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If you have done any sort of traveling, then you understand the difficulty associated with finding the perfect travel bag. Shopping for something that can carry all of your belongings while also ably withstanding the rigors of travel is not always the easiest task.

More often than not, we find that purchasing two bags is the only way to accommodate everything we need in the way we want to carry it.

Before you cave to your impulses and buy an array of carry-on luggage for your business and personal travels, check out the latest version of 2-in-1 luggage from Eagle Creek. Meet Morphus.

What Is the Morphus™ Carry-On?

Is it an expandable bag? Is it a lightweight backpack? Morphus truly is several bags in one; more precisely, the front gear bag can be unzipped from the back shell to create its own full-function satchel. It can be worn as a backpack with its removable shoulder straps, rolled on its recessed wheels, or carried from any of its multiple handles.

The durable fabric on the Morphus is from Eagle Creek’s line of Bi-Tech Armor, helping to make it resistant to scratches, tears and rips. It also helps to keep it weather-resistant. The back shell of the Morphus is a hybrid polycarbonate with a recessed telescoping handle system. The entire bag weights a little less than 8 lbs., but can be separated into two smaller bags, with the wheeler portion weighing just over 5 lbs. Ultimately, the Morphus was built to be ultra-versatile and ultra-portable. Plenty of storage pockets, security straps, and space make it ideal for heavy travelers and explorers.

Ideal Situations for Using the Morphus™ Carry-On

Now that you know a little more about this innovative bag, you might be asking yourself how to best utilize it. This bag has been on some major explorations, and there are several situations in which the Morphus should be your bag of choice. Though you can take it with you on nearly any trip, here are some situations that the Morphus is perfectly suited for.

Weekend Trips.

Whether you are going out into the countryside or exploring a more urban setting, the Morphus can make your weekend trips hassle free. Since you do not need to bring as much with you for these shorter jaunts, the carry-on size of this travel bag makes it perfect for short trips. If you find anything you want to bring back, you have plenty of room to pack whatever mementoes you find.

Business Trips.

When you need to be able to bring work and home along with you, there is no better way to do so than with the Morphus. With this travel luggage, you can literally keep all of your work items in a separate bag so you do not have to bring additional storage bags for them. The backpack portion of the Morphus is perfect for laptops and tablets.

Shopping Trips.

For people who love to bring home gifts (for themselves or others), this is one of the best luggage sets you can find. Pack all of your necessities into the Morphus while it is in its singular bag format, and once you get to your destination, zip it into two bags. Now you can purchase items up to the size of what you brought.

Traveling Light.

The Morphus is at home with other travel backpacks, but could be categorized with other travel bags. That’s the beauty of this bag. The key point is that the Morphus comes ready to make the trip, whether as rolling luggage or carried on your back. It truly is a hybrid, because it is a backpack with wheels.

These are just a few ways for you to utilize the Morphus to its fullest potential. If for any reason you think you need more room, check out the 30-inch version of the Morphus. It includes all of the same features, but with more space than the 22-inch carry-on size of the smaller version. If you do not think you need all of the Morphus, you can simply disassemble what you need and take a portion of the bag to fulfill your needs. Simply put, the Morphus can be any bag you need it to be.

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