Meet the Team

Drifter Planet travel website started in 2015 as a simple travel blog to document my (Sonal) journey with my husband Sandro as we traveled around the world. The idea was to share our pictures and experiences with family and friends. Also, we wanted to share our tried and tested travel tips as well as insider information about new destinations with our close group of people. 

Within 3 months of starting a simple travel blog, I earned my first USD 100 and realized the earning potential of this website. From then, there was no looking back. I generated a lot of travel content on weekends while earning from my full time corporate job. After another 3 months, San and I finally quit our jobs to start living the life of our dreams. We were going to travel the world and earn from the website as digital nomads.

We did live the “digital-nomad-life” for a while but eventually decided to make a fixed base. As of 2017, we have made Germany our permanent base. In 2018, a new member joined the Drifter Planet team – our baby girl K. She motivates us to travel more and we now have our camper van and we’re traveling around Europe on it.

Sonal Kwatra Paladini – Founder and Editor

Me with the Baby in a Music Festival

Me with the Baby in a Music Festival

I’m Sonal, the founder of Drifter Planet. This website started as my personal travel blog but has now moved to another level. I have written 90% of the content on Drifter Planet travel website and the remaining has been written by my husband, and my other content Ninjas. 

Originally from India, I’m now living in Germany with my husband (San) and my little girl “baby K”. I’m addicted to Yoga and coffee – my favorite way to start a day. I love exploring under the radar destinations, National Parks and love being outside. This is why I dislike being inside a museum when I’m in a new destination. 

Sandro Paladini – Co Founder and Part Time Photographer

Sandro Paladini - Drifter Planet

Sandro Paladini – Drifter Planet

Hello, I’m Sandro, a professionally trained chef but now I have a “regular job”. Not many of you know but I’m the person behind most of Drifter Planet’s photographs. My travel style is all about taking things slow. I hate big cities and try my best to avoid them when we visit a new country. If I can’t avoid, then I do not ever spend more than 1 or 2 days in a big city. 

I’m not good with words and writing is not my thing – but I have written 2 articles for this website. My wife (Sonal) made me do it. 🙂 

Alara Benlier – Travel Content Expert for Germany and the Netherlands

Alara Benlier

My name is Alara Benlier, and I am a passionate traveler who is in a constant search for delicious foods and historical places. Currently living in Germany, I visited many places in Europe and met lots of lovely people from different cultures. Before Germany, I lived in Rotterdam for a year and traveled all around the Netherlands. I am excited to share all my experiences in Drifter Planet.


Roxette Argamosa – Pinterest Ninja

Roxette Argamosa - Pinterest Ninja

Roxette Argamosa – Pinterest Ninja

Hi! I am Roxette Argamosa, a Social Media Virtual Assistant from the Philippines. I work with many travel bloggers and help them manage their social media, especially Pinterest & Tailwind. I also dream of travelling to places soon and share it to the world!

It’s really great and pleasure to be part of Drifter Planet team. Happy Pinning

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