Top 10 Secret Tips For The Thrifty Traveller

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Guest Post

Our holidays are the time of the year we look forward to most. A chance to get away from it all, relax, unwind, and discover a new destination for the first time. We all want to bring home plenty of happy memories, but are not so keen on paying through the nose for them! So, with that in mind, we’ve put together ten tips for saving some money for, and on, your holiday. You can thank us later!

01 | Saving For Your Trip

Heaven knows, even the cheapest of holidays can take a sizeable chunk out of our earnings. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a separate holiday savings account. Set up a standing order for a small amount each month to go into your holiday account out of your earnings, then top it up wherever you can. Perhaps you can sell some things on eBay, and put the money straight into the holiday fund? Or maybe get a little extra work on the side? The very act of having a separate account specially for holidays will motivate you to fill it up!

02 | Don’t Buy Anything At The Airport

It’s extremely rare to find anything at the airport cheaper than you’d get it elsewhere. If there are things you need for the flight, buy them in advance. Leaving things to the last minute and buying at the airport is almost certain to leave you with a few less euros for your holiday. And, when buying stuff for your holiday, buy it online. This will give you a chance to surf for the best deals, on everything from bikinis to flight socks.

03 | Buy When You Get There

When it comes to toiletries, it’s a jolly good idea to wait, wherever possible, until you reach your destination before buying. Not only are toiletries relatively heavy, leading your baggage to weigh (and therefore cost) more, they can also often be found at a lower cost in the local supermarket when you arrive. This is particularly true of things like sun cream, which can be extortionate! Cheap brands are often as good as the expensive ones, so feel free to save this purchase until you get there.

04 | Entertainment

If you’re a big holiday reader, invest in a Kindle, and load it up with plenty of books before you go. Kindles are great for saving space, and e-books are often much cheaper to buy than paperbacks. And for those who like to listen to music whilst snoozing by the pool? One word: Spotify. Before you leave for your holiday, download the app to your smartphone, then create your ultimate holiday playlist. Make sure you flick the switch in-app to make your playlist available offline, then enjoy all your favourite tunes without sapping your data allowance, or paying a penny more than the monthly subscription.

05 | Booking Your Break

All the above tips are great, but first you have to actually book the holiday! This can feel like a bit of a minefield, with so much information online it can be hard to choose. However, all this information can be used to your advantage. It pays to take your time when choosing your holiday and seeking out the best deals. Make yourself a cup of tea, and set to work trawling the web for the best bargains. 

06 | Consider What Accommodation Would Suit You Best

All-inclusive prices can look pretty shocking on-screen, but when you consider that you get pretty much everything you need included (that’s why they call it all-inclusive!) then those prices may start looking less worrisome.  Particularly if you’re travelling with kids, who seem to want a drink or ice cream every five minutes, knowing that it’s already included in the price of your trip can be a massive relief… one less thing to worry about! On the other hand, if you’re the sort of person who prefers to explore your destination as much as possible, and be out and about dawn till dusk, then a very basic hotel might just do the trick.

Check out Monster Travel for a great variety of accommodation options, If you’re only sleeping there, then no-frills budget accommodation will leave you free to spend your money on other things.

07 | Travel in a Group

Why not book a holiday with another family, couple, or with a group of friends? If you all rent an apartment together, then the cost per head is likely to be significantly less. That way, you can split the food bill, and – if travelling with fellow parents – take turns babysitting, too!

08 | Get Around By Public Transport

If you’re travelling to popular destinations, there are usually good options for savings on bus journeys. In Tenerife, for example, you can get a ‘Bono’ card which will save you up to 50% off bus journeys, all over the island, and one card can be used for multiple travellers. Certainly cheaper than hiring a car or taxi!

09 | Organise Your Activities in Advance

If you know what attractions you’re likely to want to visit when you’re away, then see if you can book in advance before you leave, for a reduced fee. Some attractions offer money-off vouchers or discounts for booking ahead, so it’s worth checking!

10 | Join The Locals

Rather than heading straight for tourist central, why not wander off the beaten track? You may find a bar frequented by locals that’s much less expensive, but much more authentic. Likewise, if you want to enjoy a bit of nightlife while you’re away, why not see if any local festivals or fiestas are on? Rather than paying entry fees to a club full of fellow Brits, partying with the locals on the streets is a much more memorable way to spend a night out!

So these are our top ten favourite ways to save a bit of cash when holidaying abroad. It feels so great returning home knowing you haven’t broken the bank, so long as you remembered to have plenty of fun whilst saving the pennies! What are your top tips for saving money on holiday?

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