Bosnia & Herzegovina Travel Blog Posts

Bosnia & Herzegovina is our favorite country in Europe. It shares its border with Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro.

Bosnia & Herzegovina’s natural beauty is stunning but this country is still under the radar as a tourist destination. It is more affordable than most of the European countries, in fact, the prices are comparable to South-East-Asian countries.

Bosnia’s natural beauty is comparable to that of the neighboring Croatia – which gets all the attention. 

Driving in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Driving in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Traveling to Bosnia & Herzegovina?

We have traveled to Bosnia-Herzegovina twice and on both occasions, it was a road trip. In our experience, that’s the best way to travel within this beautiful country.

You can fly to Sarajevo and rent a car from there to explore Bosnia-Herzegovina. We actually rented a car from Serbia and drove to Bosnia from there. On the second occasion, we arrived in Bosnia & Herzegovina on our Campervan through Croatia and Slovenia.

Where to go in Bosnia & Herzegovina?

First-time visitors will usually visit Sarajevo, Banja Luka, and Mostar but we highly suggest some more places.

If you’re into nature like we are, then head to Kravice Waterfalls (near Mostar), Una National Park (near Plitvice Lakes), and Visegrad (near the Serbia border).

Visgrad is a lovely town where an ancient bridge goes over the river Drina, it is a good base to visit other nearby destinations such as Tara National Park (in Serbia) and Durmitor National Park (in Montenegro).

Bosnia & Herzegovina Travel Blog Posts

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