What NOT to wear on the beach

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Humor

Fellow drifters, we have compiled yet another cute list of things we think you should definitely NOT wear to the beach. This post is for your personal comfort and well-being, and not related to fashion. Oh and it’s also about humor. What NOT to wear on the beach:

1) Make Up


Unless you’re modeling for Sports Illustrated, ditch the eye make-up because it can run down your face and make you look like a raccoon. There’s a high chance of this happening even if you don’t step into the water because beaches are usually humid. Even if you’re a make-up expert, heavy foundation will not look natural in the sunlight and will not let you apply a sun block over it. Stick to a lip balm with SPF. (Image Source)



2) Heels

What NOT to wear on the beach


Save your heels for a night out in the town, but DO NOT wear them at a beach (yes, even wedges).  You can fall flat on your face while walking if your heel digs too much in the sand. Moreover, you will be very uncomfortable walking on loose sand with them. We recommend you carry flip flops / open toed flats or even better – walk barefoot.

Image Source Link

3) Heavy Jewelry –

First of all, imagine the pain of someone looking at you while your bling bling is reflecting the sun light back into their eyes. Secondly, you may develop a rash because sand will definitely stick to it and rub against your skin. Thirdly, you may end up sacrificing your precious pieces to the ocean if you go into the water.

4) A swim Suit doesn’t fit or is too big for you –

Unless you don’t mind showing your skin when the wind or waves sweep this away from your body.  Remember home alone part 2?

5) Don’t wear baby oil on your skin –

You will “cook up” the way Sienfeld’s Kramer did and made Newman think of him as turkey. If you must do oil – stick to coconut oil. (Image Source Link)

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