A few days back I visited Rome on a solo trip to see the beauty of this eternal city. I did everything I could to experience the best of this city. I did guided tours, took long walks, and visited ancient Rome, Vatican City, and many other spots.

But you what’s the best thing I did in Rome? Riding on the back of a red Vespa through Rome’s narrow streets during sunset and stopping at many spots to appreciate the view.

My Red Vespa Ride for the Tour
My Red Vespa Ride for the Tour

Want to know more? So let’s first talk about Vespas and why you should ride one in Rome.

Why a Vespa tour in Rome?

Vespa scooters are iconic Italian rides. Vespa is actually a luxury brand of scooters and so very Italian (just like the tiny vintage car Fiat Cinquecento).

Colosseum and Sunset Vespa Tour in Rome
Colosseum and Sunset Vespa Tour in Rome

Vespas aren’t only iconic but they are adorable, and romantic and are so much fun because you can feel the wind in your hair and appreciate the beauty all around.

I ended up seeing places where I wouldn’t have gone on my own. We drove through some of the prettiest narrow streets and saw amazing views.

I’d pick a two-wheeler any day over a car in a country with good weather. Unless it is a road trip. (See my Italy road trip itinerary too)

I have an Italian father-in-law who has both a vintage Fiat Cinquecento and a Vespa but to ride one in the historical Rome was an experience like no other.

Colosseum & Fiat Cinquecento - Vespa tour in Rome
Colosseum & Fiat Cinquecento – Vespa tour in Rome

So, if you are heading to Rome and would like to see the hidden gems of this eternal city in the best way possible, I recommend getting on a Vespa.

What kind of Rome Vespa Tour to Choose

Our vespa tour group
Our vespa tour group

I had just a few things on my mind before picking my Vespa tour of Rome, and these were:

  • I don’t have any scooter-driving skills so I needed a tour where I could sit behind,
  • I also love to click photos, so I wanted a tour that had enough breaks or professional photos included,
  • Most importantly, I wanted a Vespa tour that was at sunset time.
  • I didn’t want a tour that included the very easy-to-do spots of Rome like the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, or, Piazza Navona.

So, I picked the highest-rated tour where I didn’t have to ride the scooter and they also included a photoshoot as a part of the tour – total win-win.

Moreover, I was also particular about the stops because I wanted to visit places that I wouldn’t have visited on my own so this tour was perfect for me.

Posing with this cute red vespa in Rome
Posing with this cute red Vespa in Rome

When the time arrived, I sat on the back of a Vespa and let one of the expert drivers show me Rome’s most beautiful sights. It was the most unforgettable trip and I made an Instagram Reel which received 100k+ views!

Here’s what my tour included:

  • 25 Professional Photos (shot on Sony Alpha 7iii),
  • Multiple sights and three stops (stops are mentioned below),
  • Helmet for safety,
  • Coffee / Tee at Colle del Gianicolo.

So as a solo traveler with zero scooter skills, who also wanted stunning photos for Instagram, this was the perfect option.

If you are like me, you don’t need to have any scooter-driving skills to enjoy a Vespa tour.

However, if you know how to ride a scooter then by all means pick a tour where you can ride one.

Sunset Vespa Tour in Rome
Sunset Vespa Tour in Rome

If you have just ONE day in Rome, then perhaps it would make more sense for you to pick a tour where they take you to the most basic spots like the Trevi fountain. I had 4 so I did those spots myself.

Alternatively, you can also pick a Vespa sidecar tour. I didn’t want to sit in one, it’s not my vibe at all. For complete safety, read all the reviews so that you can be sure.

How to Book a Vespa Tour in Rome

My ride for the vespa tour in Rome
My ride for the Vespa tour in Rome

I did enough research on GetYourGuide to pick the perfect tour for me so that I could write about the experience on my website. This way I have already done the homework for you.

If you’d like the same tour, then click the above button. It is called “Photo Tour by Vespa Scooter” and they click professional photos using Sony Alpha 7iii. Else, I have handpicked a few more options for you.

  • Vespa Tour with a Local Guide and MANY stops: If you have just one day in Rome, then pick this tour. It has many stops: Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Pincio Terrace, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Navona, Castel Sant’Angelo, Colle del Gianicolo, and Trastevere.
  • Self-Driven Sightseeing Tour by Vespa: This makes sense for those who can ride a scooter through Rome’s streets with confidence. It is a 3-hour tour.
  • Vespa Tour with Photoshoot: This is also rated very high. I didn’t pick this up because the stops weren’t mentioned, and I wanted to be sure about where I was going.

Tip: Everything books out very fast in Rome in summer, so if you are sure about your travel plans, then reserve your slot as quickly as possible. My tour was full!

My Vespa Tour Experience in Rome

Vespa Tour in Rome with Colosseum in the background
Vespa Tour in Rome with the Colosseum in the background

Our tour started next to the Colosseum – the heart of Ancient Rome. I had already visited the Colosseum, and Roman Forum, that morning, but I realized that the photos come out better in the evenings when the crowds thin out.

Sunset Vespa Scooter Tour in Rome
Sunset Vespa Scooter Tour in Rome

Our tour group had a total of 8 people so 9 to 10 vespas. They said the extra vespas were there just for support if there was an emergency or breakdown.

To start the tour of the highlights of the eternal city on a Vespa, our group drove around the Colosseum, next to the Capitoline Hill & Palatine Hill of the Roman Forum.

Vespa Tour in the heart of Ancient Rome
Vespa Tour in the Heart of Ancient Rome

We passed by Circus Maximus and the ancient ruins looked golden as the sun was about to set.

Our first stop was Orange Garden or Giardino degli Aranci. I have mentioned more about this place in my Rome viewpoints post. We saw the sunset here and our knowledgeable guide told us interesting things about this garden.

Giardino degli Aranci in Rome
Giardino degli Aranci in Rome

We could see the iconic landmarks all around, especially the Vatican City with the glittering dome of St. Peter’s Basilica.

After the sunset, we drove to and through Trastevere, my favorite neighborhood of Rome. We saw Fontana dell’Acqua Paola and then arrived at our next stop, which according to me has the best views of Rome.

Fontana dell'Acqua Paola, Rome
Fontana dell’Acqua Paola, Rome

The next stop was the Janiculum Hill or Colle del Gianicolo which is a famous terrace for panoramic views of Rome. Like Orange Garden, we could see the Vatican City but we were closer than before. We saw the views of St. Peter’s Basilica.

On top of the Janiculum Hill in Rome
On top of the Janiculum Hill in Rome

After enjoying this spot and clicking loads of photos here, our tour operators dropped us at Campo de’ Fiori – a lively Piazza that’s full of restaurants and nightlife options.

Where to Stay in Rome

There are loads of places to stay in Rome and many nice neighborhoods. But as a solo woman traveler, I wanted the best option possible. I wanted a neighborhood that was close to the sunset spots / walkable from nightlife areas but away from noise and busy touristy spots. So, the obvious choice was Trastevere.

I booked a place called “Tra Gianicolo e Trastevere” where I had an affordable private room with a nice bathroom, dresser, big windows, air conditioner, and airy feel. This place also had a shared kitchen space but when you’re in Rome, you would always want to eat outside.

My room was close to bus stops, and tram stops, and also the famous Janiculum Hill was within walking distance from here. The nightlife hub piazza Trillusa and the bars of Trastevere were easily accessible by 10-15 minute walks.

Final Thoughts

Driving Vespa at night in Trastevere, Rome
Driving Vespa at night in Trastevere, Rome

Rome is stunning and should be a part of every European trip itinerary. The city is stunning, romantic, vibrant, and has so much for every kind of traveler. If anything, I’d just not recommend Rome for families with small children.

Based on my unforgettable experience, I recommend this Vespa tour to everyone. If there’s just one thing you have to do in Rome, let it be this one.

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