It’s 2021, the year after the corona pandemic started. Ok, you may argue that Corona actually started in the end of 2019, but I’m talking about the pandemic situation which only began in 2020.

I have avoided writing about the Corona pandemic altogether on my blog even though I have been pretty vocal about things on my social media

One of the main reasons that I didn’t want to write about the pandemic on my website is that it felt unreal. Heck, it still does. It is so unreal that it never felt like it would stay for so long. It’s like a horrible science fiction kind of a nightmare that went on for so long. 

Pandemic has been hard for everyone, especially for those who have lost a loved one. It has been hard for the health workers too because they have often seen people dying in front of them. Too many lives have been lost already and yet the story still continues.

Let’s not forget those who have lost their means of earning because of the pandemic. The small business owners, minimum wage laborers, folks in the travel industry, theaters, performing artists and the list goes on. 

Thinking about all these “bigger” problems, the need to travel doesn’t feel so important anymore, no? I feel you.

Let’s clear this, I’m NOT encouraging you to travel. This post isn’t about that. The idea is to address a small number of people who have always felt the need to be on the move to see a new place but they can’t anymore.

So if you’re a traveler by heart, what should you do when you want to travel?

Recreate Travel at Home with Food

Khao Suay at home during the pandemic

Khao Suay at home during the pandemic

Food is a very important aspect of traveling. It helps us get a taste of the local culture in the best way possible. Some of my best memories are based around food. So why not recreate that same food to relive the moment? It doesn’t have to be something complicated but can be super simple like a cocktail. Or if you’re adventurous then go all out with street food, cocktails and then a restaurant like meal. 

With the abundance of cooking videos on YouTube, culinary skills aren’t really that hard to acquire if you try hard enough (and if you are really interested to do it). I wasn’t at all into cooking but things changed when I moved to a small German town with hardly any international cuisine options around. I started experimenting and I realized after some trial and error that it isn’t so hard to recreate some of the most memorable meals.


Consider Booking a House in the Nature for a Weekend

Have you noticed over the past year and a half that there are certain times when the situation suddenly becomes somewhat safe? It did in the summer of 2020 in Europe and February 2021 in Asia. I did travel within Germany on two super small weekend-like trips in the first instance, but I missed out traveling in Asia in February 2021. 

Make sure you read WHO’s travel advice and the corona virus situation in your region before traveling out even for a weekend. When the number of infections in your region is on a rise then you should absolutely restrict all non essential travel.

Look out for a time like that. When that happens, don’t make things complicated by flying BUT limit your contact by booking a nearby getaway and driving to it instead. Big cities are crowded so are a big no-no, but look for booking a place to stay somewhere that’s far away from the masses but also offers natural beauty.

We’re nature lovers so we highly recommend Nature.House. Each time someone makes a booking on this website, they donate €1 to local nature projects. We are actually eying this website constantly so that we can book something in the Netherlands or Bavaria whenever we can. 

It seems to be the ONLY way to actually travel during the pandemic responsibly. 


Get Out for Walks and Look at Your Surroundings Like a Traveler

Did you pull a face while reading this heading? Well, I’d like you to still give this a try. I did too and it worked. It worked for some other friends too.

Exploring my little town during the pandemic

Exploring my little town during the pandemic

Yes there may be a lockdown from time to time but I’m sure you can go for a walk or a run from time to time. When you do, try to walk further and explore as many corners as you can, maybe you will find something new? It could be a narrow alley or a viewpoint but try to see it with fresh eyes to make the most of it. (Because honey, you don’t have any other option).

This works well for me because I’m living in a country that’s not my home country. I’ve been living in Germany since 2017. Although that’s a small town and I have seen it over and over, it never fails to wow me with its seasonal beauty. I found a new love for it during the pandemic and I hope you do too with your city / town. 

If you do decide to go out during the pandemic, do it only after you read the regional news and ensure that you are obeying all the restrictions. Wear a mask in public places and maintain distance from the other people.


Bury Your Nose in a Travel Book

Life is slow while the pandemic is on, so why not ditch the screen to get back to your books? Travel themed books are so many that picking one can be confusing enough. I highly recommend picking up a copy of City of Djinns, it is about New Delhi and is surprisingly good. Another book that I want to mention is Red Dust: A Path Through China, I am eying it and I’d like to start it sometime.


Watch A Few Travel Movies

Watching a travel movie may be one of the easiest things to do on the list and it is mentioned at the end. Some of the most famous travel movies are Midnight in Paris, In Bruges, The Beach, Vicky Christina Barcelona, the Hangover series, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Eat, Pray, Love – but most likely you have seen them already. 

Here are some of the travel movies that I highly recommend the Jungle, Budapest, most of the Spy movies. Do you have a few travel movies to recommend? I’m all ears.


Plan Your Next Adventure 

Guess what, when I didn’t have enough money to travel in my early 20s, then I spent my wanderlust itch planning my Euro Trip, Himalayan Hikes and South East Asia Asia adventures. 

No, the idea isn’t to plan something restrictive and stick to it, but research go crazy daydreaming to plan a crazy dream trip. Who knows, it may just come true. 

How to start? If you have a general idea about where you’d like to go then think of how you will get there. Research about some truly mind blowing places on the way that aren’t so popular. Or read about the culture of your dream destination and if you’re anything like me, you’d also read about the food.


Closing Thoughts

Friends and fellow travel lovers, I understand that the pandemic time isn’t the best one for anyone (except maybe Netflix or Amazon). It is normal to feel a little down during recent times. Forgive yourself for feeling the way you do and communicate with your loved ones. 

You aren’t alone. This won’t last forever and the only thing you can do in this time is to be patient. So why not entertain yourself during this time? Go crazy with imagination and do what makes you happy.


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