The Kingdom Bhutan has many nicknames. It is often called the Last Shangri La because it is the last remaining Buddhist kingdom in the world. It is also called the Land of Happiness because of the country’s philosophy of measuring development with happiness (Gross National Happiness) instead of income.

Bhutan as a country is a mystery to many because of its elusive visa. Those who have been lucky enough to visit, often tell tales of the country’s culture and natural beauty.

Mountains in Bhutan - trekking and hiking information

Mountains in Bhutan – trekking and hiking information

Geographically, Bhutan is entirely in the Himalayas and borders India and Tibet part of China. The best way to experience this mountainous country is by trekking here. This small landlocked country away from the modern culture of the world is offers both beauty and variety. In this post, we talk about trekking in Bhutan and where to go. Also check out Bhutan Tour Packages by for more information.

In this post we talk about different trekking routes, and some of them are short, and of moderate challenge, others are long and tough. 

Trekking in Bhutan


Light to Moderate Treks in Bhutan

Trekking in Bhutan - mountains and horses

Trekking in Bhutan – mountains and horses

There are plenty of light and moderate treks to pick from in Bhutan. And this is really good news for the beginners. Even if the trek is long, it may carry a moderate level of difficulty and is doable. Plus, the treks are a perfect addition if you happen to be backpacking in Bhutan.  

Druk Path Trek

Druk Path is the most popular trek route in Bhutan. It is an easy trek that lasts for about six days on your trip. You will pass through the two most famous towns, Paro and Thimphu on this trek. Although the mountain views may be a bit distant, you will come across many beautiful lakes on the way. For example, a highlight of this trek is the mesmerizing Jimiling Lake. This is a relatively easy trek and will take you through villages, ancient dzongs and pine, and rhododendron forests.

Jumolhari Trek

This is the right choice for those looking for comfortable and easy treks as well as to enjoy the natural beauty around. Although the trek will take about six days to complete, you are going to enjoy every moment of it. Enjoy spectacular views of the mountain scenery as well as mountain scenery as you go through the village of Shana and Drugyal Dzong ruins.


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Bumthang Cultural Trek

Another moderately arduous trek you can take is the Cultural Trek that lasts for three days. Enjoy the fantastic scenery on the way and get familiar with Bhutanese’s culture. Explore the forests and enjoy some bird watching on the way. You will cross the Dhur village and pass the Drangela Pass and alter on the way down; you can visit the Chuedak monastery.


Gangte Trek

Gangte Trek will last for about four days and is a delightful and comfortable trek. Although you can take the trek during winters the best time to enjoy it is in summers. It is a beautiful trek that will take you through several villages and monasteries and lush green forests filled with magnolia, bamboo, juniper, and rhododendrons. It is a perfect trek for those who are still a novice with trekking and want to explore the biodiversity of Bhutan.

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Intermediate Treks in Bhutan

A stray dog in the mountains - trekking in Bhutan

A stray dog in the mountains – trekking in Bhutan

Bhutan is home to some of the most challenging treks that go to high-altitude and through the wilderness. You need to be an experienced hiker to complete these treks. Here are some of the challenging and tougher treks of Bhutan.


Snowman Trek

Snowman Trek is supposed to be one of the most difficult treks in the world. What makes this trek more challenging is the long duration and the high altitudes. Thus, only if you have a strong will and endurance, should you embark on this trek that will take about 25 – 30 days to complete. Beginning at Paro and ending with Lunana, you will pass some of the highest passes on the way such as and Gangla Karchung La.

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

This tough and challenging six-day trek is for experienced hikers. The trek will take you through the fabulous alpine lakes, where you can enjoy fishing. You can camp and enjoy the local trout fishing. What makes the trek challenging are the numerous ascents and descents on the way and thick forests, and often some ridges are difficult to cross.


Jhomolhari Trek

The challenging trek is immensely popular and will take you across Bhonte La pass and Tak-hung La. While trekking on this route, you will reach the height of more than 5000 mt. You are rewarded with magnificent views of mountains between Bhutan and Tibet. It will take about eight days to complete the trek.


Duer Hot Springs Trek

Another tough trek of Bhutan is the Duer Hot Springs Trek, and a part of it overlaps the Snowman Trek. Duer Hot Springs is the highlight of the 9-day trek, and you will find yourself in one of the pristine and beautiful parts of the Himalayas. Those numerous climbs and descents traversing through the mountains and forests make the trek challenging. You will come across many hot springs on the route.

No matter what kind of trek you take, you are sure to get rewarded with some gorgeous views of sweeping valleys amidst majestic mountains. 

Have you ever experienced trekking in Bhutan? If yes, let us know where and we’d love to feature you on our website. 

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