We arrived in Hampi from Goa just for two days, but ended up extending our stay because we fell in LOVE with this land of lost civilization and mystery! For more information, check our this amazing travel guide to Hampi – it has amazing pictures.

You must have already read our post about 11 awesome things to do in Hampi – now let us SHOW you those things. From train journey in Indian Railways, to crossing the river to reach Hippie Island i.e., Hampi’s little river island – Virupapur Gaddi, to exploring our mind-blowing surroundings, jamming at sunset point, exploring Hampi’s UNESCO world heritage site ruins, visiting cute cafes, riding around on mopeds, exploring rice fields, climbing a hill in Anegundi to reach Lord Hanuman’s birth place temple and eventually CLIFF JUMPING – this video has it all!

Oh and this is our first video, so please be kind. Sit back, watch it with music on full screen and SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel. We will love you forever if you do <3

Oh and if you’re curious about other places in Karnakata, check out Badami cave temples near Hubli.

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