Have you ever made an “instant connection” with a place and left a piece of your heart there? We left ours back in Hamburg because it’s lovely.

We spent a few days in Hamburg in June to celebrate my birthday and absolutely fell in love with this city. This city has more canals than Amsterdam and Venice combined, and yet it doesn’t receive as many visitors and gets slightly ignored. Which is a good thing.

Hamburg at night - things to do in Hamburg, Germany
Doesn’t Hamburg look insanely gorgeous?

Fun fact: Hamburg is officially called “the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg”

Hamburg is my favorite German city. It is interesting, has a very international feel, is colorful unlike Berlin and there’s a very lively vibe to this amazing city. It is the second largest city in Germany. Berlin is the largest one by the way.

The weather in Hamburg can be unpredictable and it can rain anytime, so we have included a few Hamburg attractions that you en enjoy even when it rains. If you’re visiting Hamburg with your family, you will find a lot of things to do in Hamburg with kids on this list.

There are many things one can do in Hamburg and the city can keep you busy for a week. I did publish my highly researched, tried, and tested itinerary for exploring Hamburg in 3 days, check it out.

I revisited Hamburg in 2022 with my 3-year-old girl and I realized Hamburg has too many things to do for children too. She loved her time in Hamburg.

1) Landsbrücken & Hamburg Harbor 

Hamburg Harbor - things to do in Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg Harbor – things to do in Hamburg, Germany

You can’t visit Hamburg and skip the Harbor because it’s hard to miss. Even if this is not on your list, you will end up doing this if you explore Hamburg on foot.

Get to Landsbrücken – it is a lovely old building that’s now a train station that’s a protected monument. Walk from here and then arrive at St. Pauli piers and discover the interesting harbor area.

This is the Port of Hamburg along the river Elbe, which is also called the Gateway to the World. After all, it is Germany’s largest seaport by volume. Moreover, it is also the second-largest seaport in Europe.

More than NINE MILLION containers are handled here in a year. Even if you don’t care about the numbers, you will surely enjoy walking along the harbor and checking out the sights. Never have I ever seen bigger ships than what I saw here!

Krabbenbrötchen and Fischbrötchen at Brücke 10, Hamburg
Krabbenbrötchen and Fischbrötchen at Brücke 10, Hamburg

There is a nice restaurant here called Brücke 10 which has the famous fish buns or shrimp buns – Fischbrötchen & Krabbenbrötchen. So get a snack while you are here and experience the taste of Northern Germany.

You can expect to see Rickmer Rickmers and Cap San Diego – Hamburg’s magnificent historical ships that are permanently moored here by the harbor. Both the ships are now turned into museum ships.

2) See Nikolaifleet – Hamburg’s Prettiest Canal

While Hamburg is gorgeous and has a lot more to offer than Amsterdam, the canals are not everywhere. You need to get to certain parts of the city to see the canals. If you’re in Hamburg for one day and want to make the most of it, this is one of the canals that you should surely see.

Nikolaifleet - Hamburg’s Prettiest Canal
Nikolaifleet – Hamburg’s Prettiest Canal

Nikolaifleet in Hamburg is one of the oldest spots in the city. It is the best Instagram spot in Hamburg. We reached here just by chance while we were exploring Hamburg on foot and didn’t want to leave. To give you the exact location, this is very close to Hamburg’s miniature wonderland.

Spend some time here and don’t miss the Deichstraße street, that’s right there and is lovely.

3) Speicherstadt – the world’s Largest Warehouse District

One of the most popular photos of Hamburg is of Speicherstadt. This area is the reason why Hamburg is called the city of warehouses. This is the first spot in Hamburg that was awarded the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Speicherstadt in Hamburg - warehouse district - canals and red buildings
Speicherstadt in Hamburg – warehouse district – canals and red buildings

Most of the buildings were built here between 1880 and 1920 and stand on oak poles. The architecture is definitely stunning, even on a rainy day in Hamburg because you can see rows of red-bricked buildings.

The best time to visit Speicherstadt is when it’s dark because the entire area gets illuminated by lights. Of course, the most romantic way to experience this is from the water. You can book a special “illuminated” boat ride through this area that starts when it is dark.

Book an Evening “Illuminated” Boat Ride through Speicherstadt

Speicherstadt is a part of HafenCity and you can combine this with a visit to Miniature Wonderland, which is also in the same area.

Speicherstadt at night - Hamburg's Warehouse District
Speicherstadt at night – Hamburg’s Warehouse District

In the above picture is “Wasserschloss”, which means water castle. It looks very beautiful at night when you stand on the nearby bridge. If you want the above view, get on Poggenmühlen-Brücke.

4) Explore St Pauli 

St. Pauli is Hamburg’s coolest neighborhood and it is so for a reason. Literally, every single wall or door is covered with colorful artwork. The streets are lined with little artsy stores and quirky cafes where you can spend an entire day.

A colorful street side skate park in St Pauli, Hamburg
A colorful street-side skate park in St Pauli, Hamburg

Yes, art is the first thing that will hit you when you enter St Pauli but this neighborhood has a lot of history. You can see it in the architecture, old houses, and churches. You can check this for booking a walking tour of St. Pauli that costs €12.

Yes, it is arty but there are also a lot of green spaces in St. Pauli. The famous FC St. Pauli (football club) is of course from here and you will see a massive stadium when you walk here. The famous club Große Freiheit is also here where the Beatles played in the 1960s.

If you want to make the most out of your Hamburg trip, then I highly recommend you stay in St. Pauli. It is the perfect place to enjoy Hamburg at its fullest.

We stayed in the Superbude Hotel and Hostels, which is the most loved place to stay in Hamburg. I’m not just saying this because I stayed here, but you can read the reviews on TripAdvisor and decide for yourself.

They have dorm beds and amazing private rooms. If you’re visiting with friends, then you can book their Rockstar suite. Everything here is fantastic, especially the breakfast.

5) Miniatur Wunderland for the Largest Model Railway 

Hamburg’s Miniature Wonderland is a place that brings the inner child out in everyone. The detailing here is like no other and everything looks very real. There are cities, countries, massive landscapes, and more! It is the biggest tourist attraction in Hamburg.

Hamburg’s Miniature Wonderland (The Miniatur Wunderland)
Hamburg’s Miniature Wonderland (The Miniatur Wunderland) – the details here are mindblowing

Actually, these are mini models of a few selected geographical areas and every effort is taken to ensure the model is a pure replica of the original in every detail.

There is a tiny version of literally everything – houses, cities, roads, volcanoes, stations, airports, festivals, beaches, swimming pools, and little people. There are buttons that you can press to play around and move the trains, make people dance, and move other things around.

Miniatur Wunderland is the largest model railway and airport in the world. It is also the most elaborate one. The exhibit has 1300 trains with multiple carriages and many other moving vehicles. That’s not it, the exhibit keeps increasing as more pieces are added to it periodically. 

Our favorite was a festival set up with a massive sound system, campervans, food stalls, Dixie toilets, and many people. After every few minutes, the light patterns change to show the miniature world in nighttime and then daytime. 

6) Make Your Chocolate at Chocoversum Chocolate Factory

The purpose of our visit to Hamburg was to celebrate my birthday and visiting Hamburg’s Chocoversum Chocolate Museum was the highlight of that day. I’m a chocoholic but my husband is not. Seriously, he is the only one in the world who doesn’t like chocolates, but even he had a lot of fun here.

Delicious Hachez chocolate at - Chocoversum Chocolate Museum, Hamburg, Germany
Delicious Hachez chocolate at – Chocoversum Chocolate Museum, Hamburg, Germany

We entered the world of smiles as soon as we stepped inside this place. A gentle chocolate aroma acted like a drug and gave me a sudden burst of happiness for no reason. It felt like Christmas inside!

Chocoversum Chocolate Museum has English and German tours that are around 90 minutes long. We opted for the English tour and were lucky to have the funniest guy in the building – Haldor as our tour guide.

The tour was around 90 minutes long and was full of laughter, interesting facts about chocolate, a bit of history, and tasting chocolate. We got to taste chocolate many times throughout the tour and we even got to make our own!

Making chocolates in the chocolate factory - Chocoversum Chocolate Museum, Hamburg, Germany

They gave us the ingredients and asked us to be creative. I picked dark chocolate as my base and added caramel and hazelnut. San also picked dark chocolate and added pretty much every ingredient he found – even salt and chili.

Hamburg weather can be strange and it can rain just about any time. Chocoversum Chocolate Museum and the chocolate factory are some of the best places to see in Hamburg when it’s raining. If you are visiting Hamburg with children then a visit to Chocoversum is a no-brainer.

Keep in mind that the English tours sell out super fast. The time I revisited Hamburg with my little girl, all the English tours were sold out and I had just seen available spots a day before. So book in time.

Now that we have checked a chocolate factory visit off our list, the next on our wish list is a cheese factory tour in Switzerland.

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7) Reeperbahn – Hamburg’s Red Light District

Do you know which city in Europe has the biggest red-light district? No, it’s not Amsterdam, it’s Hamburg. I did not know this as well.

Reeperbahn – Hamburg’s Red Light District
Dollhouse in Reeperbahn – Hamburg’s Red Light District

Hamburg’s red light district is in and around Reeperbahn, which is the name of a street near St. Pauli. This street is also called “the most sinful mile” and is full of brothels, sex shops, strip clubs, sex shows, and similar things.

It’s not like Amsterdam where girls actually stand on the windows. In fact, you probably won’t see any sex workers but only massive posters.

Strangely, there is a little side street that says, “Women are not allowed”. I was standing somewhere, minding my own business and suddenly a man, who was probably an employee asked me to move away and said this bar is only for men.

Why should you visit this area? Well, it’s an experience just walking on the streets and getting drunk on the road here.

8) Elbe Tunnel – an Underground River Tunnel

Elbtunnel is the longest river tunnel in the world and it flows under Hamburg’s river Elb. You can access the entry point from the harbor and reach the other side. When you enter, you can walk from one side to another in less than 10 minutes and explore the area on the other side of the harbor.

San and I inside Elbtunnel - things to do in Hamburg, Germany
San and I inside Elbtunnel – things to do in Hamburg, Germany

Of course, the view from the other side of the harbor is marvelous but the tunnel looks gorgeous from the inside. You can also bicycle inside the tunnel, no need to park it outside.

For me, walking on the Elbe Tunnel was a one-of-a-kind experience and I enjoyed it. I couldn’t believe I was walking under a river!

9) See Steinwerder

On the other side of the Elbe River through the Elbtunnel - Steinwerder in Hamburg
On the other side of the Elbe River through the Elbtunnel – Steinwerder

When you go inside the Elbe tunnel, it will take you to the other side of the river. That area is called Steinwerder but was earlier known as Nordersand.

Steinwerder is mostly an industrial and maritime space. Enjoy the view of the skyline from the other side of the Elbe river. Be sure to come back to the Elbe Tunnel in time because it closes at 6 p.m.

“Stage Theater an der Elbe” is in Steinwerder which often features Disney’s musicals. I will talk more about that later in this post. ,

10) Visit Hamburg Rathaus

Rathaus is a German word that means “town hall” and Hamburg Rathaus is an impressive building in the center of the town. As the name suggests, it is Hamburg city hall. The construction of this building took 44 years and there were seven architects that were involved in the project.

Hamburg Rathaus - town hall - things to do in Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg Rathaus – town hall – things to do in Hamburg, Germany

Don’t just admire this from the outside but take a few minutes to go inside also. The main lobby is a public area and is often used for exhibitions. There was an art exhibition inside the Rathaus when we visited it in June 2017.

In 2022, I went inside Rathaus with my little girl and she said the interiors reminded her of Harry Potter’s Gryffindor common room. Even though Rathaus is Hamburg’s city hall, it is still a popular attraction in the heart of Hamburg.

Walk around the Hamburg Rathaus area, it is like the city center with many interesting things and kiosks around.

11) Alster Arcade – Alsterarkaden

Otto Liss Gedenktafe overlooking Vleet restaurant, Hamburg
Otto Liss Gedenktafe overlooking Vleet restaurant, Hamburg

Alster Arcade is a historical waterfront arcade with restaurants and shops. This is one of the most expensive areas in Hamburg for eating or shopping. It is just outside the Rathaus so you won’t have to walk much from there to reach here.

Vlet Restaurant here has a really nice view of the water and it glows when the warm lights are turned on in the evening. You should try to get a cocktail there if not an entire dinner.

12) Alster Lake to Watch the Sunset with Swans 

From Alster Arcade, you can easily walk to the bigger Alster Lake and find a spot to sit. You just have to go on the other side of the road and take the steps to go under.

Sunset By Alster Lake With Swans, Hamburg, Germany
Sunset By Alster Lake With Swans, Hamburg, Germany

Alster Lake is an artificial lake that’s formed by the Alster River. In fact, there are two of them, one is an inner lake and the other is Outer Alster Lake. As the evening approaches, the local students bring their beer and sit on the benches next to the lake.

We visited this lake twice but the best was when we saw the sunset here next to the swans. Hamburg is gorgeous but it is an amazing experience seeing how everything lights up as the sky darkens. The skyline looks beautiful and you can see the famous TV tower in the distance.

If you’re visiting Hamburg in the summer months, keep in mind that the sunset can be as late as 11 p.m.

13) See Rickmer Rickmers – Hamburg’s beloved sailing ship

Rickmer Rickmers is Hamburg’s famous floating landmark and you will definitely see it when you visit the port. Guess what, on certain days you can climb on the top of this ship and check out the view.

You can’t and should not try this alone. However, you can try this with Schnurstracks Kletterparks Adventure Company where their experienced instructors guide you.

You can climb and be 35 meters above the water level and enjoy a panoramic view of Hamburg. This costs € 39 and can only be done on Saturdays.

14) Der Fischmarkt – Hamburg’s Famous Fish Market

Der Fischmarkt - Hamburg Fish Market
Der Fischmarkt – Hamburg Fish Market by Uformat [CC0 Public] via Pixabay

Every Sunday morning from 7 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., the fish vendors in Hamburg set up one of Germany’s oldest markets – der Fischmarkt. It’s a place where the locals and visitors come together, not only to buy fish but also to enjoy the atmosphere.

There is food, live music, and an atmosphere like no other. A visit to Hamburg’s fish market actually one of the most popular things to do in Hamburg after an extended Saturday night party to eat a protein-rich breakfast of fresh fish. Wow, wouldn’t you want to do that?

15) Sternschanze – Nightlife in Hamburg

If the nightlife at Reeperbahn is too sleazy for you, you should check out the scene at Sternschanze. This street is my favorite part of Hamburg and is dotted with the most amazing bars, cafes, and restaurants.

You can book a pub crawl tour to experience nightlife in Hamburg that costs € 12. At this price, you will visit 5 pubs and get 1 shot in each pub.

Sternschanze - things to do in Hamburg, Germany
Sternschanze – things to do in Hamburg, Germany

My personal recommendation is to eat fish at Fischimbiss Schabi or Schabi’s Fischimbiss as it’s popularly called. This restaurant has an outdoor sitting area where you can enjoy your meal. This restaurant is not exactly on Sternschanze Street but is near it.

Calamari at Fischimbiss schabi Hamburg, Germany
Calamari at Fischimbiss schabi Hamburg, Germany

There is a supermarket that is right opposite Fischimbiss Schabi, where you can buy beer. You can walk around, and drink your beer while you decide which bar to go to. Our personal recommendation is Kulturhaus 73.

16) Vintage Shopping

I hate shopping in Europe because most of the clothes look the same in every shop because they match the current fashion trends. Living in Europe, I really miss shopping in India’s flea markets where you can find one-of-a-kind handmade things.

Hamburg is the FIRST place in Europe where I had the desire to shop. It has many artsy shops where you can buy unique things. Out of all the stores, we found a gem of a place where they sell beautifully preserved vintage things.

One rainy afternoon in Hamburg, San and I found this cute shop Pick n Weight where they sell premium vintage clothes, shoes, and hats by weight. This store was very close to our room at Superbude St Pauli, so we went back there every day. I don’t think you will ever be able to guess what we bought here.

You can find vintage rock and roll tee shirts, the 60s, 70s, and 80s wardrobe, kimonos, hats, boots and so much more. San and I bought Kimonos – not sure where we will wear them but I love them.

Before you ask, no I’m not getting paid by them to promote their store on my blog.

17) St. Michael’s Church – View from the Top

Along with Hamburg Rathaus and Rickmer Rickmers, St. Michael’s Church is also one of the most famous landmarks of Hamburg. This church has a bell tower that is very high narrow and covered with copper. It is distinctive and is visible from many parts of Hamburg.

View from the observation deck of St. Michael’s Church, Hamburg, Germany
View from the observation deck of St. Michael’s Church, Hamburg, Germany – photo by Alexander Zerning

There is an observation deck on this tower where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Hamburg. While the tower actually is 132 meters high, the observation deck is at the height of 106 meters above River Elbe.

You can either go up by steps or by a lift – the choice is yours. Hamburg has many interesting churches, but let’s face it – you can’t visit all. If you want to visit one, then let St. Michael’s Church be the one.

It is worth noting that the St. Michael’s Church is also called Hauptkirche Sankt Michaelis.

18) Sunset from Stintfang

View of Landungsbrücken from Stintfang, Hamburg Insta Spots
View of Landungsbrücken from Stintfang, Hamburg Insta Spots

Stintfang is a spot across the road from the Landungsbrücken building that overlooks the Elbe River and is perfect for seeing the sunset.

There is a bridge that connects Landungsbrücken to the other side and instead of getting down to the road, you just go to the garden-kind area on the other side. You can sit on the bench if there’s a spot or else just on the grass on the slopy hill if that is not fenced off.

Stintfang near Landungsbrücken is a perfect sunset picnic spot so get a snack and drink and you’re set.

19) Hamburger Kunsthalle

Hamburger Kunsthalle is one of the largest art museums in Germany and is situated in Altstadt. “Kunsthalle” means “art hall” as a literal translation from German to English.

It has a massive collection of permanent & special exhibitions within its three connected buildings. The three buildings date back to 1869, 1921, and 1997.

The Hamburger Kunsthalle is a good place to see 19th-century German Romanticists like Caspar David Friedrich. Look for his painting called “Das Eismeer”

20) Get Adventurous at Schnurstracks Kletterpark Hamburg-Sachsenwald – Climbing Park

There is a climbing park in Hamburg where you can try a lot of adventurous activities. This park has five climbing routes in the lap of nature. You can also experience a free fall from a height of 13 meters if you dare.

Schnurstracks Kletterpark Hamburg-Sachsenwald – Climbing Park in Hamburg, Germany
Schnurstracks Kletterpark Hamburg-Sachsenwald – Climbing Park in Hamburg, Germany

Not just adventure, but you can also enjoy a picnic lunch and relax in the area around the tipi. This park is just 30 minutes from the Hamburg Center and is directly on the route of the S-Bahn (S-21). You can check this for reviews and more info about this place. Or, you can visit their official website.

21) See HafenCity

HafenCity is on Elbe River Island and this part of Hamburg has some seriously old buildings along with some new ones.

Hafencity - things to do in Hamburg, Germany
Hafencity – things to do in Hamburg, Germany

This is one of those things I suggest you do even if you’re in Hamburg for a short time. The most iconic building of the Hafencity is Elbphilharmonie, which is nicknamed Elphi and is a concert hall.

Please note, that some of the places to visit in Hamburg that I have suggested in this article (Miniature Wonderland, Speicherstadt, etc.) are a part of HafenCity. For your benefit, I have put these attractions in separate points so that you don’t miss them.

Within HafenCity, there are many things that one can do, and below are some of the best things:

22) See Elbphilharmonie

Elbphilharmonie or just Elphi is one of the places where you should consider getting a guided tour. This way, you can also enter this iconic building without having to stand in a line.

When inside, you can also experience the longest escalator ride in Europe, it has a height of 82 m (269 ft).

23) International Maritime Museum

The International Maritime Museum of Hamburg is also in Hafen City. It has 40,000 exhibits relating to maritime history but the most interesting one is built with one million LEGO bricks -the Queen Mary II.

There is also a floor that’s dedicated to marine biology with samples from seabeds, and audio records collected by diving robots.

24) Planten un Blomen

If you want to chill and relax for a few hours then you will love Planten un Blomen, which means “plants and flowers” and is the name of a park.

There’s everything here and even more than you can imagine – fountains, lakes, a rose garden, a Japanese garden, and many restaurants. Children will love it because there’s also a play area for children, a skate park, and mini golf.

Interestingly, there are also what was once Hamburg city walls – Große Wallanlagen. So you will see old structures too. Within Planten un Blomen is also the Old Botanical Garden of Hamburg.

Get a mat, and sit on the grass facing the lake. You will also see the Heinrich-Hertz-Turm peeking out from behind the trees in some areas. Heinrich-Hertz-Turm is the tallest building in Hamburg and is 279.2 meters high.

25) Be a Child at Hamburg Dungeon

Hamburg Dungeon is right under the Miniature Wonderland (Miniatur Wunderland). It is an interactive journey through Hamburg’s history in a way that makes it scary as well as funny at the same time.

Hamburg Dungeon - things to do in Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg Dungeon – things to do in Hamburg, Germany

It has a virtual boat ride, special effects, battle scenes, and a lot of things that will give you a history lesson about Hamburg that you will remember for life. If you book in advance, a ticket costs around € 25.

If you’re visiting Hamburg with kids, then they’re going to LOVE a visit to the dungeon and learn history at the same time.

26) Do a Boat Tour and See Hamburg from the Water

Night view of Hamburg's skyline from the boat tour
Night view of Hamburg’s skyline from the boat tour

If you want to check out Hamburg’s attractions from a different perspective, you can opt for a boat tour. Almost all the tours will take you through Hamburg’s many canals as well as Alster Lake and Speicherstadt Lake.

There are many kinds of tours and some can be for as long as three hours, but I recommend you check out either a historical canal tour or a night cruise. Literally, all the boat tours will take you around Speicherstadt and cost around € 10 – € 25.

Hamburg night boat tour - sitting on the deck
Hamburg night boat tour – sitting on the deck

I actually did this tour in 2022 and enjoyed it with my family. This boat (or should be called a ship) is massive. It has an upper deck and a lower sitting area. There was live commentary but we didn’t listen to it. There was a restaurant, bar, and toilets. Overall, it was a fun experience because we saw a lot of iconic buildings and Hamburg’s skyline as it was lit up in the dark.

If you are doing this tour then carry a jacket because it gets cold up on the deck when the sun goes down. Of course, you can sit inside too. We did too because we were feeling very cold up on the deck.

27) Visit Lange Reihe, St. Georg

Lange Reihe is a famous street and some say it is the prettiest one in Hamburg. There are historical townhouses along the street and many timber-framed houses that are protected monuments.

I have mentioned this also in my Hamburg itinerary, the colorful St. Georg neighborhood is Hamburg’s LGBTQ district and has some really interesting cafes and studios.

28) Harry Potter Musical at Mehr! Theater am Großmarkt

There is a theater at Großmarkt that often runs Harry Potter and the Cursed Child musicals. This is actually a very popular thing to do in Hamburg among those who live in Germany and they travel from all over the country to see the Harry Potter musical in Hamburg.

29) Or Disney’s Musicals at Stage Theater an der Elbe

Die Eiskönigin at the Mehr Theater Hamburg
Die Eiskönigin at the Mehr Theater Hamburg

If you are in Hamburg with children, then they will love experiencing a Disney musical at Stage Theater an der Elbe. They often play Disney’s Frozen (Die Eiskönigin), the Lion King (Der König der Löwen) and more.

Apart from the Disney stuff, they also play “Mama Mia!”, Dance of the Vampire, and Micheal Jackson musical. If you are in Hamburg with family or your romantic partner, this is one of the things that you should consider doing.

30) St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church (St. Nikolai) is the second tallest building in Hamburg with a church tower that is 147.9 meters high. This title will be soon taken over by the Elbtower which is under construction.

St. Nicholas Church is a Gothic revival cathedral. It is also one of the five “Lutheran Hauptkirchen”. The original wooden chapel building dates back to 1195. It was rebuilt in 1874 and was the largest building in the entire world from 1874 to 1876.

You can take an elevator inside St. Nikolai church to reach the top of the 75.3-meter-high (247 ft) viewing platform. From here, you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Speicherstadt, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and views of the city.

How to get around in Hamburg?

Rent a Bicycle and Explore Hamburg like a Local

If you like to blend in with the locals, then you should rent a bicycle and explore Hamburg on your own. Like most German cities, Hamburg’s roads are bicycle-friendly.

Rend a bicycle and explore Hamburg like a local - things to do in Hamburg, Germany
Rend a bicycle and explore Hamburg like a local – things to do in Hamburg, Germany

There are many places to see in Hamburg and you can cover most of them in just a day or two on a bicycle. If you do rent a bicycle, then this map of Hamburg city will come in handy.

The weather in Hamburg can be unpredictable, so carry a rain poncho if you’re planning on exploring Hamburg on a bike. Here are a few bicycle tours in Hamburg that I have handpicked for you:

The above is my recommendation but please check all the details before you book. Some tours are only in German and others are only in English. One of them (as mentioned in the description) doesn’t include bike rentals.

App Based E-Scooters

As of the last few years, one can also get on app-based E-scooters, which make things much easier. They make small journeys easier. For longer distances, I’d prefer to get on the S-Bahn, U-Bahn or the bus.

We rented scooters using both Bolt and Tier apps. I rode an e-scooter a lot in Hamburg in 2022 and it was definitely a lot of fun because the bike lanes are everywhere and are easily marked.

Both Bolt and Tier also had bicycles and some of the bicycles also had child seats.

S-Bahn and U-Bahn

Hamburg’s public transportation is super easy and convenient to use. There are two train lines – the S-Bahn and the U-Bahn.

Hamburg S-Bahn has 6 lines connecting 68 stations all over the city. U-Bahn (mostly underground) has four lines connecting 93 stations. Between the S-Bahn and U-Bahn, you easily reach from one part of the city to another.

Buses in Hamburg

We traveled using buses in Hamburg all the time and loved them because there’s also a bookshelf inside. My daughter loves books and she was very happy riding the bus in Hamburg.

Where to stay in Hamburg – our suggested Hotels in Hamburg

Paradise Suite at Superbude Altona Hamburg
Paradise Suite at Superbude Altona Hamburg

Over the last few years, we have always stayed in the Superbude chain in three different locations: Superbude St. Pauli, Superbude Altona, and Superbude St. Georg. See the review blog post about our stay here.

Superbude St. Pauli, Superbude Altona, and Superbude St. George all have private rooms as well as dorm beds. Our rooms were cozy with contemporary décor. The beds in both rooms were super comfortable and made us feel like we were sleeping on a cloud.

Our private room in Superbude St. Pauli, Hamburg
Our private room in Superbude St. Pauli, Hamburg

I was happy to see a hairdryer and a lot of toiletries in the bathroom. The room had a lot of interesting knick-knacks that made us laugh. There was a singing fish in our toilet that made us laugh.

St. Pauli is our favorite neighborhood in Hamburg you can experience the best of Hamburg’s nightlife in the areas around. St. Georg is near Hamburg’s Außenalster Lake and has a lot of historical attractions nearby.

Superbude St Georg Hamburg, Germany
Superbude St Georg Hamburg, Germany

Altona is near the famous fish-market – Der Fischmarkt. Overall all these areas have something special to offer.

Superbude’s breakfast is better than a 5-star hotel’s. We could make our own waffles, salads, sandwiches, juices, coffees, muesli, and more. You won’t believe but we actually spent 90 minutes every morning at the breakfast table and ate a lot. Our toddler who’s a picky eater, loved this breakfast too.

Anyway, here are the booking details (yep, hotels in Hamburg are expensive but these are some of the more affordable ones):

Superbude St. Pauli

Price range: $80 – $120

Book Now on Booking.com

Superbude Altona

Price range: $80 – $120

Book Now on Booking.com

Superbude St. Georg

Price range: $70 – $100

Book Now on Booking.com

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This guide about things to do in Hamburg has been written in collaboration with Come to Hamburg. Our visit to Hamburg was sponsored by them but all suggestions mentioned in this post are ours.  

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