Hamburg was on my wish list for a long time, mainly because of the name. If you love Hamburgers (like I do), then I’m sure you’ll understand my sentiment here.

A little research told me that this city is painfully pretty and has a lot to offer (apart from just Hamburgers). That’s all the information I needed before I told San that we’re going to Hamburg to celebrate my birthday.

Now that I have officially moved to Germany and have traveled around, I can confidently say that Hamburg is unlike the rest of the country. It’s vibrant, colorful, interesting, livable.. and the party scene is awesome.

There are so many things to do in Hamburg that we hardly spent any time in our quirky private room in Superbude Hostel. Before I publish my travel guide for this city, I feel it’s important for you to know the things that make Hamburg so interesting for me. Here are 11 interesting things you should know about Hamburg:

Interesting Things about Hamburg –

01 | Hamburg is absolutely GORGEOUS

Hamburg at night looks even better

Just a random spot in Hamburg – gorgeous like other random spots

How can a city not be pretty when it has so many canals, lakes, old architecture and harbor? To make things even better, this city is very green and has many parks. The side streets and old houses are painfully adorable. The city has so much history and you will get a sense of it as you walk around the streets.

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02 | The People of Hamburg are Hamburgers

"Ich bin ein Hamburger" - it means I am a Hamburger - Hamburg, Germany

“Ich bin ein Hamburger” – it means I am a Hamburger – Hamburg, Germany

The people of Hamburg are actually called Hamburgers. How awesome is that! I’d love to live in Hamburg just so that I can be a Hamburger. It sounds way cooler than being a Londoner, or a New Yorker or a Delhi-ite. The only thing that comes close to being as cool as this is living in Frankfurt and being a Frankfurter.


03 | Moin Moin!

"Moin" in Hamburg

“Moin” in Hamburg

Say “Moin” when you’re in Hamburg instead of “Hello” because the Hamburgers “Moin” at each other when they meet. It’s simple and means more than just a simple hello. It literally means, “Have a good day”.


04 | Hamburg’s Art Scene is Cool AF

Germany has no shortage of artists, especially on the streets but Hamburg is the icing on the cake. Hamburg has some of the most interesting street art that I have seen in Germany.

A typical sight in St Pauli, Hamburg

A typical sight in St Pauli, Hamburg

The graffiti in Hamburg is more than just street art; it’s also about retelling stories about Hamburg’s pirate legends, political and community protests, urban art movements and so much more. Many Germans say that Hamburg’s street art scene is even better than Berlin’s – but I’ll leave that for you to decide. You can check out my post about Berlin’s street art here and tell me what you think. 

Apart from graffiti, Hamburg has plenty of interesting stores where you can buy random (but unique) things to put in your room. The city’s art scene gives it it’s unique character that’s lovable.


05 | Biggest Red Light District in Europe

No, it’s not Amsterdam but it’s Hamburg that has the biggest Red Light District in Europe. The city’s red light district is on a street called Reeperbahn, which is sleazy as fuck.

Dollhouse and other clubs in Reeperbahn - Hamburg's Red Light area

Dollhouse and other clubs in Reeperbahn – Hamburg’s Red Light area

In German, this street is also called “die sündigste Meile”, which means the most sinful mile. Honestly, the red light district is bigger than just this street because there are many side streets. This entire area is full of brothels, strip clubs, sex shops, and many bars.


06 | You can party here on a Sunday morning at the fish market

Hamburg’s red light district is massive but it’s not the only thing that attracts visitors. One of the biggest visitor attractions in Hamburg is its fish market (or Der Fischmarkt in German) and it occurs on every Sunday morning from 7 to 9:30 am.

Der Fischmarkt - Hamburg Fish Market

Der Fischmarkt – Hamburg Fish Market by Uformat [CC0 Public] via Pixabay

Der Fischmarkt is not your typical fish market but it’s a place where the locals and visitors get a little drunk and buy not just fish but also a variety of fruit. The atmosphere is lively and unlike any other fish market in the world. Perhaps this is where they go after their Saturday night party finishes!


07 | Hamburg’s Buses Have Mini Libraries!

Book lovers will absolutely love traveling in Hamburg’s buses because many of them have bookshelves. To make things better, these buses are very cute and comfy.

The buses in Hamburg have bookshelves full of books

The buses in Hamburg have bookshelves full of books

These mini libraries are on Hamburg’s VHH buses and run on the principle of honesty. If you can’t finish the book, then you can just borrow it when your ride ends and return it back to Stilbruch. It’s the second-hand department store that provides books in these buses.


08 | Hamburg has MORE bridges than Amsterdam or Venice COMBINED

Bridges and canals in Hamburg, Germany-001

Bridges and canals in Hamburg, Germany-001

Talking about Europe’s canal cities, Hamburg seldom ever tops the list. It’s usually either Venice or Amsterdam that get all the attention but I was shocked to discover that Hamburg has over 2300 bridges. That’s more bridges than Amsterdam or Venice combined!


09 | Largest Warehouse District in the World

Speicherstadt - Warehouse district in Hamburg, Germany

Speicherstadt – Warehouse district in Hamburg, Germany

Believe it or not, Hamburg has the largest warehouse district in the world. Here the buildings stand on oak legs and are used as warehouses.

This warehouse area is Speicherstadt and was built in the 1800s as a “free zone” to transfer commodities without paying a custom fee. This warehouse district is a UNESCO World Heritage site as well!


10 | The Beatles Kinda Started Their Career Here

John Lennon once said, “I might have been born in Liverpool – but I grew up in Hamburg”. 

You may not know this but I’m a huge fan of the Beatles. I wish I was born in the Beatles’ era and attended their shows. A very big reason why this city was on my wish list the Beatles pretty much began their career in Hamburg.

The Beatles regularly performed in many clubs and bars in Reeperbahn and St. Pauli. This is where the place where the famous “Beatle haircut” originated.

If you’re a Beatles fan like me and want to take your madness to the next level, then you should check out a Beatles tour of Hamburg.

11 | Hamburg is so Hipster that..

Hamburg is so hipster that literally everyone has a man bun (and a beard). Seriously, the city is full of hipsters and you can’t outhipster a Hamburger.

Fake Beard in a store in Hamburg, Germany

Beard here, beard there, beard everywhere in Hamburg, Germany

On a serious note, don’t let my (attempted) joke about man buns and beards confuse you. Being hipster is not about wearing a particular style of clothes but is a way of life.


BONUS: Hamburg’s Beer – Astra Beer

Hamburg's Astra beer

Hamburg’s Astra beer

Hamburg’s local brew is Astra beer and I couldn’t get enough of it. This beer is also called the heart of Hamburg and can be found literally in every single bar. Astra beer posters are one of a kind and I wanted to take them home.

The glass bottles of Astra beer are very cute and kind of remind me of Goa’s King’s beer. Each bottle cap has a little heart that stands for love, life, and parties.

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Friends around the world – please don’t skip Hamburg when you visit Europe. Start your Euro trip from Germany and let Hamburg be one of your first destinations in Europe.

Have you visited Hamburg already and have a few points to add? Let us know in the comments.

BTW: Our trip to Hamburg was sponsored by Come to Hamburg. All opinions expressed in this article are definitely our own.

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