For most motorcycle enthusiasts, nothing compares to the feeling of the open road beneath your Dunlop tires. Having a full tank with an open highway stretched out in front of you gives you a sense of complete freedom. However, when have you taken advantage of that and went wherever the road took you? Here are five reasons to take your motorcycle on a cross-country trip:


  1. Unforgettable Experience: Even if you’ve done a road trip before in a car, it does not compare to doing the same thing on the back of a bike. Going from one side of the country to the other means that you can see many impressive things along the way. You will also create memories that will last a lifetime.


  1. More Enjoyable: When you’re driving across the country in a car, you tend to think about your next destination rather than the journey itself. On a motorcycle, however, you can drink in all of the sights as you ride, which makes the whole trip better. As long as you have quality Yamaha OEM parts on your bike, you can take your journey without having to make a lot of pit stops.


  1. More Cost-Effective: Taking a road trip in a car means that you have to pay for a lot of gas, and parking can be a hassle sometimes. On a bike, however, you will save a lot of money, especially if the trip is cross-country. Having the best Kawasaki accessories and high-quality Dunlop tires mean that you won’t have to spend much on travel expenses.


  1. Less Stress: Many times, traveling by car is all about making great time. On a motorcycle, it’s about having a great time. You can stop off whenever and wherever you like without needing an itinerary. This will make the whole trip much more relaxing.


  1. Go Anywhere: No matter where you are traveling, some places can’t be reached by car. On the back of a hog, you can go almost anywhere, including back roads and more scenic routes. This means that you aren’t limited in places you can visit.


When it comes to planning the trip of a lifetime, doing so on your motorcycle is the best experience.

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