Seven Hanging Valleys Trail

Scenic Hike in Algarve, Portugal

Info + Hiking Map + Viewpoints + Tips

The Seven Hanging Valleys trail is a scenic hike in Portugal’s Algarve that goes on for 5.7 km. The hike goes along the coast on the rocks. This walk starts in Carvoeiro and ends at Marinha Beach. – Length of the entire trail: 5.7 KM (so a round trip is 11.4 KM). – Average Duration for the trail: 3 hours one way and 6 hours in total. You can definitely do it faster if you don’t take breaks to click pictures.

The starting point for the Seven Hanging Valleys trail is Praia do Vale de Centeanes in Carvoeiro. This beach is close to Rocha Brava Village Resort.

The famous Benagil Cave comes at the middle point of this hike. You can get off the hike at Benagil Beach and then rent a kayak to get inside the Benagil Cave.

The Heart Shaped Hole in the Rocks - this is a lovely spot that comes towards the end of the Seven Hanging Valleys hike. See my post for the exact location.