10 Essential Budget Travel Tips for Every Traveler

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The below post about budget travel tips is brought to you by Edusson.

Did you spend a little too much on your last holiday? Or are you low on cash but still want to travel? Welcome to my life! I’m usually broke and I travel anyway. How do I do it? Well, over the years, I have learned how to stretch my hard earned money as far as I can. If I can do it, so can you. After all, you cannot just compromise on your dreams because of the wobbly economy. The good news is that the secret lies in your hands and how well you manage your travel budget. Here are a few budget travel tips that will tell you how to keep your dream trip affordable.

Go ahead and check out these budget travel tips before you plan your next trip and avoid paying too much. Another great read is this ebook about the best ways for students to save money while traveling.


01 | Off Season Travel

Budget travel tips

Budget travel tips

Travel during the off-season and enjoy extra warmth and cultural intimacy at half the prices. The airfares are cheaper, and there are more budget rooms in the off-seasons. Moreover, you will also beat the crowds.

02 | Ditch the agents

Guess what, if agents can do it, so can you. Do your own research and find your own flights, connections, and rooms. I usually avoid agents as they can be expensive. Does your hotel / hostel offer complimentary breakfast? Take advantage of it and get as much food as possible so that you do not feel hungry soon.

03 | Power of numbers

When I was in Coron, I wanted to go for an island hopping tour but it was expensive. I found 8 other people in my hostel who wanted to go for the same tour and we collectively negotiated to get a better price. We ended up saving 500 pesos per person. Look for deals and always negotiate to get more discounts. It is healthy for your wallet if you do things in a group as charging a cab or going on a tour can help you get better and cheaper deals.

04 | ATMs vs Traveler’s checks vs Foreign Exchange Offices

I never exchange currency at the airports. In my experience, it is best to use ATMs because it ends up being cheaper considering the exchange rates, fees, and taxes. Oh and I don’t recommend traveler’s checks as you are sure to get your cash cheaper and faster from an ATM instead. I suggest you minimize ATMs transaction fees by making larger but fewer withdrawals. Try to pay with cash and not credit cards. Store your money safely in a money belt.

05 | Buy Your Own Alcohol to Reduce Drinking Out Costs

For those who enjoy drinking – I’m sure you know that it’s cheaper to buy your own alcohol at a store than at a bar. Obviously, it’s not a lot of fun if you drink alone at your hostel / hotel, so I recommend you drink a little before you hit the bars so that you end up buying fewer drinks outside.

06 | Cook your own meals or Eat where the locals eat

food - Budget travel tips

food – Budget travel tips

As a thumb rule, I avoid eating at restaurants that are close to tourist attractions. Instead, I hunt for the ones that are filled with locals as they serve better food for the lesser money. You can always get a fine picnic lunch and save money. Moreover, this is a great way to get used to the local culture. Keep an eye on the bakeries that often sell their products at half the price at the end of the day. Skip desserts and make most of the house wines.

07| Travel with a water bottle

Bring a water bottle with you. No, I don’t mean a flimsy one-time use plastic bottle but a reusable one. Research about the place you’re traveling to check if you can drink tap water instead of mineral water to save money.

08| Walk or use public transport to save money

The best way to explore a city is by walking. I usually walk to explore the cities or use buses which are the best and the cheaper mode of transportation. I recommend you do the same. You will be surprised to see how much money you can save by doing this.

09 | Research about free things to do

things to do - Budget travel tips

things to do – Budget travel tips

Look for free things to do in your destination. These can be museums, parks, viewpoints or even walking streets where the admission is free. Students, seniors, and families should ask for discounts, and it is mostly likely that they will get some. Get museum passes as they can save time and money.

10 | The thing about shopping

I almost never shop while traveling except in the cheaper countries where I know you can make the most out of my currency. If you’re traveling to Asia, remember to negotiate for a better price. Also, save all your bills and check for VAT refunds at the airport to get some cash back.

Just keep the above tips in mind when you plan a holiday this time. You will be surprised with the savings you make! Do you have any more budget travel tips to add to this list? Let me know in the comments.

Disclosure: The above post about budget travel tips is brought to you by Edusson.

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