Where Next?

by | Jun 11, 2016

Wondering where are I am going next? You’ve come to the right page!

The real reason why I started this travel blog was to document my journey and share stories. So here’s a list of my upcoming destinations in reverse chronology. This list ends at where we were at the first month of travel blogging. Note: I’m using “I” instead of “us” because San doesn’t write anymore. (Grrr)

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Upcoming Travel Plans

November 2016 – Looking to volunteer in South of India (dreaming of Kerala)

October 2016 – Germany, India

September 2016 – Spain, Italy, Germany

August 2016 – Croatia, Portugal, Spain

July 2016 – Manali, Lahaul – Spiti Valley (Sonal alone), Turkey (Sonal alone), Germany, Hungary


June 2016 – Sonal is in New Delhi and Sandro is in Germany


May 2016 – Parvati Valley & Manali (India)

April 2016 – Nepal (San alone)

March 2016 – Philippines, Malaysia, Goa

February 2016 – Goa (India), Malaysia

January 2016 – Thailand

December 2015 – Myanmar

October 2015 – Hampi (India)

October 2015 – Goa (India)

August, 2015 – New Delhi (India)

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