Our travel wishlist is too long to fit here.  We want to visit EVERY COUNTRY in the world. We will start by visiting every continent first. At the moment, Drifter Planet has been to Asia, Europe and North America. Our way of traveling is not to just visit a place to check it off our list, but we also want to understand and feel the culture of that place, even if it means traveling to the same place multiple times.  We’re not so focused in the destination, but more so in the journey and the experiences that come with it.

Our experience wishlist is as below. Some things require a lot of money and other may not be realistic but we’re dreamers 😉 :

  • Stay in an igloo and see Northern Lights
  • Do an AFF course for solo skydiving. At the moment, we have only experienced tandem skydiving.
  • Drive from India to Germany via Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungry and Austria
  • Visit Antarctica by a cruise ship and meet Adélie and Emperor penguins.
  • Buy a motorbike in Vietnam and explore the country on that bike.
  • Stare in the eyes of giant faced boulders on Easter Island
  • Eat Kifto in Ethiopia
  • Experience the BOOM festival in Portugal, which happens once in every two years.
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