25 of the Best Travel Instagram Accounts

by | Sep 5, 2015 | Travel Inspiration

Have you ever met anyone that doesn’t like traveling? Neither have we. However, from time to time, many of us need a little inspiration or a kick on our asses to quit procrastinating and just go. Here’s a little list that we have handpicked for you with 25 of the best Travel Instagram accounts that are guaranteed to spark your wanderlust instantly and we recommend you follow!

WARNING: This will provoke a serious “itchy feet” syndrome.

 Best Travel Instagram Accounts

1. Roy Dufek, USA

Roy is a photographer and he’s based in the Portland, Oregon. He says he’s living vicariously! His instagram profile picture looks like he’s floating in the air.

A photo posted by Roy Dufek (@roydufek) on

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2. Travis Burke, USA Travis is on a year long road trip at the moment. His photographs encourage others to get out.



3. Cladio Bezerra, Brazil

Cladio is a Brazilian – American photographer and is based in South of Florida. His focus is world travel photography.



4. Kostya Kyiv, Ukraine Kostya’s landscape shots and beautiful nature photography will get you addicted to his Instagram feed.

A photo posted by Kostya (@cloud_kyiv) on



5. Dave & Deb, Canada

They are a blogger couple of “The Planet D” and have been named the top travel Instagrammer by USA Today, Yahoo Travel, Forbes, Harpers Bazaar, Reader’s Digest and AOL.



6. Mike Theiss, USA Another Florida based photographer with extreme nature based shots.  His video of Hurricane Katrina has been ranked as the “best” or “worst” (i.e. most extreme, most terrifying) by AccuWeather.com.

A photo posted by Mike Theiss (@extremenature) on



7. Nik Cyclist, Thailand

He’s a Thai photographer with an album that features beautiful shots of temples, waterfalls, beaches and everything that will make you want to pack your bags for a trip to SE Asia.  We love his water reflection shots.

A photo posted by @nikcyclist on


8. Sabrina Iovino, Germany Sabrina is a blogger and founder of the famous “Just One Way Ticket“.  She has achieved a huge following very fast and there’s a good reason for this. Her blog is highly addictive and so is her instagram feed.



9. Jacob Riglin, England

He’s a 20 year old who has been creating some serious magic with his lens.  He lives in London.  Check him out!

A photo posted by J A C O B R I G L I N (@jacob) on



10. Thiago Correa, Brazil He’s a blogger and has been making waves on Instagram. His pictures will make you want to visit a beach! Some of his pictures will cause an instant rush of vertigo. Not recommended for the faint hearted!

A photo posted by Thiago Correa (@thiagomlcorrea) on



11. Beth and Randy, USA

Beth and Randy are also a blogger couple from USA. Their pictures showcase their arty style. Check out their blog Beers and beans.

She never disappoints. Beauty around every corner. #italy #venice

A photo posted by Beers & Beans (@beersandbeans) on



12. Jessica, England Jessica is an English woman who grew up in California and is an expat in Spain. Her instatgam feed will give you a taste of Spanish culture and art. Oh and she is also a blogger, check out her blog Barcelona Blonde.

A photo posted by Jessica (@barcelonablonde) on



13. Ashlea Wheeler, Australia

Ashlea is an Australian photographer and blogger (A Globe Well Traveled) who’s currently based in NYC.  Her instagram feed has a variety of pictures including city skyline, beaches and some seriously adorable animals.



14. Halzaim, Saudi Arabia We could not find much information about this instagrammer but the mystery about him is what makes him exciting to follow.  His surreal camera magic is sure to leave a WOW effect on you.

A photo posted by Hamdi (@halzaim) on



15. Christy Woodrow, USA

Christy Woodrow is an american photographer and a blogger with Ordinary Traveler. Her pictures speak of her adventures and she has a massive following for a good reason.



16. Stian Klo, Norway This Norwegian landscape photographer has been featured by National Geographic,  BBC, Lonely Planet and Apple. Every picture on his instagram is a work of art.

A photo posted by Stian Klo (@stianmklo) on



17. M. Alajeel, Spain

Mo is a landscape photographer and a nature lover.  He has a big fan-base on National Geographic website. We love how he plays with color and creates a surreal effect.

A photo posted by Mo (@alajeel) on



18. Elena Kalis, Bahamas Elena’s underwater shots will give you a serious craving for a vacation in the Bahamas. If you like clear water, marine life, mermaids and beauty, then you have every reason to follow her on instagram.

A photo posted by Elena Kalis (@elenakalis) on



19. Matthew Karsten, USA

Matthew is a very famous blogger, more commonly knows as an Expert Vagabond. His recent Greenland and Ireland pictures will leave you craving for more.



20. Jess Naylor, USA Jess specializes in landscape as well as wedding photography but his instagram feed only features his landscape shots. We love his beach photography.



21. Abhinav Singhai, India

Abhinav is a talented photographer from India. His shots will inspire you to go camping and indulge in a bit of star gazing.



22. Lisa Bao, USA She’s a young America photographer an account that features some breathtaking pictures of beaches, lakes, state parks and waterfalls.

A photo posted by Lisa Bao ✌?️ (@lisabao) on



23. Daniel Kordan, Russia

He’s a landscape photographer and a happy dreamer.  His recent Greenland sailing expedition shots will leave you speechless.

A photo posted by Daniel Kordan (@danielkordan) on



24. Patrick, Paris Left your heart in Paris?  His romantic shots of Paris will revive your memories and will make you smile.

A photo posted by @candidcameraman on



25. İlhan Eroglu, No Information about the country

Another talented photographer with very little information about himself. His pictures will encourage you to plan your next (or first) Euro Trip to visit some beautiful castles.

A photo posted by İlhan Eroğlu (@ilhan1077) on

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What did you think of this list? If these Instagram accounts sparked your wanderlust, then we recommend you follow them and show us some love by sharing this list. 🙂

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