on’t we all love yummy food? One of the best things about traveling is experiencing new and interesting food.  In this section we you will find:

1) Unforgettable food and drinks that we have experienced on our journeys;

Like this plate of Spicy Seafood, Veggies and Noodles in Bangkok. Look at those clamps

Spicy Seafood, Veggies and Noodles in Bangkok

Or THIS glass of Magic Mint, Honey and Ginger tea in Himachal, India which can bring a dead man back to life:

Magic Mint, Honey and Ginger tea in Himachal, India - Can bring a dead man back to life

Also, THIS portion of Delicious Coconut Masala Crab Curry at Moonshine, Neil Island, Andaman & Nicobar Islands India. BTW, this entire portion was for me.

Delicious Crab Curry at Moonshine

Or, these mouth watering beef kebabs in Purani Dilli (Old Delhi) which we were lucky enough to enjoy:

Street food in Old Delhi - Mouth watering Kebabs


2) Some amazing cafes, restaurants, shacks, pizzerias, dhabas and pâtisseries which we recommend; Something like THIS paradise chai shop perched on top of a Himalayan hill in Himachal Pradesh, India:

Our Favorite Chai Shop in Gallu

Also like THIS portion which made San make this face which is a mixture of wonder + happiness + delight + greed looking at the portion size 😉 in Germany

San with his mixture of wonder + happiness + delight + greed looking at the portion size ;)

Oh and THIS as well (are we killing you?), also this unbelievably romantic spot in Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar, India:

BlackBeard at night - beautiful spot to eat but disappointing food.

3) Oh and some recipes – well some are Drifter’s, some are San’s (he’s a chef but is lazy when it comes to cooking for his wife) and the rest are of fellow drifters’ that we follow.

Like THIS Goan Prawn curry that I made when I was missing Goa too much

Home made Goan Prawn Curry. Click for the recipe

Chomp Chomp!


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