So you like a party from time to time and you’ve heard that Berlin’s nightlife is world famous, and you’d like to experience it now? I’m here to help.

Not only do I live in Germany but I have also experienced Berlin’s party culture. I’m here to tell you about why it is so special, Berlin’s Techno culture, top clubs, and key tips like what to wear, and how to get it.

As someone who likes to party, and attends a minimum of two music festivals every year, Berlin’s party scene completely wowed me and in my opinion, is the best party city in the world.

So let me share my top Berlin nightlife tips to help you fall in love with this city’s party culture like I did.

👉 Tip 1: Book a room to sleep in after the party near the top clubs in Berlin.

👉 Tip 2: Consider booking a tour. Here are three that I have shortlisted for you:

Remember to read all the details and inclusions before you book a tour. Also, cheap isn’t always the best so read about the venues that you will visit as a part of the tour.

Berlin’s Techno Culture is a UNESCO Cultural Heritage

Berlin's Techno Culture is a UNESCO Cultural Heritage
Berlin’s Techno Culture is a UNESCO Cultural Heritage via Unsplash

The most important aspect of Berlin’s nightlife scene is the Techno culture. If you read my post about Berlin travel tips, then you know already that as of 2024, Berlin’s Techno culture is on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

No, it didn’t originate in Berlin but has roots in Detroit but the term “Techno” and the genre as we know it now was popularized in Germany immediately after. It was Berlin’s culture that evolved Techno music to where it is today. Darker, hardcore and heavy.

Techno culture became massive in Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall (9 November 1989), and subsequently the German reunification in October 1990. That was the time for free underground techno parties that came up in East Berlin.

One of the most popular DJs in the world, Paul van Dyk (from East Germany) has mentioned that techno was a major force in restoring social connections between East and West Germany during the unification period.

The underground clubs grew much more because of the emergence of rave culture and brought party enthusiasts from not just Germany but also Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK to Berlin.

Yes, Techno is a subgenre of EDM but if you are into lighter electronic music, then Berlin’s Techno Culture might just feel too extreme at first, but give it a try for a unique experience.

What to Wear for Berlin Nightlife

On our way to a Techno Party in Berlin
On our way to a Techno Party in Berlin

Understand that Techno is an underground culture but perhaps not so much because of social media but it means you have to ditch your fancy looks and go for an edgy outfit instead.

Germany as a whole has a casual and comfortable dress code and that’s evident in Berlin too. Berlin’s clubs aren’t heels and fancy dresses kind of places but combat boots, alternative fashion, and industrial looks to match the club aesthetics.

Some of the most famous clubs in Berlin were once industrial warehouses, and they still have that look.

When in doubt, just dress in all black, that’s what is a true Berlin party look. Nothing is ever too edgy or kinky to wear at a techno party in Berlin.

What is Kinky Techno & Dark Rooms?

Berlin Kinky Techno and Dark Rooms
Berlin Kinky Techno and Dark Rooms via Unsplash

So there’s something sexual about Berlin’s techno scene and things openly happen in many clubs – which the local partygoers are used to and aren’t a “big deal”.

Many clubs have “Dark Rooms” (or darkrooms) with blacklights. These are playrooms where people can engage in consensual sexual activities.

But there’s one club that openly celebrates Berlin’s Kinky Techno and that is KitKat club.

KitKat is an iconic sex and techno club and is exclusive. Don’t even think of getting in if you are wearing normal “non-kinky” clothes. If you want to experience it, buy some BDSM accessories and dress down. If you go in, respect everyone’s personal space insecurities.

No Photos in Berlin Clubs

This is one of the most important reasons why Berlin’s clubs have managed to maintain the underground nature of their parties in this age of social media.

You aren’t allowed to click photos and videos and at the time of the entry, they will put a sticker on your phone’s front and back cameras. This may come as a shock to first-time visitors and some might call it extreme, but it is all for a good reason.

I’d say that keep your smartphone at home and carry just an old phone with a sim card just in case you need to call someone. I carried my old phone too but it was still a smartphone because I am useless without Google Maps.

If you want to click cute photos for memory, then the time to do that would be when you are about to leave for the party, like we did.

Age Limit for Berlin Clubs

It is worth noting that you need to be a minimum of 18 of age to enter a nightclub in Berlin. Berlin’s Party culture isn’t just for 20-year-olds. Music genres evolve over the years and so do the aficionados.

Sure, parties are usually frequented by more 20-year-olds but remember, they are just getting started. It is the 30-year-olds and sometimes even those in their 40s or 50s who have been at it for years and they rule these parties.

So age is no bar. You won’t face discrimination based on your gender, sexual orientation, race, and age. This is why Berlin’s tolerant nightlife scene is really the best ever.

Smoking Cigarettes vs Weed

So, weed has been legalized in Germany since April 2024 and I went clubbing in Berlin after. I was amazed to see that people were allowed to smoke weed joints indoors and not cigarettes.

I actually hate the smell of tobacco and cigarettes so I love this rule. I don’t smoke weed but I don’t mind its smell at all because it doesn’t choke my breathing the way tobacco does.

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Keep Change for Coat Check-In or Locker Room

Apart from some nice days in July and August, Berlin weather is usually cold and you will most likely be wearing a thick coat or jacket over your clubbing outfit.

In that case, be aware that the coat check-in places cost around EUR 2 – 4 and you will need to keep some coins ready because they won’t take a card. You will get a token with your locker number, keep it safe so get your belongings back on your way out.

Top Clubs in Berlin (Nightclubs and Techno Party Spots)

Berghain am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany
Berghain am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany via Unsplash

Every single person would have heard of Berghain – after all, it is one of the top clubs in the world and is famous for its highly exclusive entry where the bouncer doesn’t let every third person in. On some nights, it is every second person!

But remember, Berghain isn’t the only nice club in Berlin – there are so many more, and are worth it. Here are some of the top clubs in Berlin that you can check out:

  • Berghain: Arguably it is Berlin’s most famous club. If you can brave the long lines and risk getting turned away, then go for it. It is known for its strict door policy.
  • ://about blank: Iconic industrial-style nightclub and a garden. Lines can be long here also but not as crazy as Berghain. It is one of the best nightclubs in Berlin.
  • KitKat: I have mentioned this club already in the kinky techno scene. This is a place where sex and techno is celebrated together.
  • Tresor: One of the most iconic clubs in Berlin that was instrumental in Berlin’s evolving techno scene in the early 1990s. The legendary Tresor parties popularized Germany’s techno culture.
  • Trauma Bar und Kino: Kino means theater and this is a one-of-a-kind club where you can watch a movie.
Sisyphos, Hauptstraße, Berlin, Almanya
Sisyphos, Hauptstraße, Berlin, Almanya via Unsplash
  • Sisyphos: Known for its Friday to Monday morning parties in a former factory with festival kind of vibes because of an open area. This is built on an abandoned dog food factory and the vast outdoor spaces are perfect for summer nights.
  • Anomalie Art Club: Art Club that turns into a techno party venue. Anomalie also hosts film screenings, art exhibitions, pop-ups, and open-air raves. Check the event calendar to see what’s on before planning your night out.
  • Kater Blau: It is a nice riverside club on the banks of River Spree with a moored boat and hammocks.
  • RSO.BERLIN: It was earlier Griessmühle, but changed the location and name to RSO.BERLIN and it attracts more local Techno lovers.
  • Watergate: situated in Kreuzberg, it is a riverside club with massive floor-to-ceiling windows, a terrace, and a one-of-a-kind party vibe.
  • Club OST: Club Ost is close to Ostkreuz and has an amazing sound system.
  • Club der Visionaere: This is Berlin’s most popular space for open-air drinking and dancing, so is perfect for warm days. Yes, there is an indoor dancefloor too but is small.
  • Fitzroy: This is one of the newest clubs on this list and has something for everyone. There are nights with live music, trance, and other genres apart from just techno.
  • Salon zur Wilden Renate, or just “Renate”: This nightclub is located in an abandoned residential building that is unrenovated. So a night here feels like a house party with many rooms, confusing corridors, staircases, and a garden area.

Take a Break from Techno and Try Something New

Biergarten in Berlin
Biergarten in Berlin via Unsplash

Yes Berlin nightlife’s most important aspect is techno but if you’re going to be in the city for a few nights then you might want to take a break and try something new. In that case, keep in mind that Berlin has amazing Biergartens and jazz bars.

Consider Prater Beer Garden which is the oldest beer garden in Berlin. Prater Garten is a great choice for an evening out in Berlin during the summer months. This is a self-service beer garden with an atmosphere that is great and super relaxed.

If you want to try one of Berlin’s jazz clubs, then consider Jazzclub-Kunstfabrik Schlot with live jazz, cabaret, and a cozy atmosphere. Another amazing jazz club in Berlin is B flat Acoustic Music & Jazz Club with jazz and soul music performances in a nice dim room with amazing cocktails and happy hour.

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LGBTQ+ Clubs in Berlin

The way clubbing culture has evolved in Berlin everyone and everything is tolerated. This is why you don’t need to look for LGBTQ+ friendly because they all are.

Still, some of the most famous LGBTQ+ clubs are:

  • Monster Ronson’s in Friedrichshain,
  • Zum Schmutzigen Hobby in Friedrichshain,
  • Betty F*** in Berlin Mitte,
  • SilverFuture in Neukolln,
  • Möbel Olfe in Kreuzberg,
  • Ficken 3000 in Neukolln (with a darkroom)
  • Schwuz in Neukolln (earlier Kreuzberg)

Getting into Berghain

So let’s talk about Berghain, the most popular nightclub in not just Berlin but all of Europe that hosts world-famous DJs. It is the hardest club of all to get into. The name means “mountain grove” which is between the border between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.

Berghain is built inside an abandoned power plant. The building was a former thermal plant that was built in 1953 but has been owned by the club since 2011. If you do manage to get inside Bergain, you would talk about it for years with your friends.

So, you want to get into one of the best clubs in the world – Berghain and you’d like to know how. Don’t overdress, don’t be loud, go at the right some (sometimes it is better to go during the early hours of the morning of Saturday or Sunday), and be ready to wait for a few hours in the queue.

To be safe, wear black, don’t try too hard, and always keep a backup plan. Lastly, read this Reddit forum with Berghain live queue updates to understand the vibe of the night.

Where to Stay in Berlin Close to the Nightclubs

Our bedroom in Habyt - The Waterfront, Berlin
Our bedroom in Habyt – The Waterfront, Berlin

If you are traveling to Berlin just to experience the party culture and would like to book a room that’s close to where the clubs are, then pick a place that’s in East Berlin.

I have stayed in enough hostels but I’d not book one because I’d want to sleep peacefully without disturbances after a night out in Berlin.

Just for that, I found a place called Habyt – the Waterfront, it is a newly built place with comfy beds and kitchenettes so that you can wake up and make your own hangover breakfast after the party. Bonus: it isn’t expensive and the location is pretty awesome.

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Closing Thoughts on Berlin Nightlife Tips

If you are new to Berlin’s party culture then remember the most important thing – respect. Keep an open mind when it comes to people of different cultures, languages, races, and sexual orientations, and never discriminate. Be yourself and don’t force yourself to be someone you’re not.

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