague is a place where you can enjoy the house, techno, and many other types of dance music as well as the best indie club nights or the eighties nights. So, whatever you seek, you will find it in Prague. And if you want to find the best place for you, here are some of the famous pubs and nightclubs.

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Old Town Bars and Clubs

Prague Old Town Bars and Clubs - Nightlife in Prague

Prague Old Town Bars and Clubs – Nightlife in Prague

Have you read our post about Prague’s neighborhoods? If yes, you surely know that the Old Town is the main tourist hub of Prague and is also called Praha 1. It is the section that’s between New Town and Lesser Town (Mala Strana). Charles River connects the Old Town to the Lesser Town.


With ist radiant atmosphere and a vibrant interior with unique art pieces, Roxy is one of the oldest and most visited bars/nightclubs in Prague. Located near Old Town Square, this club offers you a massive dance floor, live DJ performances, and of course, awesome strobe and neon flashing lights.

Decorated with disco balls, you can enjoy international DJ’s that play the best electronic music every weekend. If that is not enough, you can also get a drink from its massive bar, which serves almost every type of alcoholic beverage, including famous absinthe.

If you ever visit Roxy on the weekend, don’t forget to bring cash because you will need to pay the entrance fee.

Hemingway Bar

If you are looking for a unique bar experience, you have to check out the Hemingway bar. Especially if you are an Ernest Hemingway fan just like me, you will adore this place. Located in the Old Town square, this bar is definitely one of the best bars in Europe.

With its dim-lighted atmosphere, you will find yourself enjoying a great interior, which is made of high-class liquor bottles and gorgeous mirrors. You can choose your drink from an extended menu, or just go ahead and try drinks that gave Hemingway inspiration; like rum and absinthe. You can also try their famous pink cocktail aka the Revenant, with an orchid in it. But if you want to keep the theme going, you can choose the best rum for yourself over 200 varieties of aged rum. The average price is approximately 250 CZK, which is around 10 Euros.

So if you want to check out the Hemingway bar, don’t forget to bring cash and have a reservation because the bar fills up very quickly. And suit up, because there is a dress code.

Le Velmont

If you are looking for a fancy Parisian night, you have to check out Le Velmont in the Old Town square. Located in a building which is a part of the UNESCO site, this luxurious underground bar and nightclub will take you on a tour of the set of the famous film Moulin Rouge. With its crystal chandeliers, beautiful Can-Can dancers, and delicious cocktails, Le Velmont will welcome you with a unique atmosphere.

In here, you can get to enjoy your night with a touch of Paris while a dancer swinging and singing from the ceiling. If you want to visit this spectacular place and have a classy night, don’t forget to wear your nicest clothes and prepare yourself to join the dancers in a historic building.

Chapeau Rouge

And last but not least, the world-famous bar/underground nightclub Chapeau Rouge. The history of this amazing nightclub dates way back to 1919. Since then, Chapeau Rouge has been entertaining its visitors by modern pop, house music, and hardcore underground performances in its convenient location. If you don’t know what type of music you want to listen to, then just head to this dazzling club with a great atmosphere because you will much likely love what you hear in here.

Another great thing about this club is that you can visit here any night you want. With its three-level floor plan, Chapeau Rouge offers incredible bars on every floor with reasonable prices, and of course two main dance stages with live DJ performances. Whether you come here alone or with a huge group of friends, you will not get disappointed. You can visit here by dressing anything you want and enjoy the delicious cocktails and well-poured beers.

New Town Bars and Clubs

Wenceslas Square in the new Town - Prague Neighborhoods

Wenceslas Square in the new Town – Prague Neighborhoods

New Town’s most famous part is Wenceslas Square. Most of the restaurants and bars are situated around it. The award winning building – the Dancing House is also in New Town, and so is the Head of Franz Kafka.


With its beautiful rooftop terrace that overlooks the Wenceslas Square, the Duplex is open both day and night.  Having reasonable prices and two massive dance floors, you should check this amazing nightclub/restaurant out in the New Town area. During the day, you can enjoy a tasty meal and hang out with your friends, and during the night, you can enjoy the two dance floors, four bars, and an epic world-class sound system. You should definitely check the special events before selecting the date to visit and also don’t forget to dress up.

Holešovice Bars and Clubs

Many say Holešovice is Prague’s coolest district. If you’re looking for something unique and fresh, ditch the old town but spend your party night right here in Holešovice.

Cross Club

With its incredible steampunk design, this three-floor warehouse welcomes you to have the best night of your life. Surrounded with recycled metal art and interesting carvings, Cross Club not only offers an eccentric interior but also great music.

In here, you can let loose while listening to almost all types of music genres, including EDM and Dubstep. With its live DJ performances and the green and red light shows, you will feel like you are in a futuristic movie. So, whatever music genre you are into, you should definitely check out the Cross Club. You don’t need to dress up to enjoy an epic night out here, but be prepared to pay a small entry fee on Friday and Saturday nights.

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