Hi fellow travel bloggers,

Being a travel blogger is not easy. The easiest thing is writing. However, the most difficult one is building followers.  This is especially true for new bloggers because the posts don’t end up reaching the right audience.

Well, most of the new bloggers usually get their close friends and family to follow them on social media.Out of which, only a fraction of people from the close circle are passionate enough about travel to read about it.

From what I have figured, to makes a positive impact, it makes sense to network with each other. For what it’s worth, I have made such a community on social media, which I encourage other travel bloggers to join. The idea is to discuss, support  and learn from each other.

Name of the community: Drifters Unite – Travel Bloggers

Number of members as on November 14, 2015: 591

What we do:

  1. Sharing of tips and technology to help each other.
  2. Celebrating when a member gets published on a bigger platform such as The Huffington Post, Matador Network, Thought Catalog, etc.
  3. Sharing each other’s blog posts on Social Media.
  4. Working on successful collaborative posts.

And so much more!

Click here to view the group and join.

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