Italy’s coastal areas are famous for a good reason – there’s the most famous Amalfi Coast, Puglia’s Salento coast, the coast of Liguria, the coast of Emilia-Romagna, Calabria coast, and the Bay of Naples to name a few – and many more islands. 

Today we are talking about two amazing places that are close to the stunning Amalfi Coast – a.k.a. the “Divine Coast” (Divina costiera). Yes, the Sorrentine Peninsula which separates the Gulf of Naples from the Gulf of Salerno.

Imagine going on a trip where you see Italy’s amazing history everywhere you look, while the beautiful Mediterranean Sea shines under the sunny cliffs.

Aerial View of Sorrento, Italy
Aerial View of Sorrento, Italy

Get ready for a fun day trip! First, you’ll visit the charming town of Sorrento, with its pretty coastline. Then you’ll explore the ancient ruins of Pompeii, where you can learn about the stories and history visible in the old streets.

If you didn’t know this already, Pompeii is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. With its rich history and well-preserved remnants of daily life frozen in time by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, Pompeii offers a fascinating glimpse into the ancient Roman civilization.

How to Travel from Amalfi Coast to Sorrento

Fiat 500 on Amalfi Drive
Fiat 500 on Amalfi Drive via Unsplash

You can travel from Amalfi Coast to Sorrento on bus 5070. Tickets can be bought from kiosks or newspaper stands that display the SITA SUD logo.

Honestly, the best way to travel within Italy is by road-tripping to truly grasp the beauty of this country. I have a post on my website about a 2-week road trip in Italy with an amazing itinerary that you should see.

The Amalfi Drive (Strada Statale 163) is one of the most scenic roads in the world that’s along the coastline from Vietri sul Mare to Positano. This road is narrow and in peak summer, it becomes very busy but is a once-in-a-lifetime experience nonetheless.

How to Travel from Sorrento to Pompeii

The best way to reach Pompeii from Sorrento is by taking the Circumvesuviana train, a local train that connects Sorrento to Naples with a stop at Pompeii Scavi station. This efficient mode of public transportation allows you to travel comfortably and affordably while soaking in the picturesque scenery of Southern Italy.

The Base for your Day Trip


Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy road trip
Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy road trip via Unsplash

One of the best options to stay on the Amalfi Coast is in a stunning fishing village called Positano. It is stunning and you can easily hop on to a ferry from here to Amalfi Town.

Consider booking 150-year-old Villa Rosa in Positano to have an epic experience. You probably know already that the Amalfi Coast attracts high-income travelers so there are hardly any budget options here.

Amalfi Town

The World Famous Amalfi in Italy
The World Famous Amalfi in Italy via Pixabay

If your base is in Amalfi Town, you will be in the most beautiful part of this entire region. To have a memorable experience, splurge in a stunning hotel with a private beach, like Locanda Costa D’Amalfi.

Locanda Costa D’Amalfi is one of those stunning hotels that you wouldn’t want to leave because it has panoramic terraces, the property faces the sea and some rooms also have a view of the water.


Maison la Minervetta Sorrento Italy.
Maison la Minervetta Sorrento Italy via Unsplash

I know that this is a day trip itinerary to visit Sorrento from Amalfi, which is super expensive. If you want to save a bit of your money, then you can pick Sorrento as your base instead of the villages on the Amalfi Coast. You can easily visit the Amalfi Coast from Sorrento.

Consider booking Maison la Minervetta in Sorrento which is situated on top of a cliff with stunning views of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

Planning Your Day Trip

Get ready for a magical day trip that perfectly combines the breathtaking beauty of the Sorrentine Peninsula, which is a bit more relaxed as compared to the Amalfi Coast but lovely nonetheless. We will end our day with the old-world charm of Pompeii. 

I’ve put together this plan with lots of love to make sure you get swept up in the area’s rich history and stunning scenery.

Exploring Sorrento

Sorrento: Sunny Cliffs and Lemon-Scented Air

Sorrento, Italy
Sorrento, Italy via Pexels

Let’s plan a trip through Sorrento’s lemon-scented alleys, and then dive into the well-preserved streets of this city frozen in time.

Get ready to use all your senses and satisfy your curiosity as we map out an unforgettable journey from the cliffs to the ashes in this one-day itinerary. It’s going to be a great trip!

Welcome to the lovely little town of Sorrento, sitting high on cliffs above the bright blue sea of the Bay of Naples. 

Italy, Sorrento, Villa cimbrone
Italy, Sorrento, Villa cimbrone via Pixabay

Kick off your day with a nice, easy walk around the old town. You’ll fall in love with the old-school-style buildings, the friendly little alleys, and the lively squares where real life happens. 

Grab a strong coffee at a cafe where the sun always shines and watch the world go by. Don’t forget to check out the cool little shops in Sorrento that sell all kinds of handmade goodies. 

Limoncello bottels in sorrento, Italy
Limoncello bottels in sorrento, Italy via Pixabay

And do yourself a favor – taste the local limoncello. It’s a sweet drink made from the area’s huge, juicy lemons, and it’s like sipping on a bit of sunshine. I like Limoncello so much that I drink it mixed with Prosecco in summer. It is called “Limoncello Spritz” and is tastier than the more popular “Aperol Spritz”.

Before you go, stop at one of the amazing viewpoints to see the Bay of Naples with Mount Vesuvius in the background. It’s a picture-perfect scene that you won’t forget anytime soon.

Sorrento viewpoint with Mount Vesuvius in the background
Sorrento’s viewpoint with Mount Vesuvius in the background via Pixabay

Afterward, take a stroll and head over to Sorrento Cathedral; the interior is absolutely gorgeous.

The doors alone are a masterpiece, but once you step inside, it feels like you’ve traveled back in time. It’s the kind of spot where you can’t help but feel a little awestruck.

Sea, Sun, and Gelato

When you’re ready for some sun and sea air, wander down to Marina Grande. It’s got a wonderful old-world charm with colorful boats bobbing on the waves, and fishermen fixing their nets. 

Pull up a chair at a waterfront café, order something fresh from the sea, and just watch the world go by in the most peaceful way.

If you’re in the mood for a little green oasis, the Villa Comunale is your go-to, not to mention the slightly off-the-beaten-path, Villa Fiorentino. 

These gardens are the ultimate chill-out zone with fabulous views of the Bay of Naples. Whether you’re with your significant other or flying solo, it’s a relaxing place to unwind.

Oh, and we have to talk about gelato – it’s seriously on another level here. 

Sorrento town with cafes, gelato shops, and bars
Sorrento town with cafes, gelato shops, and bars via Pixabay

Imagine the freshest, most authentic flavors melting on your tongue – the lemon is like a zesty sunshine burst, and don’t even get me started on the pistachio. You’ve got to try some for yourself; it’s the essential Sorrento experience.

Now, gelato in hand, you’re probably going to want to share these moments with friends and family online, so once you connect to the local cafe’s Wi-Fi, make sure you turn your VPN on, too.

Use a trustworthy information source to help you stay safe (public Wi-Fi can actually be very dangerous!) and ensure your Italy trip remains a positive experience.

So take your time, soak in the coastal ambiance, and savor the little luxuries that make Sorrento the Italian gem it is. Enjoy every moment!

Pompeii’s Living History

Pompeii street with Mt Vesuvius in the background
Pompeii Street with Mt Vesuvius in the background via Pixabay

Just a hop away from Sorrento is Pompeii, where you can see an ancient city that’s been frozen in time. It’s a must for history lovers.

Take a walk on the old stone streets, check out the beautiful paintings and tile work in the homes, and picture the busy life with chariot races and gladiator fights that used to be the norm, until Vesuvius’s big eruption in 79 AD put it all to a stop.

Pompeii – Full-Day Tour or Free Time?

You can opt for a full-day guided tour of Pompeii or explore the ancient city at your own pace with free time. Both options have their merits, depending on your preferences and interests.

A guided tour with a knowledgeable guide provides insightful commentary and context about the history of Pompeii while exploring independently allows you to wander through the ruins and immerse yourself in the ancient atmosphere.

Pompeii Entrance Tickets and Guided Tours

Pompeii Ruins, Italy
Pompeii Ruins, Italy via Pixabay

Ensure a seamless experience by booking your entrance tickets in advance to avoid long queues at the ticket office.

Alternatively, consider booking a private tour with a licensed guide who can provide a personalized exploration of Pompeii’s highlights, including the Roman Forum, ancient homes, and the haunting Villa dei Misteri.

Note – that your guided tour already includes the entry ticket.

Exploring Pompeii

Face Sculpture in Pompeii, Italy
Face Sculpture in Pompeii, Italy via Pixabay

Once inside the archaeological site, take your time to wander through the well-preserved streets, marvel at the ancient ruins, and imagine life in this bustling Roman settlement. Don’t miss iconic landmarks such as the amphitheater, thermal baths, and the impressive frescoes of Villa dei Misteri.

As you wander around Pompeii, you’ll get to:

  • Stroll around the old market square, check out the Lupanar house, and be amazed by the huge amphitheater.
  • Take in the beautiful paintings at the Villa of the Mysteries and imagine the stories they tell about the fancy lives of the past.
  • Pause in the Thermopolium, an ancient snack bar, and picture the buzz of people chatting and eating.
The ruins of Pompeii, Italy
The ruins of Pompeii, Italy via Pixabay

Pompeii isn’t just a bunch of old buildings; it’s like walking through a story filled with feelings. It shows us how people always stay curious about history and how tough we can be when times are hard. 

It’s like stepping right back into the days of the Romans, getting a real taste of their daily lives, from what they ate to how they had fun. 

Visiting this city is like reading a book from long ago where every corner tells a tale of grand times and tragedy.

Breathtaking Views Atop Mount Vesuvius

Vesuvius Volcano, Pompeii, Italy
Vesuvius Volcano, Pompeii, Italy via Pixabay

So, after you’ve spent some time walking on the old stone streets and soaking up the history, why not switch things up and hit the trails of Mount Vesuvius? 

When you climb up towards the rim of the crater, you’ll feel the sheer strength of the earth. The view from the top is mind-blowing – you can see the shiny blue Bay of Naples and the ancient ruins of Pompeii all spread out below.

This place is stunning; no words can do it justice. The way the natural beauty around the Amalfi Coast blends with the remnants of an ancient civilization is just magical. 

Hidden Treasure: Herculaneum

Herculaneum near Pompeii in Italy
Herculaneum near Pompeii in Italy via Pixabay

Looking for a hidden gem? Just around the corner from Pompeii is this smaller spot called Herculaneum.

Herculaneum was also hit by the same volcano Vesuvius. However, it has a different vibe with fancy houses and beautiful beachfront spots that used to be home to rich Romans. 

Because of how the volcano erupted here, a lot of stuff like wood, clothes, and even old food got preserved, so you feel even closer to how life was back in Roman times.

Wandering the streets of Herculaneum is like stepping into a time machine – it feels like you could bump into a Roman around the corner! 

This place adds a whole new dimension to your trip through Italy’s epic history. It’s a quieter and more personal poke into the past that fits perfectly with the Pompeii visit, filling in the details of how grand and tragic those times were.

Mixing Pompeii and Herculaneum with the simply irresistible Amalfi Coast results in an unforgettable journey, nourishing your heart with its beauty, stories, and wonder.

Wine Tasting and Other Experiences

For a unique experience, consider adding a wine-tasting session to your itinerary, where you can sample local wines amidst the backdrop of ancient ruins. Alternatively, embark on a boat ride along the Gulf of Naples for panoramic views of the coastline and the imposing Mount Vesuvius.

Returning to Sorrento

After a day of exploration and discovery, catch the Circumvesuviana train back to Sorrento, reflecting on the memorable moments and fascinating insights gained during your visit to Pompeii.

Best Time to Visit Pompeii and Sorrento

Lovely Sorrento with a view of Mt. Vesuvius
Lovely Sorrento with a view of Mt. Vesuvius via Unsplash

While Pompeii can be visited year-round, it’s advisable to avoid the peak season to enjoy a more relaxed experience with fewer crowds. The peak season is June to August.

Early mornings or late afternoons are ideal times to explore the archaeological site when temperatures are milder and the light casts a magical glow over the ancient ruins.

Make the Most of Your Sorrento to Pompeii Day Trip

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a culture buff, or simply seeking a memorable adventure, a day trip from Sorrento to Pompeii promises an enriching and unforgettable experience. So, pack your camera, a bottle of water, and comfortable walking shoes, and embark on a journey back in time to uncover the mysteries of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sorrento and Mount Vesuvius
Sorrento and Mount Vesuvius via Pixabay

A day trip to Sorrento & Pompeii is an amazing experience. You’ll get to smell the fresh air, see beautiful views, taste delicious food, and experience what life was like in the past.

Sorrento and Pompeii together make up a place full of beauty, history, and all the great stuff Italy is known for, from crafts to food.  It’s the kind of experience that will touch all your senses and stick with you for a long time.

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