Lagos is on Portugal's Algarve coast. It is one of the places that was instantly on my wishlist when i saw the photos.

The beaches of Lagos are some of the best ones that I have seen in Europe. The colour of the sand reminds me of Goa beaches.

The rock formations in Lagos make the beaches even more spectacular. As a result, there are many viewpoints and hiking possibilities.  Every beach is a little different and the best part is that you can hike from one beach to another.

My best memories in Lagos were when  I was relaxing on the beach with a snack and a book. I'm not into sweets but Portuguese  egg tarts - pastel de nata is my favourite snack.

I hiked everyday for 7 days in Lagos and discovered some hidden beaches and viewpoints.  Click the photo to read about them on my website.

Click the photo to read about my restaurant recommendations. I was able to find some affordable  seafood restaurants with amazing food.

Lagos has more than just one good beach. There are so many nice ones but I have shortlisted 4-5 unmissable ones for you. Click on the photo to see the recommendations.

Here are some more viewpoints that I found in Lagos during my sunset hike.

What I liked about lagos was that it still didn't feel overly crowded, even though it is famous. The beaches had a lot of empty spots and so did the hiking paths. I did see some other places in Algarve but they didn't stand out to me the way Lagos did.

Is Lagos safe for solo travel? Yes, I traveled solo and I felt very safe. I met a lot of solo travelers and had a good time.