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Being budget travelers, San and I have stayed in many different kinds of hostels in numerous cities. They’re affordable, fun and are unarguably the best spots to meet other backpackers. From vividly colorful walls to inexpensive decor, most of the hostels are usually similar. Perhaps it is the comfort of the familiarity that keeps pulling us back. This is exactly what we were expecting as we got off Kuala Lumpur’s swanky monorail at Hang Tuah station and decided to walk to Paper Plane Hostel .

As we crossed luxurious Swiss Garden Hotel and entered a small street that was definitely an upmarket residential area, I remarked to San that we were lost. He agreed because the last time he was in KL, he had spent the night in a dingy hostel which was a minute away from Chinatown’s messy streets. This street was too clean for a hostel!

One minute and 15 steps later, we caught ourselves staring in amazement at a signboard of Paper Plane Hostel which was outside a classy multi-story building. The instant we entered, we knew it was not a normal hostel. We were greeted by Andrew, a cheerful staff member who handed us our key, “this bed is taken” magnet sign and a map of KL. As we stood barefoot on a sparkly clean floor while Andrew circled a few landmarks on the map for us, we couldn’t help but gaze around distractedly at the walls.

This place looked too good to be a hostel.

Paper Plane Hostel Interiors

Paper Plane Hostel Interiors

Our fatigue left us as we followed Andrew inside the hostel to the next floor. Everything was too classy here! Our eyes wandered around to absorb every arty detail as we climbed up the steps.

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Subtle black mural painting on stark white walls perfectly complimented the architectural elements of the inside space. The rawness of brick wall accent next to the white walls harmoniously incorporated into the super hipster and arty vibe of this place.

Paper Plane Hostel's Hip Interiors

Paper Plane Hostel’s Hip Interiors

We walked by some dormitories that looked spotlessly clean and finally reached our room. Like every time, San jumped on the bed with all the luggage so I lost my opportunity to click a picture. Our room had everything that we needed – an electric kettle, an alarm clock, towels, a USB charger, hangers, a study desk and an extra strong AC. (Trust me, you need a very strong AC in Kuala Lumpur) Oh and you can check a list of best hostels in Malaysia here.

Right outside our room were shared toilet stalls that were fully stocked with shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and toothpaste. Seriously, we have never seen shared toilets to be so clean! The best part? A peeing dog artwork outside the WC and a dog enjoying rainfall outside the shower. Quirky yet surprisingly chic!

Paper Plane Hostel Shared Toilet Stalls

Paper Plane Hostel Shared Toilet Stalls

After a long shower, San and I decided to check out the rooftop area. While the insides of the hostel have a wooden floor, the rooftop area is covered with a grassy carpet. The rooftop overlooked some buildings and a few skyscrapers. We knew we were going to spend most of our time here.

Rooftop Area of Paper Plane Hostel KL

Rooftop Area of Paper Plane Hostel KL

A chat with one of the partners – Kenny revealed that on this spot was once a house but is now a newly transformed Hostel. The three partners Kenny, Samuel and Lawrence are high school buddies who have different professions but saved up to start this hostel for their love of traveling.

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The artist behind the wall art is owner’s friend and Bangkok’s well-known artist – Jew (real name is Worapot). The hostel interiors were designed by the owners based on what they feel is comfortable as per their personal experience of years of traveling and backpacking. It took them 10 months of design and renovation before they officially opened for business in November 2015.

If you’re planning on traveling to Kuala Lumpur, I highly recommend Paper Plane hostel. The location is perfect because it’s a comfortable walk from the LRT station and Chinatown, yet it’s away from the noise of the busy main street.   The amenities here will give you the comfort of an expensive hotel with the price and environment of a hostel. I can’t wait to go back to Kuala Lumpur so that I can spend a few days in Paper Plane Hostel again.

Paper Plane Hostel in Kuala Lumpur was the best hostel experience of my life! What was yours?

Paper Plane Hostel, Kuala Lumpur details Read reviews on TripAdvisor or Compare prices on Location: Near Pudu Sentral Bus Station in Kuala Lumpur Price range: $17 for a bunk bed and $40 for a private room. Book Now (deals): or Click HERE to book Paper Plane Hostel, Kuala Lumpur.

Disclaimer: Our stay in Paper Plane Hostel was complimentary but the opinions expressed in this article are honest and straight from our hearts. A big thanks to the staff of Paper Plane hostel for giving us a WOW experience.

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