I have a confession to make – I can’t survive very well without 3G while traveling. As much as I hate my dependence on technology, I have to admit that being connected makes things very easy while being on the road.

It’s not so much about social media, but is because of the ease of checking things like flight status, language translation, train schedules, Google maps and many other apps that make a traveler’s life simple.

My husband – San is not so fond of smartphones and Internet but even he realized the importance of staying connected when I was stranded in Istanbul during the military coup last year. Without 3G, my friend wouldn’t have been able to inform me about what was happening and I would have continued exploring Istanbul on my own at night. Also, my family wouldn’t have been able to breathe a sign of relief to know that I’m safe if my WhatsApp wasn’t working. Moreover, my husband wouldn’t have been able to know that I needed his help to rebook my flight out of Istanbul to Frankfurt and I would have been stranded at the airport with 100s of other people who couldn’t rebook theirs.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is – a traveler’s life is so much simpler (and stress free) when we have an access to Internet. Unfortunately, it is expensive to get a new SIM in every country and even then most of the plans are limited.

Guess what – I think I have found the best solution. Vodafone India has just launched their awesome international roaming plan, which can be activated very easily. Based on my research, I think this is by far the best international roaming plan that I have found because of UNLIMITED calls and data usage.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, I thought so too and I did a little test to see if the data connectivity was shit. Believe it or not – it wasn’t. I passed my test in Amsterdam last weekend, a bigger test in Germany yesterday because I did a LIVE video in the middle of nowhere.

This plan is called i-RoamFREE and at this time it seems to be only for Europe, US, UK, UAE, Singapore and Malaysia. It costs as low as 180 rupees a day – but hey – it depends on where you’re going and for how long you need it.

Go check out more details about Vodafone’s #RoamUnlimited plan to enjoy stress free and unlimited calls and data usage while you’re traveling.

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