The Ultimate guide to Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal

by | Mar 27, 2016 | Festivals and Parties, Sponsored

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This guest post about Osheaga Festival in Montreal (Canada) is by Olivia Taddio who is a travel writer based in Montreal, Canada

With the lineup for this year’s Osheaga lineup announced, summer 2016 is looking to be one of the best that Montreal has seen. With scheduled performances by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lana del Ray and Radiohead headlining the three-day music and arts festival, FlightHub reviews all the ways to make sure you get the most out of your weekend in Montreal.

Where to stay

If you’re from out of town, or looking to stay relatively close to the action, FlightHub recommends staying in the following neighbourhoods:

Le Plateau Mont Royal: Located just at the bottom of Mount Royal (hence Plateau), this uber trendy area is meant to encompass a true Montreal experience. From the defining architecture and spiralling outdoor staircases of Montreal homes, to delicious and local cafes and restaurants, spending your weekend in the Plateau means you’re getting a true feel for the city while also getting ready to party. This neighbourhood sits adjacent to St. Laurent Boulevard, or otherwise known as The Main, and is known for being the place to keep the party going once Osheaga turns in for the night. With countless bars and clubs, you’re bound to find a party that’s just right for you.

In addition to its proximity to the nightlife, the neighbourhood is easily accessible through public transit, meaning you can get to and from Parc Jean Drapeau (where the festival is held) with ease! The trip starting from Mont Royal metro station to the park will only take you 26 minutes, and cost you $6 for a two-way ticket!

Where to eat

Now that you’ve got your accommodations sorted out, figuring out where and when to eat is crucial when making sure you’ve got enough food to fuel you up for the day. Though Osheaga has lots of food options available to you during the festival, and is provided by famous Montreal eateries that you should try anyway, prices aren’t cheap and lineups may deter you from grabbing a bite when you really need one.

With this in mind, FlightHub really suggests grabbing a good, hearty meal before heading out for the day. Start your morning off right at Beauty’s Luncheonette, a Montreal staple, known for their amazing breakfasts and even better milkshakes. If the line is too long at Beauty’s (this is a very popular spot among locals), then hit up Bagels, just down the street! Enjoy a hearty meal featuring Montreal bagels as part of every dish on the menu.

When to get there

Osheaga Music Festival Montreal

Though Osheaga officially starts their days before noon, most folks don’t end up getting there until mid-afternoon. Depending on your schedule (and who’s playing), FlightHub suggests getting to the island as early as you can to take advantage of all the activities the festival puts on! Whether you want to take a ride on the flying swings, or make some really weird art, or even lie on some fun hammocks, beat the rush and get there early!

What to bring

Osheaga Music Festival Montreal

Your essential Osheaga survival pack should contain the following: Sunglasses, sun lotion, reusable water bottle, lock and key, rain poncho, a blanket, gum, cash and most importantly a camera! All these items will be used at one point over the weekend, so don’t be caught unaware!

Disclaimer: This blog post was sponsored by FlightHub.

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Ultimate Guide to Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal, Canada

Ultimate Guide to Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal, Canada

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