1. The Experience Festival, Koh Tao – The happiest music festival
  2. Crab Curry, mmmm
  3. Swimming in natural pools, lakes, waterfalls and hot springs
  4. Mangos – specially the fresh ones that we get in India
  5. Borat
  6. Nature – Animals, flowers, trees, etc. But mosquitoes, not so much.
  7. Beer
  8. Faries, Elves and all magical things. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!
  9. Rainbows
  10. Music, especially PsyTrance
  11. Islands
  12. Amsterdam
  13. 9GAG
  14. Vintage Bikes
  15. Coconut Icecream

We love following other blogs too! We follow the blogs on a regular basis:

A Wanderlust for Life – Sean and Jessica travel the world! They are in Amsterdam at the moment.

Journalist On The Run – Janet is a kickass writer from Ireland who writes for her website as well as Huffington Post, Matador Network, Skyscanner to name a few!

Fit Two Travel – Tip and Tarah are personal trainers who got engaged in Paris and married in Jamaica

Travel Till You Drop – Jill is an Air Force veteran who loves traveling.

Travel, Books, Food – Soumya is a full time engineer from India who grew up in Tanzania. She loves writing about travel, books and food.

No Fixed Abode For Sue – Sue has three home basis – Houston, London and Mumbai!

Non Solo Amore – A bilingual travel blog by Claudia who loves writing about entertainment, fashion and travel.

Anti Travel Guides – A website by Luke who not very fond of typical travel guidebooks!

From Ice to Spice – This website is about two travel addicts from Iceland on a one way ticket journey to Asia.

Rooftop and Flipflops – A website by Mahipal Charan.

Following My Wanderlust – Charlotte is a kiwi expat living in the UK.

2 Travel Dads – 2 dads raising their 2 sons and traveling the globe.

Communication is Difficult – Kaley is a 20 something ex expat.

Two Drifters – Amy and Nathan are traveling the world together.

Silver Backpacker

A Wanderphile


Anita Hendrieka

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