Have you ever gone on a cruise with your better half? Sadly we did just once and it was for just one day and two nights. It is about time that we change that. Here is why we want to go on a cruise –

Here’s Why We Want to go on a Cruise

1) Cruises are Romantic

Yes, Titanic did not have a happy end but it was STILL romantic.

Cruises are romantic - why we want to go for a cruise

Cruises are romantic – why we want to go for a cruise – photo by Wpreeves [CC0] via Pixabay

Imagine spending several hours in the open deck, watching the sunset together and later getting ready for a “cruise date” which will probably start with a few cocktails on the deck and later followed by a romantic dinner with Louis Armstrong’s voice singing “What a Wonderful World” in the background. Doesn’t it sound like a second honeymoon? Yes, we have had many second honeymoons but nothing as romantic as this.


2) Limited Internet access = Unplugged Cruise Vacation

One of the reasons why we want to go on a cruise is so that we can have an unplugged vacation.

Being a digital nomad, my smartphone plays a very important role in my life. As much as I try to stop myself, I sometimes cannot resist checking my emails after every few minutes. As a result, San is not very fond of my phone.

Some of the best vacations that we have had are the ones where there is no Internet and no electricity to charge our gadgets. Be it camping or music festivals, but spending time with each other feels very “real” when we’re offline.


3) Unlimited Views of the Sea

Unlimited time with the sea - Why We Want to go on a Cruise

Unlimited time with the sea – Why We Want to go on a Cruise

Let me be honest, if you’re not fond of the ocean, then a cruise vacation is surely not for you. One of the reasons why a cruise vacation would be perfect for us is because we love the sea and we’re total beach bums.

We have traveled to many different kinds of places but we’re happiest when we’re close to a sea. Perhaps it is the vastness or the mystery of endless waters, but there is some magic in the ocean that relaxes both of us.


4) No Need to Plan, Just Relax and Get Pampered

Someone wise once said – “A cruise ship is a floating town of lazy people”. Yes, we want to be lazy too.

Getting pampered on a cruise with wine and good food

Getting pampered on a cruise with wine and good food – photo by Kaisender [CC0] via Pixabay

Even though San and I love d-i-y vacations where we can be creative with what to do, we sometimes end up spending a lot of time deciding. For once, we’d like to be in a place where we don’t have to think and simply show up.

For a “best of everything” kind of a meal, we will simply head to the Ocean View Buffet. On days where we feel the need for a special dinner, we can just head to the Plunge Grill or Admiralty Club. We’re also excited about the fact that Royal Seas Cruises offer a 24-hour room service – so we never really have to worry about our meals when we’re on board.


5) Exploring multiple destinations on a budget

If we were to plan a vacation for any single destination that is included in the cruise, it will cost us a bomb. The best thing about going for a cruise is that you can get to explore multiple destinations on a limited budget, without getting bothered about planning each one of them.

Cover picture by Webtop1 [CCO] via Pixabay


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