Traveling to Serbia?

Serbia is one of the most underrated countries in Europe. It is a part of the Balkan countries and is completely landlocked. It is in Eastern Europe and shares its border with Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Serbia also has a disputed territory – Kosovo, that shares the border with Albania. Kosovo is sometimes regarded as a separate country.

Where to go in Serbia?

First time visitors will usually visit Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš but we’d suggest some other places.

Belgrade is known for its vibrant nightlife and EXIT festival has put Novi Sad on the map. Even the Lonely Planet website recommends these places as top destinations but we recommend something else. 

If you’re into nature like we are, then head to Mokra Gora. It is a good base to visit some nearby destinations and is also a lovely destination on its own. From here, you can easily visit the nearby Tara National Park, Zlatibor and also Visegrad in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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