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Finland is in Northern Europe and shares its border with Sweden, Norway, and Russia. It is one of the few countries where one can see the Nothern Lights. Finland is in the group of Nordic countries together with Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland.

Year after year, the country has been awarded as the happiest country in the world because of its GDP, public welfare, freedom, health, and world-class facilities. We all know happiness is contagious. So if you go to Finland, you will surely come back happier because you will meet some of the happiest people in the world.

As per the Visit Finland, Santa Claus’ official address is in Finland. The mythical mountain of Korvatunturi is the home of Santa Claus per the legends.

Where to go in Finland?

Helsinki: The capital of Finland and the city where you will most likely fly to, in order to explore Finland.

Rovaniemi: The Entry City for exploring Finland’s stunning Lapland region that is famous for its arctic landscapes, Nothern Lights, and ski resorts. This is where you can see the famous Santa Claus village.

Finland Travel Blog Posts

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