Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.

― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars.

Amsterdam appeals to all kinds of travelers and a lot of them visit this spectacular city to enjoy its liberal ways of life. Prostitution is legal, laws are LGBT friendly and [if you’re interested] you can legally smoke weed here. Yes, Amsterdam is one of those few places on earth where you can legally buy and consume marijuana for personal consumption.

Disclaimer: This entire article is a guest post, and I have made only a few editorial and grammatical changes. I’m not into any sort of intoxicants. In fact, I don’t even smoke cigarettes.

If you know anything about Amsterdam, then most likely you knew that already. No? But hey, if you’re on this page thinking it has information about Amsterdam’s best cafes, I’m sorry to say that you’re on the wrong page! In the next section, you’ll find out why.

Amsterdam’s Coffeeshops Vs Coffee Shops

Wooden Weed Crushers - Amsterdam Coffeeshops

Wooden Weed Crushers – Amsterdam Coffeeshops

A coffeeshop in the Netherlands is not your typical café where one goes to buy coffee or tea but is something else entirely. It is an establishment that’s licensed by the government to sell cannabis products to its visitors.

Typical Amsterdam Coffeeshop Menu and Prices

Smokey Coffeeshop in Amsterdam Menu in 2019

Smokey Coffeeshop in Amsterdam Menu in 2019

Grey Area Coffeeshop Menu Prices

Grey Area Coffeeshop Menu and Prices

A typical coffeeshop menu in Amsterdam consists of several kinds of weed, hash, etc., being sold per gram or in pre-rolled joints. Most of them also sell space cakes and hash brownies. Yes, you can also find things like tea, coffee, milkshakes (maybe Chocomel too), orange juice, some munchies, but no alcohol.

Important Information about Coffeeshops + Tips

A Coffeeshop in Amsterdam

A Coffeeshop in Amsterdam – photo by Andrij Bulba (CC BY 2.0) vis Flickr

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you have probably already read the section about stoner tips for Amsterdam in one of my previous articles. Before you visit your first coffeeshop in Amsterdam, here are a few important points that I’d like you to know.

1) No Hard Drugs

Don’t expect to buy hallucinogen and other intoxicants in these coffeeshops, you can only find weed and hash to smoke and their edible products. 

2) No Alcohol

Were you thinking of sipping Amstel beer while smoking a joint in one of these coffeeshops? Sorry, you can’t do that.

3) Age restriction

It is illegal to sell marijuana to minors in Amsterdam, so be prepared to show your ID card as you enter the coffeeshops.

4) Maximum Quantity 5 grams

As per law, you can only buy 5 grams per transaction and none of the coffeeshops will ever sell you more than this.

5) Amsterdam Coffeeshop Closing Hours

You will be surprised to know that the coffeeshops aren’t really open until late. Some of them close as early at 6 pm and others at 1 am. Earlier, a few also remained open till 3 am but since a few years they all follow the 1 am closure rule very strictly. So, if you’re thinking of planning a crazy party night, read our guide about top nightclubs in Amsterdam that includes places that are open till morning.

Depending on the season and the time of the week, the opening hours keep changing. Be sure to check the closing hours if you’re heading to any of the below top coffee shops in Amsterdam.

6) Tobacco Ban – No Tobacco in Joints (except some)

As of 2008, there is a tobacco-smoking ban in the Netherlands and as a result you can’t put tobacco in the joints that you smoke inside Amsterdam’s coffeeshops. Wikipedia says that you can still buy tobacco mixed joints but some smaller coffeeshops seem to disregard this rule.

In literally all of these coffeeshops, you will see a bowl of non-potent dry weed leaves that you can put in your joint instead of tobacco. It is surely a healthier option for your lungs.

Before we go further, be sure to check out my post about the best places to stay in Amsterdam for literally every budget and important travel tips for Amsterdam which will help you save money.

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7) Scared to Get High Alone for the first time in Amsterdam? Try this:

So you’re visiting Amsterdam alone and you’d love to get high in one of the coffeeshops BUT you’re too scared to do this alone? I get you! To help you out, I have handpicked a few tours for you where they take you around and even watch over your belongings, and most importantly YOU.

Personally, I hardly ever recommend tours but in case you’re trying this for the first time, you may feel safer and a little less paranoid when someone is watching over you. 🙂

Here are some of the tours of Amsterdam’s coffeeshops that you can check out. Be sure to read their reviews so that you pick the best one that’s for you.

8) Don’t Know How to Roll Your Joint? 

If you don’t know how to roll a joint – don’t worry about it because you can buy pre rolled joints in most of these coffeeshops.

A pack of Reefers from one of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam

A pack of Reefers from one of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Top Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

1) Paradox Café, Jordaan near Anne Frank Museum

By James of Worldwide Shopping Guide

Paradox Café - Amsterdam Coffeeshops

Paradox Café – Amsterdam Coffeeshops

Paradox Cafe is a small, cozy Amsterdam Coffeeshop that’s situated just off The Rozengracht. Although the coffeeshop is just a stone’s throw from the Anne Frank Museum, it attracts relatively few tourists – ideal for those that want a more relaxed experience.

The coffeeshop is known for its edible marijuana cakes, which contain 1g of weed per slice making them particularly potent even for experienced smokers. Prices are reasonable with 0,4g of weed or hash starting from €5.

Like most other cafes in Amsterdam, the café also serves pre-rolls – perfect for newbies that just want to give it a try. For those that don’t want to partake at all, the coffee at Paradox Café is ironically really good too. Click here to see more information about Paradox Coffeeshop on Tripadvisor and find Paradox Coffeeshop on Google Maps here.

2) 1e Hulp, Jordaan [Eerste Hulp]

Ask any local to tell you what his favorite coffeeshop in Amsterdam is, most likely you will hear 1e Hulp. Situated between Jordaan and Da Costabuurt, Coffeeshop 1e Hulp is in my favorite part of Amsterdam. This area of Amsterdam is mostly residential and is extremely peaceful, yet lovely.

1e Hulp is known for its legendary Moonrock. Their menu is incredibly big and they have some tasty strains. The prices are also decent as compared to many other coffeeshops in Amsterdam. They have a relaxed vibe and Moroccan style interiors.

The staff in 1e Hulp is very friendly and polite. It is one of those rare coffeeshops in Amsterdam where you won’t feel a pressure to always buy something more than just a cup of coffee. 1e Hulp is mostly visited by the locals. 

3) Boerejongens Coffeeshop (Multiple Locations)

Boerejongens Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Boerejongens Coffeeshops in Amsterdam – Picture by Amsterdam Genetics

Many Amsterdam locals say that Boerejongens Coffeeshops have the best and strongest buds. These coffeeshops are in many different locations all over Amsterdam. 

3.1 Boerejongens Coffeeshop West

Boerejongens Coffeeshop West

Boerejongens Coffeeshop West – Picture by Amsterdam Genetics

The first Boerejongens Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. This is where the locals go for the best weed, hash and spacetry (space cake)! The coffeeshop won many prices for being ‘The Best Coffeeshop In Amsterdam’. Boerejongens is now spreaded over the city with 4 locations!

3.2 Boerejongens Coffeeshop BIJ, Bonairestraat 

On just a stone-throw from Boerejongens Coffeeshop west you’ll find here locals favorite: Boerejongens BIJ, selling the best weed, hash and spacetry in Amsterdam for the fairest prices in town. The menu can be slightly different than the other locations.

3.3 Boerejongens Coffeeshop Center

This is the center shop by Boerejongens Coffeeshops. The sophisticated style, wide range of the best weed, hash and Spacetry (space cake) makes this one of the most popular coffeeshops in town. But hey, get out of the Centre and head to West and Sloterdijk locations, as they are less busy.

3.4 Boerejongens Coffeeshop Sloterdijk

Boerejongens Coffeeshop Sloterdijk Amsterdam

Boerejongens Coffeeshop Sloterdijk Amsterdam – Picture by – Amsterdam Genetics

The newest Boerejongens Coffeeshop is at Sloterdijk, which is 10 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station by metro. If you’re arriving in Amsterdam on FlixBus, your bus will drop you at Sloterdijk, it is Amsterdam’s upcoming area.

You’ll find here the widest range of weed, hash and spacetry (best space cake in Amsterdam) in Boerejongens. Try the Tangerine G13 bud and Super Silver Strawberry hash

Boerejongens Coffeeshop has a brass golden logo ceiling, marble interior combined with the big parking lot owned by the coffeeshop. It is  the one and only Flagship Store.

4) Coffeeshopamsterdam Cafe Haarlemmerstraat & Centrum

4.1 Coffeeshopamsterdam – Haarlemmerstraat (formerly Dampkring)

Coffeeshopamsterdam - Haarlemmerstraat

Coffeeshopamsterdam – Haarlemmerstraat

Coffeeshopamsterdam (formerly Dampkring, still the same owner) is located on just 5 minutes from Amsterdam CS. With 90 seatings, this big coffeeshop is you perfect hotspot enjoying Amsterdams finest weed, hash and spacetry (best space cake in Amsterdam) selections while you’re drinken on of their famous milkshakes or good coffees!

Do you like an alcoholic drink? Or some of your friends ae non-smokers? Visit their brandnew Coffeeshopamsterdam Cafe, wich is located on Singel 8, just around the corner!

4.2 Coffeeshopamsterdam Cafe, Centrum

Coffeeshopamsterdam Cafe - Smoker friendly bar

Coffeeshopamsterdam Cafe – Smoker friendly bar

This location is part of the famous Coffeeshopamsterdam on Haarlemmerstraat 44. This place is located around the corner of the coffeeshop, right in the city centre on Singel 8, close to Amsterdam Centraal. In here you can smoke cannabis while the bartenders are serving you the best coffee, milkshakes and cocktails in town!

5) Grey Area CoffeeShop, Oude Leliestraat

By Scott & Hayley of International hotdish

Grey Area CoffeeShop Amsterdam

Grey Area CoffeeShop Amsterdam by Manfred Steger (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

When in Amsterdam it’s a requirement to go to the Anne Frank’s house, the Van Gogh museum, drink a Heineken, and visit a coffeeshop.

When we went in 2010, we looked online and found one near our hostel, the Grey Area. We soon learned this shop was American owned and was pretty darn small. No worries though, the shop is cozy and has a very chill atmosphere. We ended up sitting on the front windowsill and enjoyed the product while watching pedestrians.

Everything about our experience was great, and it sounds like it’s only gotten better in recent years. They have a ton of different types of marijuana and are always attracting cannabis professionals.

Click here to see more information about Grey Area Coffeeshop on Tripadvisor and find Grey Area Coffeeshop on Google Maps here.

6) Tweede Kamer Coffeeshop near Rokin

Coffeeshop Tweede Kamer in Amsterdam

Coffeeshop De Tweede Kamer in Amsterdam – Photo by Amsterdam Genetics

Tweede Kamer is a small shop which is popular amongst frequent Amsterdam visitors and locals. It first opened in 1985 and was also called the Second Living Room. Run by amazing ladies, the staff is super friendly and helpful and this place is known for its great atmosphere.

7) Amnesia Coffeeshop, Jordaan


Amnesia Coffeeshop, Jordaan - Amsterdam Coffeeshop Guide

Amnesia Coffeeshop, Jordaan – Amsterdam Coffeeshop Guide by Michael Delaney (CC BY-SA 2.0) via Flickr

Amnesia is a coffeeshop in Jordaan right in the heart of the famous UNESCO World Heritage canals you see so often in photos. It has more of a loungey feel but is still a chill place that serves fresh mint tea, space cakes and poffertjes (Dutch mini pancakes). If you’re lucky, they might be playing some old school 80s and 90s rap and hip-hop.

Many claim that Amnesia is the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam but we will leave that decision to you. It is a small coffeeshop, so be prepared to wait for a bit if you order more than just weed here.

Click here to see more information about Amnesia Coffeeshop on Tripadvisor and find Amnesia Coffeeshop on Google Maps here.

8) Kadinsky Coffeeshop, Rosmarijnsteeg + multiple locations

There are three Kadinsky Coffeeshops in Amsterdam – one near the Dam Square, another one near Rokin Metro station and the third one Herengracht near Rosmarijnsteeg. Of course the one near Dam Square is the most touristy one and the Rosmarijnsteeg location is the best with contemporary modern interiors.

Kadinsky Coffeeshops have good products – try the Maui Haze, Super Silver Haze and Trans Himalaya hash – as recommended by some locals. Kadinsky also has really good hash brownies that are extra potent and taste amazing.

9) Kashmir Coffeeshop, Oud-West

By Sarah Kim of Tales from a Fork

Kashmir Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Kashmir Coffeeshop Amsterdam – by Michael Delaney (CC BY-SA 2.0) via Flickr

Kashmir is a cozy, bohemian neighborhood coffeeshop in Oud-West on Jan Pieterheijestraat. It’s our go-to coffeeshop, not only ’cause it’s in the neighborhood, but because it’s the only coffeeshop where you can both drink and smoke indoors. To do this, you have to buy weed at the Kashmir Coffeeshop, then you can bring it into Kashmir Lounge across the street where you can buy beer and even nice organic teas like turmeric tea, which is what I get when I go. Also, on the weekends, they have great music that has more of an underground vibe played by local DJs.

Click here to see more information about Kashmir Coffeeshop on Tripadvisor and find Kashmir Coffeeshop on Google Maps here.

10) Smokey Coffeeshop, Rembrandtplein

Smokey Coffeeshop in Amsterdam Menu in 2019

Smokey Coffeeshop in Amsterdam Menu in 2019

Right on the Rembrandt Square is the amazingly lively Smokey Coffeeshop. The coffeeshop is spacious as compared to many other coffeeshops, so there’s usually a place to sit down. The music is usually good and the vibes are really amazing. The weed and hash is a bit pricier as compared to some other coffeeshops but the quality is really good. Try Royal Cream hash or haze or cheese weed. They also have a TV inside where you can sometimes watch football. Bonus: They have really good milkshakes, especially the Banana Split Milkshake. 

11) Abraxas Coffeeshop, Centrum

Abraxas Coffeeshop has multiple levels and you need to climb a really long and winding staircase to enter – which is fun. The atmosphere here is really good and lively. The staff if very friendly, even during their busy hours. Order the Hawaiian Haze in Abraxas, you will love it. Unlike other places, you can carry your own weed and roll your own joints too as long as you order something.

12) Barney’s Coffeeshop, Haarlemmerstraat

Barney’s Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Barney’s Coffeeshop Amsterdam by Tracy Vierra (CC BY-SA 2.0) via Flickr

Barney’s is a one of a kind futuristic coffeeshop in Amsterdam. It’s one of those places where you can get dangerously comfortable for a long time and would not want to leave. Apart from just the weed and joints, the food here is delicious, especially burgers. It is one of those few coffeeshops that open early at 7 am every day.

Click here to see more information about Barney’s Coffeeshop on Tripadvisor and find Barney’s Coffeeshop on Google Maps here.

13) GreenHouse Coffeeshop, Red Light District (GHouse)

By Ellie Gardner

Located in the Red Light District, GreenHouse (commonly referred to as GHouse) has beautiful artwork inside (peep the awesome wooden carved eye), yummy coffee, spacecakes, and, most importantly, awesome weed smoking devices. The pieces are free to use and patrons can choose from joints, bongs, volcano vapes, and other things too.

My personal favorite was the volcano vape, as see in my photo. GHouse is centrally located and the budtenders are friendly and helpful, overall I definitely recommend a trip to GHouse while you’re in Amsterdam. Please note that there is another coffeeshop that’s called “Green House effect”, please don’t confuse it with this one.

Click here to see more information about GreenHouse Coffeeshop on Tripadvisor and find GreenHouse Coffeeshop on Google Maps here.

14) The Old Church, near Rembrandtplein

Coffeeshop The Old Church in Amsterdam

Coffeeshop The Old Church in Amsterdam in 2019

The Old Church isn’t very famous as some of the other coffeeshops are on this list but it is known for its good Haze and Strawberry Kush. The staff is friendly and the coffee is amazing. The Old Church is a small place so can get a little cramped during the peak season in Amsterdam. It is one of the more affordable coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

15) Smoke Palace, Oost

By Mikki Kern

On my first trip to Amsterdam, I discovered Smoke Palace, my absolute favorite coffeeshop in Amsterdam. If you stay at the Generator Hostel in Oost, this coffee shop is the most convenient spot near the hostel to get your smoke on. If you walk through picturesque Oosterpark, you only need to cross the street after you exit the park to find Smoke Palace.

On my first trip to Amsterdam, I went to Smoke Palace and purchased a couple grams of indica to break my smoke fast after traveling around Europe for several months. My favorite thing about this coffeeshop is the outdoor smoking space with heat lamps and comfy benches to enjoy your smoke. The staff was incredibly nice!

One staff member, in particular, was extremely accommodating when I finished my smoke sesh and asked where I could find a shop to purchase a grinder. He pushed the Smoke Palace grinder I had been lent to use while in the coffeeshop towards me and said: “take this one and use it while you’re here and bring it back before you leave!” He even threw some rolling papers in to sweeten the deal. Now, whenever I’m in Amsterdam I make sure to visit Smoke Palace!

Click here to find Smoke Palace Coffeeshop on Google Maps.

16) Dampkring Coffeeshop, Centrum

By Karen of Wanderlustingk

The Original Dampkring Coffeeshop Amsterdam

The Original Dampkring Coffeeshop Amsterdam by David Michalczuk (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

The Original Dampkring is one of the most famous Amsterdam coffeeshops. The Dampkring is famous due to its selection for its high-quality selection compared to many of the lower tier shops as well as the knowledge of the employees in the shop.

If you’re looking for a higher-quality coffeeshop experience that feels a bit less cramped than the others, you should consider visiting the Dampkring where they even filmed part of Oceans 12. Best of all, you’ll find a friendly coffeeshop resident cat there to cuddle you while you’re hanging out at the Dampkring. 

Click here to see more information about the Original Dampkring on Tripadvisor and find the Original Dampkring on Google Maps here.

17) Coffeeshop Central [Closest to the Airport]

If you’re traveling via Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport and are looking for a quick trip to a cofeeshop during your layover, the Central Coffeeshop is your best bet. It is around 150 meters away from the Central Station and it even opens up as early as 7 am. [Click here from the walking directions from the Central Station]. Please keep in mind that you will have to catch a train from the airport to reach Amsterdam Central Station. You can’t really smoke a joint inside here, you’ll have to do stand outside to do so.

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam - Best Places to Get High LEGALLY in Amsterdam

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam by FaceMePLS (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr


18) Coffeeshop Kooi, Rembrandtplein

Coffeeshop Kooi Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Kooi Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Kooi near the Rembrandt Square is lovely from inside. There are many low hanging lamps that light up the mood with their glow. It is a small coffeeshop and isn’t very famous. Along with a joint, you have to buy a drink to be able to sit inside for long. 

Good Coffeeshops in Amsterdam-Noord? There aren’t any!

Amsterdam-Noord is surely one of Amsterdam’s RADest neighborhoods but it doesn’t have decent coffeeshops Although it does have Hunter’s Noord and Ooievaartje – but they aren’t good enough to be a part of this list. Hunters is also a coffeeshop chain in Amsterdam with branches in Harlem, Noord and Centrum. 

Click here to find Hunter’s Filiaal Coffeeshop on Google Maps.


What About the Bulldog Coffeeshops? They’re Very Touristy

Bulldog the First Coffeeshop, Amsterdam

Bulldog the First Coffeeshop, Amsterdam – by Michael Costa (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

Are you wondering why Bulldog isn’t on this list? One of the most famous coffeeshops in Amsterdam, the Bulldog chain is extremely popular amongst the tourists because it’s in the Red Light District, near the Dam Square. In total, this chain has 5 coffeeshops in Amsterdam’s different locations. – Bulldog the First in the Red Light District – right next to the Dam Square, the Bulldog Energy – again in the Red Light District, Bulldog Rockshop in Jordaan, Bulldog Havri in Leidseplein and Bulldog Port 26 in Amsterdam Westpoort harbor.

Bulldog Coffeeshop in Amsterdam Menu in 2019

Bulldog Coffeeshop in Amsterdam Menu in 2019

A joint in Bulldog typically costs around 3 – 4 Euro but you can’t usually buy just one, but a pack of 4. It is worth mentioning that this chain also has a place to stay – the Bulldog Hotel, which is right next to the Bulldog Energy Coffeeshop in the Red Light District.

The Bulldog is perhaps the most touristy coffeeshop chain in Amsterdam and most of the locals hate it. It is definitely not on the best Coffeeshops list. Many tourists end up spending most of their time in the Dam Square when they visit Amsterdam for the first time and for that purpose the Bulldog coffeeshop chains are conveniently located.



What is your Favorite Coffeeshop in Amsterdam?

If you have ever visited a coffeeshop in Amsterdam, we’d love to know about it. Let us know in the comments at the end of this post. Be sure to share this post wish a friend that’s going there so that they can fully enjoy their visit.

Author: Emily Ray

Emily Ray is an American student who lived for two years in Haarlem (near Amsterdam). Her love for cultures and food encouraged her to be a digital nomad so that she can work in different countries all over Europe.

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