A Coffee Lover’s Guide to Italy

by | Feb 18, 2016 | Guest Post

Are you a coffee addict? If yes, you’re gonna love this guest post by Olivia Taddio who is a travel writer and adventurer based in Montreal, Canada – A Coffee Lover’s Guide to Italy.

For a caffeine addict, there’s no better taste in the world than the first sip of the perfectly brewed cup of coffee. From the flavor to the richness and texture, coffee plays an integral part in many cultures and social gatherings. Asides from the first cup of the day, Italians are among many of the world’s population who enjoys a cup of coffee (or three). If you ever find yourself traveling to the big ‘ol boot, FlightHub has you covered in all the ways to order and enjoy a perfect cup of Italian coffee.

Coffee Lovers Guide to Italy by Drifter Planet

The first thing coffee lovers should know about drinking coffee in Italy is that it’s all about timing. Waking up in the morning and sipping on the perfect cappuccino (or if you need more of a buzz in the morning, un caffé) accompanied by a pastry or biscottoas a part of your colazione (breakfast). As a general rule, drinking a cappuccino in the morning is fine, so long as it’s not past 11:00 AM, as Italians believe that drinking that much steamed milk is too heavy on the stomach after breakfast.

Asides from the golden rule of no cappuccinos past 11:00 AM, you can enjoy a coffee at anytime and anywhere while in Italy, specifically in café bars. FlightHub suggests not sitting down to drink your coffee in these establishments, as coffee shops charge for you. Drinking a coffee in a bar is meant to be done quickly, despite the typical Italian attitude that slower is better, this isn’t the case when it comes to getting your coffee on the go. Drink your coffee while standing up, and your wallet will thank you for it later.

Deciding what kind of coffee to get is another thing travelers should be aware of while traveling in Italy. Oftentimes travelers are surprised when they realize that un caffé isn’t what they thought it was! To simplify the matter FlightHub breaks down how to order the coffee you want!

Coffee Lovers Guide to Italy by Drifter Planet

If you’re looking for a quick shot of espresso, the un caffé is what you’re looking for! Add some sugar or dunk a cookie in this little menace and get your day going.

If you’re looking for your good ol’ American brew, then ask your barista for caffé Americano. Though not entirely the drip coffee you’re used to, this coffee is made with significantly more water, therefore diluting the coffee more than an espresso would be. If you’re craving the milk, but don’t want to look too much like a tourist for ordering a cappuccino, then FlightHub review suggests getting a caffé macchiato which is an espresso with foam on the top.

Italians typically enjoy drinking a caffé after meals and long into the night, so be prepared to get super caffeinated while you’re there!

Disclaimer: This blog post was sponsored by FlightHub.

Have you visited Italy? If yes, let us know about your coffee drinking experience in the in the comments!

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