Our list of highly researched, tried and tested photo spots  in Hamburg, Germany (More on my website)

This spot is near Hamburg Rathaus and I was able to create some of my favorite pictures here after the sun went down.  Click on the above image to see the exact location information on my website.

This spot reminded me of Amsterdam. You can see a canal with old narrow buildings next to it. The result is beautiful.  Click on the above photo to see the exact location on my website.

What if your Hotel was instagram perfect? Mine definitely was.  I stayed in 3 different hotels in Hamburg over the last few years and I mention the details on my website.

Hamburg has the biggest warehouse district in the world - Speicherstadt, and it is beautifully preserved.  There are some amazing photo spots here that are listed on my website. Click on the above image to see them.

Speicherstadt in day versus night