10 Beautiful Spots in Cappadocia that are Instagram Worthy [ Turkey ]

10 Beautiful Spots in Cappadocia that are Instagram Worthy [ Turkey ]

“Can you tell me the EXACT location of this photo?”

Yup, that’s the most frequently asked question when people see my Cappadocia pictures. In fact, this question comes to me so often that I decided the easiest thing to do would be to just write a post about my favorite Instagram spots of Cappadocia. Also, the fact that I’m still obsessing over this place helps.

This is my fourth blog post about this gorgeous destination in Turkey. You can’t really blame me for still being fixated, just look at the photos! Yes, Cappadocia in Turkey is perhaps the most magical place that I have ever seen.

Anyway, if you’re a new here and have not been following me on social media, I must confess that my visit to Cappadocia got me a lot of attention on Instagram. Suddenly I had a lot of new followers and they wanted to see more pictures of Cappadocia. Some of them even booked their tickets and are in touch with me about booking a hot air balloon ride, hotel and what not.

If you’re heading to Cappadocia as well [you should], and want to know some of the best photography spots, then you’re going to probably bookmark this post. Be sure to read our travel tips for Turkey and this travel guide, which will help you plan your trip. This part of Turkey is really pretty and there are definitely way more than ten beautiful spots in Cappadocia. It was very difficult just to choose 10 spots, but here you go.

Cappadocia’s Most Beautiful Spots –

01 | Sunset Point in Red Valley, Near Ortahisar

If red valley wasn’t red enough, things get a little crazy as the sunsets. There are no typical fairy chimneys here but you will get to witness a sight so epic that it will spoil your future sunset experiences. Don’t just leave this spot after the sunset; it gets even better after it because it gets a little empty.

Red valley’s sunset point overlooks the entire valley and you can find your own spot up on the rocks. It is is near Ortahisar and is famous – but you can’t really reach here on public transport. Get yourself a rental car or hire a taxi to reach here.

This spot is so pretty that I saw three newly wedded couples that were here for their wedding shoot.

Here are a few other pictures of this same spot that I found on Instagram.


A post shared by Seraphim Yemelin (@yemelinart) on

Here’s how awesome it looks when it snows!


A post shared by Sher Lyn (@young.wild.heart) on

BTW: If you’re near Red Valley, then don’t miss the nearby Pink Valley. I missed, but you shouldn’t. I want you to check THIS picture out.


A post shared by Alessio Andreani (@andreanialessio) on

Here is one last picture before I talk about the next spot.


A post shared by The Sailing Bee (@thesailingbee) on

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02 | Sultan Cave Suites

As much as I hate putting a hotel’s balcony so high on my list, I have to admit Sultan Cave Suites deserves this mention because it’s too darn gorgeous. This spot became one of the most popular locations in Cappadocia after Instagram superstars – DoYouTravel and Gypsy_lust did a photo shoot here.


A post shared by LAUREN BULLEN (@gypsea_lust) on

If it wasn’t for my friend Eva (who is an amazing photographer), I was not going to make an effort to wake up at 4 am and walk to Sultan Cave Suites for a few sunrise photos. I had to gather a lot of courage for these pictures because I’m very shy when it comes to posing. Oh, you must know that I did not stay in this hotel and neither do I know if it is a good place to stay, but it sure is pretty. Due to the extreme popularity, I think they now only allow guests to this spot for photos. Here is an epic sunrise shot with balloons all around. This was at Sultan Caves Suites. That is my friend Eva and me. Here are some of our best photos:

Here’s Izmir – the real Sultan of Sultan cave suites. He’s the resident cutie of this place.

03 | Sunset Point in Göreme

Holy shit, this is Planet Tatooine!

Yep, that’s exactly what I said when I reached the famous sunset point in Göreme. I sat next to the edge and stared at the distant caves that were carved inside the fairy chimneys. It felt that at any moment, little Anakin Skywalker was going to appear out of nowhere before he became a Jedi.

As much as this looks like Tatooine, I hate to tell you that Star Wars was not shot here. Some say that George Lucas wanted Göreme as the shooting location but it was never approved because of fairy chimneys (they look like penises). But hey, this could all be a made up story but who cares when it looks as pretty as this.


A post shared by Gizem Erten (@_gizem_erten_) on

04 | Fairy Chimneys in Zemi Valley or Love Valley

Yes we all know that they look like penises, but a polite way to refer to them is “fairy chimneys” or “peri bacalari” in Turkish.

It took Mother Nature around a million years to carve out these fairy chimneys and they are all over Cappadocia. I saw them for the first time when I went for a hot air balloon ride with Turkiye Balloons and our balloon kind of flew very close to these giant mushrooms. [You can read about my Hot Air Balloon ride experience here].

There is not just one place where you can see these Fairy Chimneys because they are all over Goreme. If you’re looking at some of the best places to photograph the Fairy Chimneys, I’d recommend you go to is Zemi Valley, which is smaller than the bigger and more popular Bagli Dere Love Valley. In fact, the locals say that even a part of Zemi valey is also called Love Valley.

Zemi valley is very close to Goreme open-air museum and Bagli Dere is 6-ish KMs away. By the way, I have been told that Love Vallay has been named so because of the abundance of penis shaped formations.


A post shared by Will Hatton (@thebrokebackpacker) on


A post shared by Daniel & Luiza (@travelplusstyle) on

06 | Uchisar Castle [or Uçhisar Castle]

If Cappadocia’s landscape couldn’t get weirder, Uchisar Castle is the cherry on the icing. This castle is on the highest point in Uchisar and overlooks the nearby towns. Uchisar castle looks like the aliens hurriedly created it and did not pay attention to the symmetry.

The entrance fee to Uchisar castle is 5 TL and it is easy to explore everything inside this castle in less than 30 minutes. The best part according to me is the view from the top, which is obviously better around the sunset.


A post shared by ®️☻ (@uur_x_x_iim0531) on

07 | Museum Hotel, Uchisar

How can I not put this spot on this list when the pool from the view looks like THAT. I’d love to go back to Cappadocia, just to take an early morning dip in this swimming pool. Museum Hotel, Uchisar is a boutique hotel where the room prices generally shoot up to $300 per night. This hotel is perfect for those who are looking for the ultimate luxury experience in Cappadocia. This hotel was built out of thousand-year-old cave houses.


A post shared by Museum Hotel (@museumhotel) on


A post shared by Museum Hotel (@museumhotel) on


A post shared by Museum Hotel (@museumhotel) on

08 | Üçgüzeller or Three Sister Rocks Panorama Point near Ürgüp

Three Sister Rocks in Ürgüp is actually a free place to visit that’s along the road. There is a panorama viewpoint here, which is free to visit. There are three giant rocks that are cone shaped with smaller rocks on each tip. This spot is also called Peri Bacalari and there are a few stories associated with these three rocks.

Some say that these rocks can be imagined as a family – mother, father and a child. Others say that there is a legend that is associated with a father trying to marry off his three daughters, who later turned to rocks. Here’s a picture from Mesut from New Goreme tours, who was our tour guide and took us to this place along with many other places in Cappadocia.

Here are a few more that I found on Instagram.


A post shared by Oguzhan Göncü (@kreaplin) on

09 | Kale Konak Hotel, Uchisar

Kale Konak Hotel in Uchisar is not as popular on social media as many other hotels are, but it doesn’t mean it is not better. This hotel has Uchisar castle on one side and lower level scenery the other, resulting in stunning views. I stayed in two different hotels while I was in Cappadocia and Kale Konak absolutely took my breath away.

I had a cave suite to myself while I was here, and it was more like a cave house because it had two bedrooms, one toilet, one sitting room, two levels of private terraces and what not. I had the luxury of watching the sunrise [and sunset] in my own private terrace.

The sunrise here looks amazing because in the distance you can see the lone Mt. Erciyes and on the other side there is the strange Uchisar castle. Here’s a picture that will tell you how close Uchisar castle is from here.

10 | Soganli Valley

One of the first places that I visited in Cappadocia was Soganli Valley, which has abandoned churches and monasteries inside caves. There are little pigeon windows that are carved on these caves as well, that adds to the mystery.

Even though the structures here were really interesting, I was surprised to see that there was no one around except for our group. Yes, Sognali valley is indeed gorgeous but I loved learning about its history as well. Some of the cave churches date back to the 9th centaury and you can even see some intricate paintings inside them. Sadly, some of these frescos were damaged.


A post shared by Yusuf Sunar (@sunar.yusuf) on

PS: Drifter Planet contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we will earn a little commission at no extra cost to you. These commissions help us reduce the costs of keeping this site active. Thanks for reading!

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20 Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

20 Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Who doesn’t need a little inspiration from time to time? I know I do.

I have been traveling for many years but it wasn’t until last year that I quit my job to travel the world. While traveling, many people were surprised when I told them I was from India because they said they had hardly ever met women from India who travel so much. It did annoy me at first but later I realized that even I hardly ever met women travelers from India. Yes, there are some but not enough if you compare the size of our country’s population to many other countries, haha!

Anyway, today being International Women’s day, I wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate Indian female travelers. Last year I published an article about some amazing Indian women who travel solo and this year I was to  share some of my favorite Instagram accounts that I love following for my daily dose of wanderlust. If you love to travel and like seeing interesting pictures, then be sure to follow these accounts that have been handpicked by me, purely based on the content and not the number of followers.

Why Instagram and why not Facebook? Well, firstly sharing a link of someone’s personal FB profile is a little intrusive to sharing someone’s “public” Instagram profile where they share travel photos. And secondly, Instagram is way more awesome than Facebook. We all know how big Facebook is, but c’mon, it stopped being cool when literally everyone on earth joined the social network. Yes, from your primary school teacher to your neighborhood dukaan waala created their FB accounts and started sending you friend requests.

Ok fellas, enough of random chat and below is the reason why you opened this post in the first place. Let me share a list of my favorite Indian female travelers on Instagram.

List of 20 Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Click on each image to follow on Instagram

01 | Shivya (@Shivya)

Shivya Nath on Instagram

Click to follow Shivya Nath on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Shivya Nath is a vegan nomad without a home, who has been traveling non-stop since a few years. She also runs a successful travel blog called The Shooting Star and has been featured on BBC travel and NDTV. I love her night photography and those are some of my favorite shots on her Instagram.

A post shared by Shivya Nath (@shivya) on


02 | Overrated Outcast (@overrated_outcast)

Overrated Outcast (Trishita) on Instagram

Click to follow Overrated Outcast (Trishita) on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Trishita Bhattacharya a.k.a., Overrated Outcast is a 20-year-old girl from Mumbai, who is a pharmacy student and a very talented photographer. Almost all of her shots are captured differently and have a story to tell. She’s also a brand ambassador for GoPro from India (yes, I’m jealous) and she definitely knows how to get the best out of it. You will find pictures of Indonesia, Goa, Mumbai, Nasik, etc on her profile.

03 | Drifter Planet (@DrifterPlanet)

Sonal of Drifter Planet on Instagram

Click to follow Sonal DrifterPlanet on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Wait, the name sounds familiar! Of course it does because it’s my account. Just because I’m writing this post doesn’t mean I’ll skip my own account. I love experimenting with my camera and have been told that I create good phtos. My account has been featured on the several global platforms such as HuffPost Lifestyle, Girls Love Travel, Femme Travel, etc. In fact, I even received a 360-degree camera from Insta360 as a gift because they love our photos. In 2016, I instagrammed 10 countries and 5 music festivals. Why don’t you take a look?

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04 | Jeny Goes Places (@jenygoesplaces)

Jeny Goes Places on Instagram

Click to follow Jeny Goes Places on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Jeny Rajkumari, also known as Juju is usually on the move and posts really cute pictures from all over India and a few neighboring countries. She’s a nature lover and it’s evident because most of her pictures are green! I love all her photos so much that I have even featured her twice on my account.

05 | Mridula (@mridulablog)

Mridula on Instagram

Click to follow Mridula on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Mridula is an IIT-ian and ex professor but is now a travel blogger. Don’t get me wrong, she is not a new blogger but has been travel blogging since a while. Her blog – Travel Tales from India is very popular and one of the most respected travel blogs from India. She is an excellent photographer and all her pictures are stunning. She rarely ever posts her own pictures but I wish she’d change that because I love seeing the person behind the camera, don’t you?

A post shared by Mridula Dwivedi (@mridulablog) on

06 | Gerbz the Nomad (@gerbz_the_nomad)

Gerbz the nomad on Instagram

Click to follow Gerbz the nomad on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Gauri Adettiwar or “Gerbz” says she’s “Just another Boulder babe flitting her way around the world”. If you see her instagram account, you will instantly know that she loves adventure and you can go on a joyride by just watching her pictures.

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07 | Wander With Jo (@wanderwithjo)

Wander with Jo on Instagram

Click to follow Wander with Jo on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Jyotsana of Wander with Jo is a girl from Delhi who is a globetrotter and a thrill seeker. She also runs a travel blog called WanderWithJo. She loves posting pictures of waterfalls, viewpoints and street art.

08 | Lavina (@continent.hop)

Continent Hop on Instagram

Click to follow Continent Hop on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Lavina is a girl from Goa who loves clicking colorful destination. Her newsfeed has a lot of pictures from Europe and some of them look like they are right out of a storybook.

09 | Sam Wanderlust (@sam_wanderlust)

Sam Wanderlust on Instagram

Click to follow Sam Wanderlust on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Samita is an engineer from India who lives in the UK. You will find pictures of many European destinations such as Switzerland, Iceland, Austria, etc, on her profile. Her pictures are simply stunning!

A post shared by Samita (@sam_wanderlust) on

10 | Soumya Travel Books Food (@soumna_travelbooksfood)

Travel books food on Instagram

Click to follow Travel books food on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Another engineer on this list, Soumna’s pictures will take you on a trip with her to Europe as she explores Spain, Portugal and France.

11 | Wandering Dreamcatcher (@wandering_dreamcatcher)

Wandering Dreamcatcher on Instagram

Click to follow Wandering Dreamcatcher on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Whether it’s dancing in the middle of a trek or pictures of her furry friends from the road, Ann Mathias of Wandering Dreamcatcher’s pictures are sure to make you smile.

12 | Travel See Write (@travelseewrite)

Travel, See, Write on Instagram

Click to follow Travel, See, Write on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Archana loves traveling, seeing and writing about offbeat places and experiences. The fact that she’s living in the beautiful Philippines definitely helps. You will find pictures of Japan, North East India, many places South East Asian countries on her Instagram profile.

A post shared by Archana (@travelseewrite) on

13 | Lakshmi Sharath (@LakshmiSharath)

Lakshmi Sharath on Instagram

Click to follow Lakshmi Sharath on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Lakshmi is a traveler who has been blogging about her journey since the last 12 years. She is a good photographer and clicks pictures of faces, architecture and nature. On her profile, you will find pictures of literally every place in India.

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14 | Medhavi (@ravenouslegs)

Medhavi, Ravenous Legs on Instagram

Click to follow Medhavi, Ravenous Legs on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Medhavi is a girl from India who is a solo traveler and loves adventure. She is an ex techie who is living in the Himalayas at the moment. She loves scuba diving and high altitude trekking amongst other things.

A post shared by Medhavi Davda (@ravenouslegs) on

15 | Rutavi (@rutaagayire)

Rutavi on Instagram

Click to follow Rutavi on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Rutavi Mehta is a travel blogger from India who has traveled to many destinations all over the world. At the moment she is in New Zealand and is instagramming some amazing pictures from her journey.

16 | Monkey Inc (@monkey.inc)

Monkey Inc on Instagram

Click to follow Monkey Inc on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Ankita Kumar calls herself a “hyper travel monkey” and has a blog called Monkey Inc. She is in love with bright colors and strange food, which you will figure out from her Instagram profile.

A post shared by Ankita Kumar (@monkey.inc) on

17 | Raksha – the Roving Heart (@therovingheart)

The Roving Heart on Instagram

Click to follow The Roving Heart on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

From mountains to beaches and everything in between, Raksha is on a mission to explore the world. You will find pictures of many destinations within India on her Instagram page.

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18 | Avii – apocalypstickk (@apocalypstickk)

Apocalypstickk on Instagram

Click to follow Apocalypstickk on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Avii from Delhi loves mountains, campfires, sky gazing, long winding roads and golden trees. Her pictures will take you on a journey to the Himalayas and around.

A post shared by Avii (@apocalypstickk) on

19 | Tanishka – Tani Travel Tales (@TaniTravelTales)

Tani Travel Tales on Instagram

Click to follow Tani Travel Tales on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

The girl in red jacket, Tanishka is an adventurer, traveler, crafter and storyteller. Her pictures will take you to some offbeat locations in North East India.

20 | S Divya (@s.divya22)

Divya on Instagram

Click to follow Divya on Instagram – Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Divya is a founder of the famous girl travel group of India called Globetrotting Girls India. She’s a globetrotter herself and her pictures will take you on a journey to many places in America and Asia.

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So, what do you think of this list? Do you know of in the comments if you know more Indian female travelers to follow on Instagram that I may have missed in this post? Oh and if you like this list, do share it. We definitely need to see more female travelers from India in this world, so let’s do everything to encourage and celebrate the International woman’s day!

20 Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram
20 Amazing Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram
20 Awesome Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram

A hippie travel writer with flowers in her hair, Sonal Kwatra Paladini should have been born in the 1960s! Bitten by the infamous travel bug, she has an itch to explore resort-free destinations, offbeat islands and small villages. Join her and her husband (Sandro) on their journey as they hop from one music festival to another and explore the beautiful world that they are in love with! Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Sonal Kwatra Paladini

10 Beautiful Spots in Bali that are Instagram Worthy

10 Beautiful Spots in Bali that are Instagram Worthy

Bali, the island of Gods needs no introduction. After all, it is the most visited island in South East. In fact, I had almost written Bali off my travel bucket list assuming that every corner here will be touristy, but I couldn’t help being excited when I received an invitation by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia.

Late one night in November 2016, I landed here after changing two airplanes from Raja Ampat – tired but ready to fall in love with Bali.

You know what’s the best part about Bali? It is jaw dropping gorgeous! My excitement started right from the airport where I saw an elaborate Hindu temple. It continued as soon as I reached my hotel – De Vins Sky Hotel in Seminyak and saw a roof top pool and yet another temple!

As we travelled around the island the next morning, I was happy to notice that the typical Balinese temple like architecture is everywhere, even at the gas stations. (Btw, the name of the hotel was earlier Golden Tulup but has changed to De Vin Sky Hotel Seminyak. If you want to book the same place, you can click here to check the availability and the best deals)

I visited Bali as a social media influencer, so of course Instagram was very high on my list. I did a little bit of research about a few spots to visit and want to share them with you. No doubt there are more than ten beautiful spots in Bali (obviously), but here are ten of our favorites.

UPDATE in 2018:

I recently discovered that there is a very popular “Instagram tour of Bali” that includes some of the best places that I have mentioned here, waterfalls and also the Instagram-famous jungle swing!

This tour includes hotel transfers, entrance fees, water, etc. This tour makes it super easy for you to visit most of the places on this list and a few more. Check it out and make your Bali pictures memorable to rock your Instagram. 

Bali’s most beautiful spots –

01 | “Doors of Heaven” at Pura Lempuyang

Not just in Bali, but this is definitely one of the most beautiful temples of South East Asia. There are total seven temples in this complex, out of which the first one is the biggest and the most beautiful one. They all offer good views but the first one is the most photographed one, for obvious reasons.

All the shots below are pretty similar, but the lighting is different, which causes a dramatic effect. To know more about Pura Lempuyang, you can click here check the details on TripAdvisor.


A post shared by hoffmanmelissa (@hoffmanmelissa) on

02 | Penglipuran Village

Penglipuran in North of Bali is a beautifully preserved village which appeared to be unaffected by modernization. For me, this was the most beautiful spot in Bali and I did not want to leave.

It is the perfect place for photos because of the backdrop of little houses that are lined up next to the main street. What makes it even better is that the street is sloped and provides a view till the end.

Out of all the places that I visited, my pictures in Penglipuran Village turned out to be the best ones. Here’s my picture which was clicked by the talented Japanese photographer, Genta. If you ever wonder where to stay in Bali, i’d recommend you pick the North or Ubud area, just so that you’re close to this spot.


A post shared by Sonal ✈️ Hippie Travel Blogger (@drifterplanet) on

Every corner in this village is pretty! Look how cute this picture is –

This village is so pretty, that every corner is instagram-worthy! Look how cute this picture is:


A post shared by Riyanni Djangkaru (@r_djangkaru) on

The same background as the first picture, but it’s a portrait.

This is the same spot as the first picture, but a portrait.


A post shared by Pratik Talreja (@sadak_chap) on


03 | Bamboo Forest in Bangli

Don’t you just love the roads that are surrounded by perfectly arched trees resulting in a “tunnel” effect? Well, you can find a few of these streets in the village of Kubu Bangli regency. This forest area is very close to Penglipuran village, so you can do #2 and #3 together on the same day! Planning on visiting? Check out the reviews on TripAdvisor before you go.

The below picture is by one of my favorite photographers, Larissa Dening:

Here’s another one by Hikari – a talented Japanese photographer, who is as beautiful as the pictures she clicks.


A post shared by hikari☆。* (@_hikari_____) on

The next one was clicked by Trishita (Overrated Outcast), who’s just 20 but does some serious magic with her GoPro. She’s also a GoPro brand ambassador.

Here’s one by Daniel Tran. I love how all of his pictures have a lot of magic, that they look surreal.

Tip: Don’t miss the Nusa Islands that are off the coast of Bali. Here’s the perfect itinerary for Nusa Islands

04 | Ubud’s Rice Paddies and Cafes with views

You can’t leave out Ubud’s pretty rice paddies when you visit Bali. Some people rent bicycles to explore the paddy fields, while others just find a chic café with a view to enjoy Ubud’s beauty. I recommend Desa Tegalalang or Kampung Café for your dose of Ubud.

To make the most of it, you can also book yourself a room at Kampung Resort. This place is in a stunning location on a height and with an exceptionally breathtaking view of the rice paddies. A room here is usually between 40 − 50 USD. If you’re not staying here, then at lease consider visiting this place for an amazing lunch with a view of the paddy fields. 

Here’s a picture from Kampung Cafe by Jongbeom Lee:


I love this bird’s eye view of the rice paddies by Will Cho.

Or this green overdose by Michael Turtle:

This shot by Emily makes me want to want to get lost in these rice paddies!



05 | Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is perhaps the most iconic landmark of Bali. It has been used for years as a cover image for Bali related things such as in flyers, travel articles, picture postcards, etc. This temple is located at the edge of Beratan Lake and you can often catch the reflection of it in the water.

Everything is perfect about this shot, specially the reflection.


A post shared by Jill & Simon (@thehacksphotography) on

Here’s the same temple but from a different angle. Don’t you just love the sky?


A post shared by Instagram 🍁 (@wesnawaputra_) on



06 | Pura Tirta Empul

Yes, you must have guessed it by now that everything that starts with “Pura” is a temple. This temple is famous for its bathing area and a dip in its waters is supposed to cleanse you spiritually. The words “Tirta Empul” stand for holy spring in Balinese language.

If you want to know more about Tirta Empur temple, you can read the discussions on Tripadvisor about this place. Here’s a shot of Tirta Empul Temple’s stunning door.


A post shared by Hanny (@wanderfulhanny) on


This is inside the temple, where people bathe inside the water for ritual purification.


A post shared by Marc Planes (@marcplanes) on


07 | Banyumala Twin Waterfalls

What’s better than a waterfall? Two waterfalls together. Banyumala Twin Waterfalls waterfalls are in North Central part of Bali and getting there is definitely not easy. Many people say that these are the best waterfalls in Bali, but why don’t you see the pictures and decide for yourself?

Look how green everything around this waterfall is!


A post shared by Agusm Photography (@agusm123) on

How blue is that water!


08 | Tanah lot temple

Yes, another temple on the list, but I promise it’s the last one. Visit Tanah Lot temple a little before the sunset and find a nearby café that overlooks the temple for some stunning photos! Doesn’t the ocean backdrop look stunning?

View this post on Instagram

🌅 #Bali

A post shared by Travel Lifestyle (@ellchintya) on

View this post on Instagram

Low tide at #Tanahlot #Bali. Hello Guys !

A post shared by Agusm Photography (@agusm123) on

09 | Tibumana Waterfall

This waterfall is in Bangli area and not so far from the Bamboo forest in point 3. Getting here is not as difficult as Banyumala Waterfalls. The trail that leads to the waterfall is small and is a delight in itself.

What makes the Tibuamana waterfall stunning is the jungle around. You will hear the sounds of birds and the water – how cool is that! Tibumana waterfall itself is small but it is the green area around that makes it very special.




A post shared by ELLIE BULLEN (@elsas_wholesomelife) on


10 | Ku-De-Ta Lounge and Around

Ku-De-Ta is one of the most famous bars in Bali. The view of the ocean from here is breathtaking, especially around the sunset time. There is a swimming pool inside Ku-De-Ta, which looks very beautiful when the sky turns orange before it gets dark. Not just the bar, but even the beach right outside this place gave us many photo opportunities.

Here’s a picture of the bar and swimming pool inside Ku-De-Ta:

The below three pictures were shot right outside Ku-De-Ta. Look how beautiful this spot looks when sun goes down.


A post shared by Genta (@gnta) on

And this!


A post shared by Najii (@najii66) on


A post shared by Prasad Np (@desitraveler) on

Where to stay in Bali

I stayed in Golden Tulip Devins, which is in Seminyak. It is a very beautiful hotel with a rooftop pool and bar. The rooftop area is amazing for watching sunsets. Some of the rooms here also feature an outdoor Jacuzzis. My room was very comfortable and had everything that I needed (like a hairdryer). The hotel is less than 5 minutes walk from Seminyak beach and the nearby Petitenget Temple. This temple is right on the beach and I got to watch a colorful prayer ceremony here one morning.

Seminyak is Bali’s hip and upscale area and is famous for its nightlife but thankfully is not as crowded as Kuta. To be honest, I didn’t party much except on just one occasion and we found a very cool nightclub near our hotel. If you’re heading to Bali, I strongly recommend you stay here. If you like big breakfasts (like I do), you will really enjoy their buffet – especially strawberry waffles, eggs Benedict, and coffee.

You can read the reviews about Golden Tulip Devins on TripAdvisor and find the best deal to book a room. Or, you can click here to find deals for Golden Tulip Devins, Seminyak in Bali on Booking.com. I generally prefer Booking.com because of their free cancellation (on most of the hotels) that has saved my life many times. A room at Golden Tulip Devins, Seminyak can cost you anything between $100 to $200 depending on your choice. Or, you can check on Agoda where I usually find prices that are cheaper than the other websites.

Have you ever been to Bali? If so, I would love to know about your favorite photo spots, so please do let me know in the comments.

PS: Drifter Planet contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we will earn a little commission at no extra cost to you. These commissions help us reduce the costs of keeping this site active. Thanks for reading!

Where to go after Bali?

Check out Yogyakarta and Lombok.

Disclaimer: I was paid and invited by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia to their beautiful country on a content creation campaign called “Trip of Wonders”, but as always, all thoughts in this article are mine.

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25 of the Best Travel Instagram Accounts

25 of the Best Travel Instagram Accounts

25 of the Best Travel Instagram Accounts

Have you ever met anyone that doesn’t like traveling? Neither have we. However, from time to time, many of us need a little inspiration or a kick on our asses to quit procrastinating and just go. Here’s a little list that we have handpicked for you with 25 of the best Travel Instagram accounts that are guaranteed to spark your wanderlust instantly and we recommend you follow!

WARNING: This will provoke a serious “itchy feet” syndrome.

 Best Travel Instagram Accounts

1. Roy Dufek, USA

Roy is a photographer and he’s based in the Portland, Oregon. He says he’s living vicariously! His instagram profile picture looks like he’s floating in the air.

A photo posted by Roy Dufek (@roydufek) on

via Instagram.com


2. Travis Burke, USA Travis is on a year long road trip at the moment. His photographs encourage others to get out.



3. Cladio Bezerra, Brazil

Cladio is a Brazilian – American photographer and is based in South of Florida. His focus is world travel photography.



4. Kostya Kyiv, Ukraine Kostya’s landscape shots and beautiful nature photography will get you addicted to his Instagram feed.

A photo posted by Kostya (@cloud_kyiv) on



5. Dave & Deb, Canada

They are a blogger couple of “The Planet D” and have been named the top travel Instagrammer by USA Today, Yahoo Travel, Forbes, Harpers Bazaar, Reader’s Digest and AOL.



6. Mike Theiss, USA Another Florida based photographer with extreme nature based shots.  His video of Hurricane Katrina has been ranked as the “best” or “worst” (i.e. most extreme, most terrifying) by AccuWeather.com.

A photo posted by Mike Theiss (@extremenature) on



7. Nik Cyclist, Thailand

He’s a Thai photographer with an album that features beautiful shots of temples, waterfalls, beaches and everything that will make you want to pack your bags for a trip to SE Asia.  We love his water reflection shots.

A photo posted by @nikcyclist on


8. Sabrina Iovino, Germany Sabrina is a blogger and founder of the famous “Just One Way Ticket“.  She has achieved a huge following very fast and there’s a good reason for this. Her blog is highly addictive and so is her instagram feed.



9. Jacob Riglin, England

He’s a 20 year old who has been creating some serious magic with his lens.  He lives in London.  Check him out!

A photo posted by J A C O B R I G L I N (@jacob) on



10. Thiago Correa, Brazil He’s a blogger and has been making waves on Instagram. His pictures will make you want to visit a beach! Some of his pictures will cause an instant rush of vertigo. Not recommended for the faint hearted!

A photo posted by Thiago Correa (@thiagomlcorrea) on



11. Beth and Randy, USA

Beth and Randy are also a blogger couple from USA. Their pictures showcase their arty style. Check out their blog Beers and beans.

She never disappoints. Beauty around every corner. #italy #venice

A photo posted by Beers & Beans (@beersandbeans) on



12. Jessica, England Jessica is an English woman who grew up in California and is an expat in Spain. Her instatgam feed will give you a taste of Spanish culture and art. Oh and she is also a blogger, check out her blog Barcelona Blonde.

A photo posted by Jessica (@barcelonablonde) on



13. Ashlea Wheeler, Australia

Ashlea is an Australian photographer and blogger (A Globe Well Traveled) who’s currently based in NYC.  Her instagram feed has a variety of pictures including city skyline, beaches and some seriously adorable animals.



14. Halzaim, Saudi Arabia We could not find much information about this instagrammer but the mystery about him is what makes him exciting to follow.  His surreal camera magic is sure to leave a WOW effect on you.

A photo posted by Hamdi (@halzaim) on



15. Christy Woodrow, USA

Christy Woodrow is an american photographer and a blogger with Ordinary Traveler. Her pictures speak of her adventures and she has a massive following for a good reason.



16. Stian Klo, Norway This Norwegian landscape photographer has been featured by National Geographic,  BBC, Lonely Planet and Apple. Every picture on his instagram is a work of art.

A photo posted by Stian Klo (@stianmklo) on



17. M. Alajeel, Spain

Mo is a landscape photographer and a nature lover.  He has a big fan-base on National Geographic website. We love how he plays with color and creates a surreal effect.

A photo posted by Mo (@alajeel) on



18. Elena Kalis, Bahamas Elena’s underwater shots will give you a serious craving for a vacation in the Bahamas. If you like clear water, marine life, mermaids and beauty, then you have every reason to follow her on instagram.

A photo posted by Elena Kalis (@elenakalis) on



19. Matthew Karsten, USA

Matthew is a very famous blogger, more commonly knows as an Expert Vagabond. His recent Greenland and Ireland pictures will leave you craving for more.



20. Jess Naylor, USA Jess specializes in landscape as well as wedding photography but his instagram feed only features his landscape shots. We love his beach photography.



21. Abhinav Singhai, India

Abhinav is a talented photographer from India. His shots will inspire you to go camping and indulge in a bit of star gazing.



22. Lisa Bao, USA She’s a young America photographer an account that features some breathtaking pictures of beaches, lakes, state parks and waterfalls.

A photo posted by Lisa Bao ✌?️ (@lisabao) on



23. Daniel Kordan, Russia

He’s a landscape photographer and a happy dreamer.  His recent Greenland sailing expedition shots will leave you speechless.

A photo posted by Daniel Kordan (@danielkordan) on



24. Patrick, Paris Left your heart in Paris?  His romantic shots of Paris will revive your memories and will make you smile.

A photo posted by @candidcameraman on



25. İlhan Eroglu, No Information about the country

Another talented photographer with very little information about himself. His pictures will encourage you to plan your next (or first) Euro Trip to visit some beautiful castles.

A photo posted by İlhan Eroğlu (@ilhan1077) on

  Oh and if you want, you can follow our “humble” Instagram account for some travel inspiration. 🙂

What did you think of this list? If these Instagram accounts sparked your wanderlust, then we recommend you follow them and show us some love by sharing this list. 🙂

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